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What are your guys opinion on CHAZ the new "country" in America.

I personally think that it is an area that will be a wake up call to regular people, or cause a civil war.


It's likely a spook op of sorts that serves as an American equivalent of the Paris commune or the Bavarian Soviet republic (obviously jew-rujn); it probably won't last long but will have a lasting effect on the geopolitics of the USA, as a part of a lead-up to an inevitable civil war, especially if "far-right extremists" (i.e., faux-nationalist spooks) destroy it first. Regardless, I suspect a fake bombing or terror threat to come soon enough, whether it's during the protests, or during the (pre-determined) election month.


The self-styled negro leader Raz Simone sounds like a homosexual in his interviews. Nothing masculine at all about him. Yep, the whole thing is a spook operation, it happened in the government district of Seattle, and Seattle is basically San Francisco lite at this point, not only in terms of jewish faggotry but also in spook ops and spyware companies.
Goddamn the United States has turned into such a childish joke with such a childish yet hateful population (as is anti-white hateful, thanks to all the jewish blood coursing through the veins of tens of millions of Americans). No one respects - nor should respect - the US anymore, not after this BLM kikery. Living here is like living in an open air kindergarten prison, at least a psychological prison, trapped with a massively judaized and mentally retarded populace, and I'm not even speaking of the shitskins. Any European who wants to emigrate to the United States has got to be brain damaged.
I was initially thinking they were going to fake a mass shooting on a BLM rally in the first few days, but not even that has happened. I don't know if they'll actually pull a right-wing false flag since it looks like they're just going for cucked and defeated humiliation, which is what it is in all honesty. They didn't even bother faking a shooting at one of the BLM protests in Tallinn or Riga or Krakow.


I am not surprised this happened especially since Seattle is Antifa's capital. Raz Simone sounds like the typical spear chucker especially when he responded to Trump's tweet about Chaz Raz Simone thinks that his being a low life is whities fault. I don't think anything will significant will change because of this because that would require the normies to commit to something controversial. Holding people accountable is very hard to do because if you don't tolerate absolutely everything you are bad in (((their))) eyes. Sure some people will realize how ridiculous this situation is but it will take a little more for the average normie to commit to holding these people accountable.


I was thinking a "right-wing" fake shooting, but even upon analysing the so-called right-wing movements in the protests from day one, I've suspected it to be quickly abandoned. A BLM attack is possible (whether real or faked with actors), either against whites in some shape or form now, or during the election month. Maybe Trump will be fake-assassinated, though that'd be extremely expensive and won't be as easy to fake as Lincoln or JFK were.
Spooks might've toned down on terror hoaxes as a whole after the Hanau hoax, and after the fake terror threat on a Kansas City hospital . Notice how "St. Brenton" shill threads have rapidly declined on 8/pnd/ the last few months, though before that it was all over the site.


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This is nitpicking but people department sounds autistic. Especially when it looks like kindergarten finger paint.
The whole thing seems more like a big party than a genuine effort at establishing a new nation or what-have-you.


Seriously it's autistic, look at it. PeoPLe. They couldn't even get a proper calligrapher to hash out something halfway to decent


I don't think it's a jew psyop or something that will start a civil war, but it's going to push the people who are already right wing even further to the right, while leftists are going to be left (pun? not intended) wondering on whether they chose the correct ideology.
Either way it sounds like Trump's getting another term.
What's funny is that it apparently was "People's departament" but they covered the "s" afterwards. Nignogs can't spell.


>The whole thing seems more like a big party than a genuine effort at establishing a new nation or what-have-you.
Sort of like the hippie communes of the 60's and 70's. Entirely pushed by corporations and completely full of shit. If history repeats itself, they'll eventually start manufacturing enough drugs for the FBI to rid them.


>I don't think it's a jew psyop or something that will start a civil war, but it's going to push the people who are already right wing even further to the right, while leftists are going to be left (pun? not intended) wondering on whether they chose the correct ideology.
But you don't disagree that it's a jewish op of sorts, do you? It's as if all these current events are intentionally pushing whites to uncompromising ideologies.


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Around June 15th, its been reported that the area's name had changed to the "Capitol Hill Organized Protest." i guess this was to done to make the fags to sound more innocent. here's a qoute i've seen copy-pasted everywhere :
>the mission of the protest, which is to defund the police and reinvest in communities and not to secede from the United States.
pic is from the blm twitter


i feel like they the name out of fear of getting nuked, or to attempt to make it look like they arent doing an innsurection to be sneaky. do you think they could pull something like this in other cities?


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I'll tell you why they're trying to do this, it's because they realized they aren't autonomous by any definition. Have you seen their attempt at a community garden? It's pathetic. Any 6th grader who's grown a lima bean for school could do better. They laid out some cardboard, dumped potting soil on top, and literally threw some home depot plants on top. These people have internet access, it would only take 1 mildly competent individual to step up and help coordinate something effective. But no, you get this laughable mess.
These people cannot feed themselves, they cannot do any meaningful work, all they can do is listen to shitty music and bully white people into giving them lunch money. They have no hope of becoming a nation or functioning community of any sort. It is not sustainable. After a week, they are starving.


So they're essentially saying they're "protestor"-occupied, but at the same time they're not saying they're autonomous anymore. Is this some wink towards them being completely inorganic insiders that aren't "autonomous" at all, as they serve the federal government?


Apparently in Washington D.C. they've declared a "BHAZ", short for "black house autonomous zone". "Black house", because the "white house" is white apparently.
They're supposedly tearing down a statue of Andrew Jackson, and have also torn down the Albert Pike statue. More evidence that this is a spook op, attributing opposition to men like Jackson and Pike to BLM rioters and not to any pro-white anti-jewish/anti-masonic sentiment. Trump has even tweeted about how the Albert Pike statue was taken down, despite not batting a finger to anyone else in particuar:


this was a pretty fun thing to watch regarding this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7JFusz3FKE


Why did Seattle used to be a normal white middle and working-class town, only for it to now be known as the next San Francisco?
Seattle's jewish population grew 70% between 2001 and 2014, around the time the city really began to degenerate.
I'm sure similar statistics can be found for Portland, Pittsburgh, and Minneapolis (currently the most jewish city by population percentage in the Midwest).


alot of diy sites are getting flooded with "how to garden" and shit articles im guessing that's (((helping))) those retards do basic stuff.

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