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Linux Foundation Support for the Black Community
>The Linux Foundation and its communities stand in solidarity voicing support for the Black community. The system under which we operate requires change to make justice and equality a reality. We support the individuals and organizations offering solutions for such changes, and we will be planning how we can support change as well.
>We are proud (and privileged) to work with communities and members that support our initiatives and reflect the same values. We have collected statements from across our communities that voice this collective support.
I hope Linus Torvalds is happy.


Ignoring the fact that Linux was published with the GPL, initially associated with the insecure leftist jew RMS, Torvalds had already signed a hyper-judeoleftist COC back in 2018. It's not surprising that by association, he has joined the judeo-homo-corporate conglomerate in supporting these BLM protests.


Who cares? Is this really worth a thread? Personally I don't think linux has much to do with the current situation, but at least they're not trying to sell you something under the pretense of supporting good causes like some companies do
It's good enough
Love him or hate him he has contributed a lot to open source in terms of ideas (and more)
>Torvalds had already signed a hyper-judeoleftist COC back in 2018
Look, if you have a project which <200 people use, you can jokingly name a variable "nigger" and it's all fun. If you have lots and lots of people, then it's more of a problem. I think linux has shifted in that direction, and linus tried to acknowledge that (considering that maybe in the past he acted less "professional") with that fucking gay COC(k). Probably he could've signed a better code of conduct, but ultimately you probably just won't ever like "official" atmospheres, and I get that, but personally I also understand the need of more formal settings sometimes

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