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Often in the media, figures are fabricated or stolen for one-off uses, and events are simply made up, the motive typically to provide a pretext for a certain political action occurring. To give some obvious examples of events that are known to be fake (although these are not the only ones, these are the ones most likely to be fake):
>OK Corral shootout - although supposedly taking place on the 26th of October 1881, this event evidently wasn't even known about until 1931, and many images of the people involved in it are simply fabricated
>Gleiwitz incident and the various Polish-German border clashes - whether it was instigated by Naujocks or not, it was clearly faked to instigate the invasion of Poland, with no deaths on either side
>Columbine shootings - suspicious date (4/20 in US format), fake surveillance footage. The jewish shooter Dylan Dylan Klebold was even born on 9/11 1981.
>9/11 - pretty obvious, though it's in its own category, to keep it simple, there were no planes striking the WTC, and many of the main "victims" presented were in on the hoax and as are most "survivors". Al-Qaeda was a complete CIA/MI6/Mossad operation from top-to-down ("headed" by the CIA asset and Yemeni jew Osama bin Laden) that still assisted fighters in Bosnia and Chechnya a few years earlier. The 1993 WTC bombing was likely fake entirely, and it's also probable that the "Arab" celebrations of the attack were also instigated by undercover Mossad agents to legitimise the event and create more antagonism
>Sandy Hook - often called "Sandy Hooknose", virtually everything about the event is completely fabricated, the school itself (named Sandy Hook after a random Dutch settlement in NJ for some reason, despite being in Connecticut) was likely a complete ghost building, and there were no real emotional feelings among the parents; there's probably more "truthers" pushing misdirection about the shooting than there are people trying to debunk it, seeing as it's so obviously fake.
To add to the bit on Sandy Hook; "Sandy Hook" was referenced in the background in the Dark Knight Rises, the same movie where another fake shooting occurred in Aurora Colorado (giving it a Lincoln-assassination-like meta-narrative, since his assassination was initially thought of to be part of the play, same thing applies here) and it turns out major events of the year coincide with hurricane naming themes: "Hurricane Sandy" in the east coast went from October to the 2nd of November in 2012, and "Sandy" Hook, also in a coastal region in Connecticut just happens to follow that a month later (taking place during hanukkah nevertheless, which seems to be a theme for jewish-led ops). Similarly in 2017, the Harvey Weinstein revelation (which is likely a controlled demolition to distract from other, equally bad jewish pedophiles) took place a month after "Hurricane Harvey" in Texas.


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So right after I wrote about Sandy Hook, news arrived of a suspect convicted for homicide in Connecticut. Go figure. He's a furfag apparently, and a pro-LGBT leftist who was raised in SANDY HOOK and attended Newton high school. The fuck? This man is named "Peter Manfredonia", an extremely weird Latin or Greek-like name. His Facebook account is still up:
This guy is being pushed as a white shooter, though he looks like a Chechen or a Mestizo, neither explaining his name, and he has "prayed for" El Paso and Gilroy, both fake shootings with identical-looking people on his Facebook page before, and has also become an "anti-gun activist" because of the Sandy Hooknose hoax. There seems to be some major fuckery going on with him, especially considering most articles on him have no description or detail of how his supposed chimpout went, unlike even Sandy Hook itself which at least had a background, they all talk about his background, specifically of him as a leftist:


*Newtown high school. News did arrive of the shooting throughout the continental US around 8PM Central European time, around the same time I mentioned Sandy Hook in the Korean airlines thread, though Connecticut State Police apparently posted it earlier, on the 23rd. I'm not explicitly implying that this is an example of correlation equaling causation, but it is strange that I or anybody else outside of Connecticut for that matter has likely never even heard of this event before I posted about Sandy Hook over here. and that this Manfredonia character is clearly tying into Sandy Hook:
This man, supposed to be Manfredonia doesn't even seem to be the same person as "him" in the other pictures. The fact that the Connecticut state police in its official document spells the state as "Conecticut" makes the whole event even more suspicious.
According to Forebears.io, there are only 1747 instances of "Manfredonia" in the whole world, mostly in Italy with 618 instances in the USA, thus it's an extremely obscure surname, far-more so than that of the previous fake character in the area, Lanza. There's a town in Italy called Manfredonia, apparently initially founded by the Greeks under Diomedes, but its current name coming from Manfred of Sicily, a German (hence "Manfredonia", an Italian city name revolving around Manfred). Either way, it's an extremely obscure surname deriving from an extremely small town, and more likely than not, this character's whole name is fake to paint this attacker as an Italian, he even has the same first name as the homosexual former presidential candidate and intel officer Peter Buttigieg, endorsed by this Manfredonia. I suspect Buttigieg has a name intentionally chosen or at least manipulated (seeing as Buttigieg is Maltese in origin) to sound obscene, since his signature would roughly be rendered "P.P Butt".


Some tidbits:
>the school itself (named Sandy Hook after a random Dutch settlement in NJ for some reason, despite being in Connecticut)
>Sandy Hook is a village in the town of Newtown, Connecticut. It was founded in 1711.
(this one is the "settlement" in NJ)
>Sandy Hook is a barrier spit in Middletown Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States.
The original one in NJ is not a settlement and is for the most part a park. Naming communities after previous areas isn't unusual in the US, by 1711 New Jersey was overwhelmingly Anglo.
>So right after I wrote about Sandy Hook, news arrived of a suspect convicted for homicide in Connecticut. Go figure.
News was already out hours beforehand, there are posts on 4plebs about it before this thread was made. I think a psyop like this would also require weeks of advanced planning, so unlike the Kim Hyon-hui wiki page edit, this could just be an eerie coincidence.
>His Facebook account is still up
Unfortunately it's been taken down now. Was it archived?
>This guy is being pushed as a white shooter, though he looks like a Chechen or a Mestizo
I wouldn't say he looks like either of those (the pic of him on the right looks a bit Balkan though). The left pic looks like so many other sims made in the 2010s, probably based off of jewish features with that shit-eating frown and grin.

His name being "Peter" is a callback to Adam Peter Lanza, the Sandy Hoax nonshooter. Manfredonia is also openly gay, or at least sported a rainbow flag + furfag avatar on his FB profile pic from the screenshots saved on 4plebs. "Peter" is a well known euphemism for penis, at least in the US, so that's also part of the joke, a gay shooter named Peter, like the openly gay presidential candidate named Pete Buttigieg.


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>The original one in NJ is not a settlement and is for the most part a park. Naming communities after previous areas isn't unusual in the US, by 1711 New Jersey was overwhelmingly Anglo.
Hm, okay.
>News was already out hours beforehand, there are posts on 4plebs about it before this thread was made. I think a psyop like this would also require weeks of advanced planning, so unlike the Kim Hyon-hui wiki page edit, this could just be an eerie coincidence.
Yes, I've talked about how correlation probably isn't causation for this example. However, news about the shooting came across the continental US around the same time I posted about Sandy Hook on the Korean airlines thread specifically, so I wasn't really wrong with that one.
Some of it was archived, specifically his posts showing him to be a furfag, and his support for Buttigieg (which shows his name is likely manipulated for the same reason). I don't use Facebook however and can't create an account as it requires a cellphone, so I couldn't actually view his timeline and save any of the posts anyways, but fortunately it's already been archived.


A relative of Peter, "Chris Manfredonia" is apparently heavily tied to the Sandy Hook hoax, far more so than Peter himself:
>Christopher M. Manfredonia, who is an athletic director in a town south of Newtown area, has a father, Frederick A. who is a convicted felon for embezzlement. This same Christopher M. is very possibly the subject who police pursued in the woods of Sandy Hook Elementary School at the very time of the massacre and detained.It was reported that Manfredonia was indeed detained but released on scene by only one news source,the LA Times.
Wait a minute, Christopher M. Manfredonia? What does the "M" stand for? Whoever the Manfredonia family is, they're getting recycled over and over again for all these psy-ops around the area.
>Chris told authorities that he had a child who is a student at Sandy Hook Elementary, a 6 year old daughter,and was enroute to the school to help the students and the teacher build gingerbread houses; he claimed he smelled sulfur and saw smoke from the shootings; he had to have been in very close range to the school.Chris told police that he then walked around the school trying to gain access to save his daughter.The most interesting aspect of this story is how Chris and Adam arrived at the school together at appx. the same time.
>This is based on the time frame of the duration of the shootings.Was neighbor Chris Manfredonia a govt asset? According to a witness on scene at the school, the man lead out of the woods yelled "I didn't do it" as he walked by.He was placed in the FRONT passenger side of a police car.Why would law enforcement officials place a suspect of a massacre in the front seat of the police car as opposed to the backseat behind a protective cage as is normal procedure? Was this man Chris Manfredonia? Again,why did he receive special treatment and placed in the front seat? It's unheard of.


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Some more fake markers regarding the Manfredonia family (Manfredoniae?):
>parents supposedly divorced 26/9/2012, same day as Lanza
>6'3 feet tall/191cm, same height as McVeigh, Gabriel Wortman (the Nova Scotia "shooter"), David Freeman, and other fake characters
>nobody knows who Peter's father really is, some say it's Chris Manfredonia tied to the original Sandy Hooknose hoax, whereas some say it's "Robert Joseph Manfredonia", who doesn't seem to be related to Chris as his full name is said to be "Chris M Manfredonia"
>there are pictures of his bedroom littered with dumb quotes, including "We saw what happened when Adam snapped, we saw what happened when Thanos snapped, now they see what happens when I snap", referring to Lanza
>he was an exchange student in China, which although isn't emphasised, could be another tool to increase anti-Chinese sentiment and potentially prepare the US for a war


Just to clear things up:
>there's probably more "truthers" pushing misdirection about the shooting than there are people trying to debunk it, seeing as it's so obviously fake.
There are a few reasons why so many "truthers" push misdirection for these theories, aside from pushing theories that acknowledge these events as real attacks with patsy perpetrators:
>1. to blackwash any real attempt of debunking it, to cover up what actually happened and ultimately lead back to the original event (esp. for Lincoln/JFK assassinations)
>2. to tell the truth, but in-turn push demoralisation (esp. the "not only are these terror stories/calamities fake, but everything else in the past or present is and was fake too, resistance is futile" ruse pushed by people like Miles Mathis, often mixed with either subtle or open anti-white elements), and never question why some events are obviously faked; it's likely that after a string of faked events, when an actual major conflict breaks out, many men that do call these stories out could be caught off-guard and actually killed off
Continuing the Sandy Hook op with obvious fake details (even official Connecticut documents misspelling the name of the state as "Conecticut") seems to be more-or-less the latter, though there are likely some other motives for pushing this too (by making him a Chinese exchange student, US-China tensions can gradually increase for one, not implying that the PRC isn't in on artificially raising antagonism to the west)


(didn't post the Danish wiki link because 22chan has trouble showing accented letters)
>The 1992 Copenhagen bombing (Danish: Sllerdgadebomben) refers to a bomb explosion in the offices of the International Socialists (IS) in Copenhagen, Denmark. The blast and a resulting fire destroyed the office and killed 29-year-old Henrik Christensen. It has been presumed to be a political attack, but no one has been convicted. Theories concerned the possibility that the victim was killed by right-wing opponents, by a bomb of his own or by another left-wing group.
So, it kills a 29 year old (2+9 = 11), the blast occurred at 11:30 (11x3 = 33). No photos of this "Henrik Christensen" could be found in my online searches.
>On 27 April 2013, a former neo-Nazi, Kim Fredriksson, said to Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet he had information about the attack. According to Fredriksson, a now-deceased Danish-German member, referred to only as 'MS' from the Blood & Honour network, probably orchestrated the bombing.[10][11][12] MS was briefly jailed in 1994 after police found TATP explosives in his apartment. He died in 2001 having suffered from cystic fibrosis.[13] Based on this new information, the Copenhagen police force reopened the case.[14]
If this "MS" guy is dead and is in the criminal records system, why haven't they given a name? Is there something about Danish laws that would prevent the name of a dead man from being publicized?

According to the Danish wiki, IS's office was located at the address of Sllerdgade 33 (Sollerodgade 33 with the o's slashed in case 22chan doesn't allow the accented o's) in the Nrrebro (Norrebro with the first o slashed) district of Copenhagen.

From the numerology, and the unlikelihood of jews killing useful leftist golem, I would preliminarily say this was a hoax.


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Was the assassination of Nikolai Bobrikov faked?
To give some background, he was essentially the Russian dictator of Finland answering to the Romanovs, who were part-Tatar, and at this point (after the 18th century which saw "German" nobles come into power) were basically a crypto-jewish dynasty (if they weren't before, there's a good chance that they were), and tried to Russify Finland. On the 16th of June 1904 (in the Julian calendar), he was supposedly `shot by Eugen Schauman, a Swedish/Finnish nationalist, who in-turn sent demands to the Tsar to stop oppressing Poles and Balts, it seems. Today he's held as a hero among Finns, so essentially, he's a Finnish equivalent of John Wilkes Booth, though wasn't demonised under Russian control.
A few problems with this: Schauman doesn't really have any biography, unlike Booth (with whom Schauman shares the same birth-date at least when Schauman's death is formatted in the Julian calendar, 10th of May) or Oswald (both of whom were involved in mock assassinations of Lincoln and JFK). This is unusual, as Finland was the most literate region in the entire Russian empire, around as much as the USA. Schauman was born to Waldemar, a general-lieutenant in the Russian army, and was both a member of the Schauman family (which was nobility at the time, but appears to be not of Swedish, but of western German knightly origins, which can be put into question) and an active politician and clerk in the Finnish senate before supposedly killing Bobrikov. After killing Bobrikov, he killed himself.
One reason to fake this could be to both legitimise lone-wolf attacks (which are nearly always fake, if they succeed), and to co-opt Finnish nationalism and eventually isolate them, since blackwashing them with terrorism clearly didn't work (as Schauman was perceived as a hero). Finland was actually given autonomy by Tsar Nicholas after this event, and after that, Lenin just allowed Finland to stay independent; even after WW1, when Finland was weak (coming after the civil war, where the Germans assisted the white army), Lenin simply didn't restore order to it and left it to be. Stalin invaded, and during WW2, Mannerheim refused to even besiege St. Petersburg and actually joined the Soviets in the latter part of the war. Was giving the Finns a delusion of freedom part of the plan?
>Is there something about Danish laws that would prevent the name of a dead man from being publicized?
Nothing I have found. Its updated version is here, though it's not in English and may require some translation:


Should I post more OKC content in the Korean Air Lines thread or in here?
>Was giving the Finns a delusion of freedom part of the plan?
Well, at least they weren't flooded with churkas like the Balts. Though now they have Somalis to deal with.
Miles Mathis, who is increasingly obviously a shill and is being noted as such, said Lenin wrote to the Romanovs in Yiddish. That doesn't necessarily mean the Romanovs understood Yiddish, but it raises the possibility (though Yiddish is basically a judaized dialect of German which can be written in Hebrew or the Latin alphabet, and I think the Romanovs could understand German).
I haven't looked into it, but my gut tells me the Romanovs had their killings faked and were made into martyrs which modern Russians incorrectly idolize (and such beatification is heavily pushed by the modern Russian government, with a cathedral built on the location where they were supposedly killed).


>Should I post more OKC content in the Korean Air Lines thread or in here?
Either post it there, or delete that thread and post most of it here, to have most fake event content in one place (unless you don't have the same IP, preventing you from deleting it, in that case, post it over there).
Going into the Romanov dynasty, they seem to have been ethnically judaised after the 19th century, when they married into British royalty (with a good chance that they already were before that, counting crypto-jews). In-fact, the Romanov dynasty actually ceased existing during the reign of Peter III, who was a Holstein-Gottorp, mostly German and Danish. with a German wife.
It's important to note that Peter I had an openly jewish prime minister, albeit that doesn't mean he was a jew himself:
As for their deaths being faked, that's a possibility seeing as they were done in private with their bodies mostly hidden, only suddenly discovered right after the end of the Soviet Union, right when they began to build a cult around them; it had no holes from bullets, meaning that he wasn't shot in the head, but then again, since it was discovered right after the end of the Soviet Union, it could be anyone's skull and probably isn't genuine. Their bodies themselves were dug out in 1979, but they were identified in 1998. Another clue to their deaths is that after their supposed deaths, there were several "imposters" claiming to be Romanovs in the west, specifically women claiming to be Anastasia, whose death was never mentioned until the "Yurovsky note" 1989, although Yakov Yurovsky (a known jew) died in 1938:
>The "Yurovsky Note", an account of the event filed by Yurovsky to his Bolshevik superiors following the killings, was found in 1989 and detailed in Edvard Radzinsky's 1992 book, The Last Tsar. According to the note, on the night of the deaths, the family was awakened and told to dress. They were told they were being moved to a new location to ensure their safety in anticipation of the violence that might ensue when the White Army reached Yekaterinburg. Once dressed, the family and the small circle of servants who had remained with them were herded into a small room in the house's sub-basement and told to wait. Alexandra and Alexei sat in chairs provided by guards at the Empress's request. After several minutes, the guards entered the room, led by Yurovsky, who quickly informed the Tsar and his family that they were to be executed. The Tsar had time to say only "What?" and turn to his family before he was killed by several bullets to the chest (not, as is commonly stated, to the head; his skull, recovered in 1991, bears no bullet wounds).[55] The Tsarina and her daughter Olga tried to make the sign of the cross but were killed in the initial volley of bullets fired by the executioners. The rest of the Imperial retinue were shot in short order, with the exception of Anna Demidova, Alexandra's maid. Demidova survived the initial onslaught but was quickly stabbed to death against the back wall of the basement while trying to defend herself with a small pillow she had carried into the sub-basement that was filled with precious gems and jewels.[56]
>The "Yurovsky Note" further reported that once the thick smoke that had filled the room from so many weapons being fired in such close proximity cleared, it was discovered that the executioners' bullets had ricocheted off the corsets of two or three of the Grand Duchesses. The executioners later came to find out that this was because the family's crown jewels and diamonds had been sewn inside the linings of the corsets to hide them from their captors. The corsets thus served as a form of "armor" against the bullets. Anastasia and Maria were said to have crouched up against a wall, covering their heads in terror, until they were shot down by bullets, recalled Yurovsky. However, another guard, Peter Ermakov, told his wife that Anastasia had been finished off with bayonets. As the bodies were carried out, one or more of the girls cried out, and were clubbed on the back of the head, wrote Yurovsky.[54]
So they were clubbed after they were initially shot? This was never mentioned in any of the earlier mentions of their "deaths". It's very likely that the Yurovsky note was a complete fabrication conveniently found close to the fall of the USSR to detail the shootings. Very interestingly, the Wikipedia page for Yakov Yurovsky states:
>To prevent the development of a personality cult of the former imperial family, the corpses were stripped and dismembered; then taken to the countryside, where they were initially thrown into an abandoned mineshaft.
To prevent the development of a personality cult? Can't that be any further away from the truth? The Romanovs not only have a JFK-like personality cult built around them today, sponsored by the Russian government itself, but it's a literal cult that's sponsored by the Russian Orthodox church.


That IP died out, so I'll just post more OKC stuff there. It might be too large and sporadic for this thread anyway.


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Adding to my previous statements, the rulers of the Baltic states (which was conquered by the Soviets later on, unlike Finland) under the Romanovs were the "Baltic Germans". They were mainly descendants of the Teutonic knights who violently subjugated the region lording over the locals, but also other groups that came along with them, including jewish merchants. The coat of arms of Tapiau in East Prussia even featured the Tetragrammaton until the Soviets got rid of it.


France is the origin point of modern "terrorist" attacks (the original term actually meant "rule by terror" and was used to describe the original French republic). Everyone knows about the recent events in France, like the Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, and Nice hoaxes and the burning of the Notre Dame cathedral; however, there are far more fictitious attacks that have mostly been buried amidst these obvious large-scale terror hoaxes. The Rivoli Beauborg cinema bombing was supposedly an "anti-Semitic" attack on a jewish film festival in Paris.
30th of March 1985, i.e. 30/3, adds up to 33, you get the point. There is no evidence that the attack even happened, there wasn't even anybody convicted for it. From the NYT article:
>No group has taken responsibility for the attack, although the organizers of the festival received an anonymous letter last week threatening to blow everything up, including the director of the festival, the police said.
>The bombing Friday night followed recent attacks against other minority groups in France and thus provoked fears that the country might be entering a new phase of violence. In the last few weeks, two Arab residents of France were killed in the south of the country in what were apparently racially motivated attacks.
Like this current case with Manfredonia (from Sandy Hook), this seemingly fictitious attack was cross-referenced in the Charlie Hebdo hoax. a French journalist, Fabrice Nicolino was supposedly wounded in both attacks, showing that not only is referencing past hoaxes a common thing among these hoaxes, but so is having shared victims among them, even when they're decades apart.


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Apparently, a massive riot is occurring in Minnesota, due to a death of a black man named George Floyd. Seeing what happened earlier this month with a racewar op (the Arbery case), there's nothing to do but to get straight into it:
The chief police officer, Derek Chauvin feels nothing when supposedly trying to make George Floyd suffocate, whereas Floyd seems to have a fake reaction, typical for black actors, and never dying on camera (only later, in "captivity", and who dies in captivity simply after being pinned down by the cops?). Notice the names of the other officers, Thomas Lane (think "David Eden Lane", though Lane does seem to be a common name in the US midwest), J Alexander Kueng, and Tou Thao (a Chinese name/Thai female title, despite all officers having been said to be white):
Derek Chauvin is a complete ghost figure, even "his" neighbour knew nothing about him or even that he was a cop, despite him supposedly living in that property since 2017 and being a cop for 20 years:
He is supposedly from Windermere Florida (so, not even Minnesotan), and his wife is Chinese, although Windermere is a small settlement of under 3000 which never had a substantial Chinese population (same applies to Florida in-general). In-fact, Orange County where Windermere is located is under 0.7% Chinese, which has to be mostly concentrated in Orlando, which is far bigger than Windermere. Notice how she's related to "Pa Thao Chang"; remember how one of the policemen was called "Tou Thao"? More word games as usual.


Here's the uncut footage of his arrest:
What sort of accent is Derek Chauvin (or whoever) even speaking in? I want to say it's some attempt to imitate an Italian-American accent, especially the way he says "get in the car". It doesn't sound like a genuine accent, it sounds like something some jewish actor would talk in (which is fitting), and it doesn't make sense according to the official story as Derek Chauvin is supposedly a Floridian (with a French name) with nothing to do with NY (thus this, along with his accent or what it seems like points to Chauvin being another fake "police officer" used for these one-off ops). It makes sense if this event is partially based on the NYC BLM event from 2014, where another black man (Eric Garner) is pinned down to the ground and says nearly the same stuff this George Floyd character seems to be saying, including "I can't breathe".
The whole video is a pretty obvious act. What kind of person who's genuinely been pinned down for 7 minutes actually gives such an asinine reaction? "My stomach hurts, my neck hurts, everything hurts" is not something real people says, it's a bad act that again, points to this event being based off older BLM ops.
>According to former club owner Maya Santamaria, Floyd and Chauvin both worked as security guards and had overlapping shifts at the Latin nightclub, El Nuevo Rodeo. She said Chauvin had worked there for 17 years and Floyd had worked at about a dozen events. She said it was not clear if they knew each other but that she did not believe so
So Wikipedia is straight-out admitting that these two characters have had ties before? It's not like Minneapolis is some small community, it's one of the largest cities in the Midwest, so the fact that these "men" (both of whom are ghosts with no biography) have supposedly had overlapping shifts is saying something.


Adding to that, the complex of the "El Nuevo Rodeo" apparently used to belong to the "international order of odd fellows", an enlightenment-era mason-like organisation, involved with the historical spread of liberalism (and by extension, the American and French revolutions):
Just to give some clarity on their historical spookery, among their members was John Wilkes, lord-mayor of London and a radical liberal provocateur in the American revolution and whom John Wilkes Booth was related to (and named after), which ties into the Lincoln assassination act 100 years after that:
>During the American War of Independence, he was a supporter of the American rebels, adding further to his popularity with American Whigs. In 1780, however, he commanded militia forces which helped put down the Gordon Riots, damaging his popularity with many radicals. This marked a turning point, leading him to embrace increasingly conservative policies which caused dissatisfaction among the progressive-radical low-to-middle income landowners. This was instrumental in the loss of his Middlesex parliamentary seat in the 1790 general election. At the age of 65, Wilkes retired from politics and took no part in the social reforms following the French Revolution, such as Catholic Emancipation in the 1790s. During his life, he earned a reputation as a libertine.
>He was a member of the Oddfellows
>Eponyms - American actor and assassin John Wilkes Booth, a distant relative
As a side-note, apparently, his father and elder-brother were named "Israel". Was John Wilkes (and by extension Booth) a crypto-jew?


I just found out about this event. Like Ahmaud Arbery, it wasn't even mentioned until 3 months after the event supposedly happened, like Arbery it coincides with several "similar" local events, like George Floyd and Eric Garner , the man supposedly says "I can't breathe". Like Arbery, he suspiciously has a Spanish name, just a first name instead of a middle one.
>At the time of his March 3 death, officials said the 33-year-old appeared to be suffering from excited delirium, which often includes attempts at violence, unexpected strength and very high body temperature.
3 March = 3/3 or 33, and he's a 33-year-old. Because of this and the similarities with contemporary race-war ops, it's safe to say this is one as well.


File: 1591315563085.jpg (970.37 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, 1591374840563.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Is the Icelandic BLM protest fake?
This photo purporting to be a BLM protest in Reykjavik looks photoshopped. Something about the outlines of the cardboard (and I'm not just talking about the perforated edges) and the overall saturation in the photo.
Come to think of it, Iceland is overlooked when discussing jewish dominance in white societies. How many jews and spooks actually live there?

All of these real or staged/managed BLM protests/riots show that COVID-19 is a hoax, in my opinion.


>COVID-19 is a hoax


If the photo isn't completely fabricated, it's likely these are still fake people. Iceland has around 300,000 people, so there are only so many spooks and fake characters that can be used up over there.
>How many jews and spooks actually live there?
Iceland's former president, Olafur Ragnar Gormsson had a literal Israeli wife so it's more influential than mainstream sources make it out to be. Today, although Iceland is said to have only a few hundred jews and one rabbi, this might be similar to the American statistic in a way; Iceland might have a moderate crypto-jewish population, mostly recent immigrants. In the medieval jewry thread, it was discovered that jewish spies visited Scandinavia before Christianisation, though I don't recall any permanent settlement there by jews, and the settlements mentioned are in southern Denmark, now a part of Schleswig, Germany, and not in Norway (Icelanders originate from Norwegians and partially Swedes, not so much the Danes). Apparently, the Icelandic Postola sogur mentions jews and it's from the 13th century (around the same time jews reached their heyday in England for a comparison). Here it is, though it may require some translation:
As for their modern standing, that's not really linked to their current standing in Iceland; aside from the Barbary slave trade (which reached Iceland) being partially managed by Moroccan jews, jewish merchants went through Denmark to Iceland from around the 16th-19th centuries, most of whom are now "assimilated" but are de-facto crypto-jews. Iceland seems to be "autonomous" in that isn't as tightly held by jews as say, Russia is, but it's probably the US military presence in Iceland that constitutes an actual spook presence there; pro-homosexual and leftist elements in Icelandic society going back to the 1930s definitely didn't come about organically, it was introduced by them. In-fact, the legalisation of homosexuality in Iceland (which is said to be the 2nd nation to do so in Europe after Turkey during the tanzamat reforms, which mostly isn't even in Europe or ethnically European, even at the time of its legalisation) coincides with the British military occupation in WW2,
It is; the actual symptoms of the "disease" itself are mostly non-existent upon further analysis, COVID deaths are mostly misattributed, Then there's the fact that it rests on the germ theory, which is an incredibly flawed theory of science to begin with as it assumes bacteria etc. are harmful and thus they must be removed with vaccines or drugs, when in-reality they actually get rid of wasteful elements in the body..


George Floyd may be partially based off of "Odin Lloyd"
Apparently, Michael Baden, a jewish spook that helped "prove" the fake JFK and MLK assassinations as well as Epstein's non-death is involved with the George Floyd case as well:
>Baden maintains a private forensic pathology consulting practice. He has been a consulting or lead pathologist and an expert witness on a number of other high-profile cases and investigations. He testified at the trial of O. J. Simpson on behalf of the defendant,[13] at Sergeant Evan Vela's court martial,[17] and on behalf of Phil Spector at the latter's murder trial, while Baden's wife served as Spector's defense attorney.[14] He has been hired to conduct private autopsies in a number of cases, including the shooting of Michael Brown[18] and the deaths of New England Patriots football player Aaron Hernandez[19], civil rights lawyer and politician Chokwe Lumumba[20], George Floyd[21] and African-American artist Ellis Ruley. [22] [23]
>In late May 2020, Baden, along with other physicians including Dr. Allecia M. Wilson of the University of Michigan, was hired by the family of George Floyd, following his death after an encounter with Minneapolis Police, to perform an autopsy. The autopsy concluded that the manner of death was homicide due to mechanical asphyxia, which conflicts with the Hennepin County medical examiner's autopsy which found that the cause of death was due to cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression.[31]
>Michael Baden was born in the Bronx, New York City to a Jewish family.[32][33] His first marriage, which ended in 1997, was to Judianne Densen-Gerber, a physician and founder of the drug treatment program Odyssey House; together they had four children, Trissa, Judson, Lindsey, and Sarah.[34] Baden later married Linda Kenney Baden, who served as one of Phil Spector's main attorneys during his capital murder trial and replaced Bruce Cutler after his withdrawal from the proceedings.[35] They have four children.
This spook was involved in the suicide case for Aaron Hernandez, a New England Patriots NFL player that supposedly died on the 19th of April 2017 (just like Waco, OKC, and more recently the Nova Scotia hoax). Aaron Hernandez supposedly had plenty of legal issues in his life, the last of which was a supposed murder of a black man named "Odin Lloyd". Already this stinks of a hoax; what kind of black man is named after Odin? Is it supposed to be because he comes from the Virgin Islands (or former Danish West Indies)? Does anything remotely related to Denmark or Scandinavia have to have "Odin" bestowed onto their name? What really made me contemplate this is that "Lloyd" is especially similar to Floyd; in-fact, in Welsh, they're the same name:
>however, Floyd is normally a cognate of the Welsh name Lloyd, derived from the word 'llwyd,' which means grey
"George" comes from "Zeus the farmer" in Greek, and Zeus/Odin are the head of the Greek and Norse gods respectively. Thus "George Floyd" can literally be derived from "Odin Lloyd". Like George Floyd, he moved from a US territory (or state in Floyd's case) near the Carribean to the north (in Floyd's case, Houston to Minneapolis and in Lloyd's, St. Croix in the Virgin Islands to Bristol, Connecticut), both had a criminal past, and both were doing suspicious stuff before they were supposedly either shot to death directly or pinned down. On the 16th of June (616, more numerology markers), Lloyd messaged his friends to go to Massachusetts as he was with incredibly weird messages such as "You can't trust anyone anymore", and "Did you see who I am with?... ...Nfl" So Lloyd was with the NFL, though he was supposedly shot to death by an NFL member? Anyways, the Odin Lloyd event never got a proper investigation and was most likely fake as well. He was more likely than not a complete ghost with a fake name (since no black man is named "Odin") and that Floyd is simply based on this previous hoax.


"George Floyd" also sounds like a mashup of George Foreman and Floyd Mayweather, both black former professional boxers.
Someone on /pnd/ said that the name sounds perfect and extremely memorable, very apt to having memorials, places, and holidays named after him.


>"George Floyd" also sounds like a mashup of George Foreman and Floyd Mayweather, both black former professional boxers.
>Someone on /pnd/ said that the name sounds perfect and extremely memorable, very apt to having memorials, places, and holidays named after him.
Those could be more reasons why "George Floyd" was chosen, though the similarities to "Odin Lloyd" are too close to deny. For Derek Chauvin on the other hand, he's probably not a real French-descended American, but is more likely named after the fictional French soldier "Nicolas Chauvin", where the term Chauvinism derives from (likely chosen to emphasise that Chauvin was a "Chauvinist" and beat up Floyd just for being black). Since Nicolas Chauvin was fictional, why wouldn't Derek Chauvin be? Derek is also another variant of Theodoric, or "king of the (Germanic/"Deutsche") people". Is Derek Chauvin supposed to be the "king of white chauvinists"? Additionally, the use of Derek, or the French variation of it in particular also means his signature would roughbly be "Dechau", an extremely similar name to Dachau, known for its holohoax bathhouse.


File: Brandon Lloyd and Odin Llo….png (323.21 KB, 517x269, 517:269, 1591690703736.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

There was apparently even a Netflix documentary from earlier this year about Odin Lloyd's death, which gives more reasons for these two events being directly linked, along with the jewish spook Michael Baden analysing it prior to analysing the Floyd event:
Also, "Brandon Lloyd" is probably the the source of "Odin Lloyd"'s character. They look extremely similar (attached), have the same last name, and was a peer of Hernandez in the Patriots, even being accused of engaging in sodomy with him, as Hernandez was a huge homosexual:
>Patriots receiver Brandon Lloyd said that he had been warned by teammate Wes Welker that Hernandez would expose his genitalia and talk about gay sex.


I wonder how many "African Americans" have some degree of jewish DNA, what with all of the jewish slave owners and the large amount of blacks performing in these psyops. Often with the "whites" one can tell there's something off looking about them, usually indicating jewish actors. You generally don't see Asians (in large numbers) knowingly engage in fake atrocities that are meant to socially destabilize, judaize, and fag up the world. AAs on the other hand seem very willing to engage in very evil psyops (and in large numbers), arguably much more evil than Koreans fake crying at an airport over a phony airline disaster (even if one was a lemming at the time, one would've felt it very unlikely that the US and USSR would have gone to war over KAL 007).

Though it could also just be the result of the black psyche, even without jewish genetics they could just be naturally malevolent pieces of shit.


Not only could many blacks be jewish via mixture with jewish "white" slave-owners, I've talked before about how West Africa used to be a huge jewish slave hub even pre-dating the transatlantic slave trade, these jews typically being immigrants from northern Africa, or Yemen, which is why in 17th century maps there's a "Kingdom of Judah" in West Africa. Thus, it could be argued that in some cases, North African jews sold black slaves that they already did own to other jewish slave-traders coming from Europe. Some high-off blacks in more recent US history definitely give off jewish vibes, especially in the Black Panthers, formerly (and in some cases even presently, see attached image) kabbalistic/masonic UFO cults like the Moorish Science Temple, Nation of Islam, and more recently the "Black Hebrew" movement (though they claim blacks are the real jews and that racial jews aren't ancient jews which is easily disprovable, could the originator of the cult have come up with something more along the lines of "some blacks in America are really jewish" instead?). Nevertheless, I believe that the types of jewish-black mongrels are highly found (in ops) within higher-profile blacks who are involved with large organisations, since pure-negroids still make good puppets in riots and protests.
Some black slaves also came from East Africa, which used to have a large jewish population as well. The Kingdom of Semien was a powerful jewish kingdom in northwestern Ethiopia, which actually sacked and massacred the Aksumites, ending their rule; these jews have remained in Ethiopia up until the Israelis airlifted them all into Israel (which should be brought up every time a jew claims that "they hate blacks too" or other garbage of that like), and then there are the Lemba people, a mixed Afro-jewish ethnic group that came down from Yemen, and today live as far south as Zimbabwe and northeastern South Africa.
And back to high-tier black crypto-jews, although I already mentioned the Nation of Islam, black Hebrews, and the Black Panthers, I have a strong suspicion that Malcolm X in particular is part-jewish. He was a member of the Nation of Islam, which as I said before, was and is a nonsensical UFO cult that adopts actual masonic and jewish occult ideas, but it was especially such a cult back in the 1960s. Wallace Fard Muhammad looked very Semitic, he was not like a pure-black, which raises the possibility that he could've been a jew, though he claimed to be an Afghan at certain points of his life. Malcolm X is typically shilled on certain faux-nationalist circles as an example of black nationalists co-operating with whites, and he specifically co-operated with the "neo-nazi" spook George Lincoln Rockwell and his "American Nazi party", basically run by the jewish pederast Frank Collins/Cohen after his "assassintation" (hoax?). In-fact, Malcolm's half-sister was actually named "Ella Little-Collins"; could "Collins" here be another cryptic version of Cohen?


File: first_shooting_thread_oc.png (651.66 KB, 2206x1034, 1103:517, 1592144515051.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Who was "Barry D.?
Since Seattle and its surrounding regions are littered with ops, then the supposed shooting in Coal Creek Parkway, in Bellevue near Seattle was probably an op as well. This is important to 22chan in particular as an hour before the shooting supposedly occurred, somebody posted a thread on /k/ claiming to participate in a shooting in Bellevue; of course, an old trick in online-spook ops, such as the Winnenden school shooting; this took place on 11/3/2009 (11 x 3 = 33, it's a known spook date), it was foreshadowed on Krautchan hours before the shooting supposedly occurred, admittedly not posted by the supposed perpetrator, "Tim Kretschmer"; supposedly born on the same day as the Sandy Hooknose character Adam Lanza, 26th of July)
Not only is the shooting close to other psy-ops (including a nearly unknown terror threat in Denmark by an "anti-jewish white nationalist" pedophile "Bryan Ostergaard", as well as the Christchurch and Escondido mosque/Poway synagogue hoaxes), but it came only a day after another supposed shooting in Bellevue predating the post on /k/, supposedly the first homicide there in 2 years:
This can be written off as a hoax, due to both the lack of evidence and that it supposedly and suspiciously occurred near the Microsoft campus (to add, Seattle is essentially a northern San Francisco in regards to the suspicious abundance of tech companies, including both Amazon and Microsoft)
This is the article for the Newcastle shooting. It uses deliberate deception tactics, for example emphasising that the event took place during a domestic dispute, though never clarifying if it was part of a domestic dispute:
As for this being a hoax, it very well could've been one since there's no evidence put for this shooting even happening and no name given for the shooter, unlike the Christchurch and Poway ops, it didn't end up giving an imageboard publicity, though it was announced on one. Perhaps it can hide under the veil of obscurity, or insignificance, though every other reported shooting (whether a "mass shooting" or ones like this where one person is said to have died) have some character behind it who is revealed to the media. The more important question is who "Barry D." was. Was the person posting under that name a spook? It again, oddly mirrors the Winnenden school shooting, though there's far less details given for this supposed shooting.


Now they're doubling down on fake police brutality with another fake shooting in the state of Georgia, this time in Atlanta:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhdpG2XzRXQ [Embed]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIdeNc9ZngA [Embed]
A black man named Rayshard Brooks was supposedly shot by the police. The extended bodycam footage doesn't even show his "death", whereas the surveillance footage shows him tripping and falling before the police supposedly shot him. He then supposedly died off-screen, during a surgery. It's as nonsensical as the Ahmaud Arbery shooting, thus it's most likely another act.
Some results of this fake shooting have been the Chief of Police in Atlanta, Erika Shields resigning in favour for Rodney Bryant. Rodney Bryant, huh? Suspiciously similar to the alleged negro rapist Kobe Bryant, who supposedly died earlier this year. It's also resulted in more spook-controlled race-riots, as if that hasn't already spread worldwide. The idea that this black man, a father of 4 children would become alcoholic on a Sunday (black Americans were never really known for having a drinking culture anyways, aside from grape soda) and would crash at a fast food drive through at 10:30PM at night should also raise a few questions. 10:30, removing the zeros would result in 13, which was often considered an unlucky number in old European cultures (there's even a Greek word to describe this idea, called "Triskaidekaphobia"). It has some odd judeo-masonic numerological connotations as well, similar to 11 and 33, often used concurrently with 33 in fake calamities. Again, more evidence that this was scripted.


>black Americans were never really known for having a drinking culture anyways
Malt liquor and getting high off of over-the-counter medicine + soda combinations.
No offense, but you seem to be making a lot of premature assumptions lately that could be better explained by doing a little more research, like when you assumed that Yukon as a place of residency for some of the OKC "victims" meant they were from Canada instead of a nearby town in Oklahoma called Yukon.
I still think your research and commentary are very valuable and I intend no disrespect at all.
(Rodney can also be a callback to Rodney King, another race psyop spook, of 1992 Los Angeles riots infamy).


>premature assumptions
I acknowledge that. I quickly found out that there was a place called "Yukon" in Oklahoma, but then again, that's odd in-itself, since Oklahoma is nowhere near Canada, especially not the Pacific region where the Yukon river and province are both located in, and the fact that some of the actors reporting on OK city had Canadian accents indicates that something's fishy with those "victims". Something less excusable is my statement regarding Sandy Hook, being the name of the school. I actually meant to say it was a random town in Connecticut named after a previous Dutch settlement of similar age which makes the setting suspicious. I'm not familiar with American naming conventions, but shouldn't "Sandy Hook" in Connecticut be named "New Sandy Hook"? Although, I suppose naming conventions in the US could be repetitive, like the many towns named "Springfield" in the midwest after a settlement in Massachusetts (in-turn named after a town named Springfield in England).
Apparently, blacks in the USA react more heavily to alcohol than white Americans do despite their relative lack of a drinking culture, so I suppose I can discard my point there:
it's still odd that he would crash at 10:30 (a suspicious) in his car on a Sunday, unless he was unemployed, but then again, he's said to have 4 children, so how did he supposedly provide for them? He was even said to have celebrated his daughter's birthday the prior Friday, so he had to have had enough possessions to supply it, unless he's being given a bunch of money, is a thief, or is simply made-up, and the latter seems to be the case.
As for Rodney King, not only was he a participant in the last major series of riots in the US, he was supposedly beaten on a 3/3 as well, so there's that going on. "Rodney Bryant" is thus more likely than not a joke name.


Here's the naming of "Yukon, Oklahoma"
>Spencer, a cattleman from Texas turned railroad builder, was working on a line from El Reno to Arkansas when he decided to build the town.[10] Spencer filed the plat on the townsite on February 14, 1891.[10] He had agreed to do so and lay the train tracks through the town in exchange for half of the lots, which were owned by Minnie Taylor and Luther S. Morrison.[8] Taylor and Morrison had acquired the land in the 1889 land run.[8] Spencer also bought two quarter sections south of Main Street from Joseph Carson and his sister, Josephine.[10] Spencer and his brother, Lewis, named the town after the Yukon Territory of Canada, where a gold rush was booming at the time.
He supposedly named it after Yukon in Canada due to a gold-rush occurring there, but it was nowhere near Oklahoma and he wasn't some gold digger, so he had nothing to do with it anyways, and there's the fact that it's located in the "Canadian County", where Oklahoma City itself is located in. The Canadian County is said to be named after the Canadian River which flows from Arkansas to Oklahoma, northern Texas, and New Mexico. None of its etymologies make any sense, especially considering it had a Spanish name back in the 16th century, and US territories usually tend to keep their Spanish name ("Rio Grande", "San Francisco", "Los Angeles", "San Diego", "Colorado", "Florida", etc., all Spanish names):
>Why the river is called the Canadian is unclear. On John C. Fremont's route map of 1845, the river's name is listed as "Goo-al-pah or Canadian River" from the Comanche and Kiowa name for the river (Kiowa gúlvàu, [ɡúᵈl.pʼɔː] 'red river'). In 1929, Muriel H. Wright wrote that the Canadian River was named about 1820 by French traders who noted another group of traders from Canada (Canadiens) had camped on the river near its confluence with the Arkansas River.[2]
Why would a bunch of Canadians move all the way down to places like Arkansas and New Mexico, especially around 1820 when none of the territories were even linked? Oklahoma and Arkansas used to be mostly uninhabited territories close to Mexico that were acquired as a part of the Louisiana purchase; what would a bunch of French Canadians (who were typically British subjects) be doing there enough to change the name to "Canadian" from "Rio Buenaventura" or "Magdalena"?


I meant to say park.


Minneapolis "shooting" and Reading "stabbing"
Now there's been a "shooting" in Minneapolis a few hours ago; though it's not been specified whether it was caused by "right-wing extremists" or black protestors, we can already decipher that it's a complete fabrication of the pen:
>One man is dead and 11 people suffered non-life-threatening wounds in a shooting in Minneapolis, police there said early Sunday.
11 people were wounded? Never expected that, did I?
>revised their total upward in a tweet posted just after 3 a.m
In Central Time (which Minneapolis observes), the date would've been 3:11 AM in particular, so they have to shove in a more obvious 33 in there by doing that:
But there are more 3s as usual:
>The area is about 3 miles (5 kilometers) west of the Minneapolis commercial area and neighborhood hit by rioting in the wake of George Floyd’s May 25 death after being arrested by Minneapolis police.
3 miles west of the neighbourhood George Floyd acted out in, go figure. What an abundance of 11s and 3s!
Now, the video footage is so low-quality it could've been anything and was probably intentionally made to be so, just so that the obvious cinematic elements could be obfuscated. It's most likely fake for these reasons alone, plus the fact that nobody at all is named. Anyways, moving on to the new hoax in the UK:
So a Libyan refugee in the UK, Khairi Saadallah supposedly stabbed some BLM-leftists in the town of Reading just west of the Greater London area. Odd choice of ethnicity, considering that there are only 16,000 Libyans living in the entire UK; although Libya was a large hub for migrants wanting to cross into Italy, most of these migrants were sub-Saharans and not Libyan Arabs or Libyan Berbers. Nevertheless, there are 11s and 3s coming out of this hoax as well, 3 people dead, occurred around 11PM:
>The killing of three people in a stabbing rampage in a park in Reading is being treated as a terrorist attack, police have said.
Some sources even state that 11-18 people were stabbed, if not 11 and thus two odd numbers multiplying to 33, there's some aces and eights, or an indicator of a fake death. As a bonus, the stabbing supposedly occurred around 11PM, and just 10 hours later there was a meeting held at 10 Downing Street, at 9AM. Possible 9/11 reference? Maybe or maybe not, but from the other credentials given about the attack, it's a hoax.


Yukio Mishima, possible fake coup and death
Yukio Mishima was an incredibly odd character, even for post-WW2 Japanese history. He was a novelist, actor, a huge homosexual (go figure), and at the same time a (faux) nationalist and imperialist, perhaps comparable to several faux-nationalist figures both today and back then (especially ones that are alleged to have beene jews and/or pedophiles and homosexuals like Yukio, sorry if that may be redundant). Unlike those figures however, he's actually somewhat revered in even typically judeo-leftist circles, both in Japan and elsewhere:
>The Mishima Prize was established in 1988 to honor his life and works. On July 3, 1999, "Mishima Yukio Bungaku-kan" (三島由紀夫文学館, "Mishima Yukio Literary Museum") was opened in Yamanakako.
>In 2014, Mishima was one of the inaugural honorees in the Rainbow Honor Walk, a walk of fame in San Francisco's Castro neighborhood noting LGBTQ people who have "made significant contributions in their fields."[32][33][34]
Since this man was an actor, novelist and overall an extreme degenerate, is it not possible that his supposed coup and death were acts in themselves? In-fact, Mishima even "foreshadows" his death alongside his homosexual private life (now known to be true) in several of his works:
>Also in 1946, Mishima began his first novel, Tōzoku (盗賊, "Thieves"), a story about two young members of the aristocracy drawn towards suicide. It was published in 1948, placing Mishima in the ranks of the Second Generation of Postwar Writers. He followed with Confessions of a Mask, a semi-autobiographical account of a young homosexual who must hide behind a mask to fit into society. The novel was extremely successful and made Mishima a celebrity at the age of 24. Around 1949, Mishima published a series of essays in Kindai Bungaku on Yasunari Kawabata, for whom he had always had a deep appreciation.
The "two young aristocrats" that committed suicide in Mishima's fictional novel "Tozoku" parallels the alleged real-life suicide of Mishima and Masakatsu Morita:
>All four followers were expecting to commit suicide, and were indignant when, in November, Mishima ruled that only he and Morita were to die. On 21 and 22 November 1970, supplies were bought, and Morita asked Hiroyasu Koga to stand in for him if he should fail to behead Mishima properly. The next two days were spent rehearsing.
Here's it's admitted that Mishima was never properly beheaded by Morita himself, and had to have been beheaded by Hiroyasu Koga in his place. It seems that the Japanese Wikipedia page gives a more concise explanation of Mishima's alleged suicide.
Mishima's entire visit to Ichigaya (where the Japanese Ministry of Defense is located in) is admitted to have been some massive show-and-tell, not a serious visit:
>At 10:58 am on November 25, 1970 (Showa 45), Yukio Mishima (45 years old) was a member of the Tate no Kai Morita (25 years old), Masayoshi Oga (22 years old), Masahiro Ogawa (22 years old) (4 years old), Koyasu Koga (23 years old), together with 4 people, Ichigaya Honmuracho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (currently 5-1 Ichigayahonmuracho), passes through the Ground Self-Defense Force Ichigaya Garrison Main Gate (Yotsuyamon) and heads for the eastern part. Arrived at the front entrance of the general supervisor room on the second floor of the general supervisor department. After being greeted by Mr. Taiji Sawamoto, who was welcoming me, and climbing the front stairs, Mr. Isamu Hara (50 years old), General Manager of the Office of the General Administration Department, led me to the General Affairs Office [6][7] 1].
>This visit was booked on the 21st, and Ryoichi Nakao, a third-class officer in the office, told the police station that he would arrive by car at around 11 o'clock, and Yukio Mishima will arrive by car, so please make a free pass. As a result, the second guardian Satoshi Suzuki, a gatekeeper, passed only by saluteing Mishima in the passenger seat [5] [Note 2].
>Mishima was invited to sit down and was invited to sit down, and each one of them was named by Moriya Masuda and Toshiriku Masashi (57 years old) as an "excellent member" to be commended at a regular meeting, with Morita and four others standing upright. The reason why I was accompanied by four people was as follows: ``Actually, I brought these people today when I joined the experience in November, I sacrificed what was injured in the mountain to the bottom Since I got off, I decided to commend it at the Ichigaya Kaikan regular meeting today, so I brought him with the idea that I would like to see the general director at first sight. Since I have a regular meeting today, I came in full dress." 6][10].


>Mishima pulled out his sword and showed him a handkerchief to wipe the oil, saying "Oga, a handkerchief," and asked him to do the same, but the words were a signal to start a predetermined action [6]. However, the general director made an unexpected move toward the office desk, saying "how about the paper," so Oga lost sight of his purpose and approached Mishima as he handed the Japanese hand towel [6]. Unable to find an affordable paper, the chief returned to the sofa and sat next to Mishima to see his sword.[10]
>Mishima wiped the blade with Japanese hand towels and handed the sword to the general director. After seeing Kamen, the general manager nodded, "It's a nice sword, after all, it's Sanbonsugi," and returned it to Mishima and returned to its original seat. At this time, it was around 11:05 [6]. Mishima wiped the sword again and handed the used towel to Oga who was by his side, putting the sword in the sheath with the rumbling sound "pachin" while directing with his eyes [9][11].
>Using that as a signal, Oga, who was pretending to be returning to his seat, swiftly went to the back of the president, closing his mouth with the hand towel he had, and then Ogawa and Koga tied him to the chair with a rope and rope. Restrained [6]. Koga, who was given another Japanese hand towel by Koga, made the chief chew the monkey gag and refused, "The gag gag doesn't stop breathing," and attached a dagger [6][10].
>The general manager thought that everyone would laugh at "strengthening like this" with ranger training or something, and said, "Mr. Mishima, please stop joking", but Mishima looked serious with the sword. Since I was staring at it, the general manager noticed that it was not an ordinary thing [10]. Meanwhile, Morita built a barricade with desks, chairs, flowerpots, etc. at the three entrances (all double-sided doors) that lead to the chief administrator's room front entrance and the staff chief's room and the deputy chief's room [6][12].
So it was another joke, was it? Moving on:
>When the barricade of the door of the staff chief's room leading to the left side of the general inspector's room was destroyed with his back, Haruo Kawabe (46 years old) and Masamasa Nakamura (45 years old) quickly avalanche, and Mishima immediately saw a Japanese sword, "Seki Sonroku". "1" Hara, Junichi Kasama 2 Cao (36 years old), Junzo Isobe 2 Cao, etc. who slashed their backs with ", then entered with a wooden sword," "Get out, get out", "Read the request" I screamed and responded [7][5]. At this time, Mishima was to drop his hips and pull the sword at his hand, and instead of swinging it down from the upper tier, he was striking it with the blade [7][11]. This brawl left a sword wound around the door handle.[7] The time was about 11:20 [6].
First act of "destruction" seems to be a controlled demolition. This was apparently Mishima's order:
>(1) Gather all Ichigaya garrison self-defense officers in front of the main building by 11:30.
>(3) To gather and attend the remaining members of the shield (not related to this case) from the Ichigaya Kaikan.
>(4) Do not block any attacks for 2 hours from 11:30 to 13:10. As long as no attacks are blocked, I will not attack at all.
>(5) When the right conditions have been fully complied with and two hours have passed, the person in charge of the president will be safely handed over. The form is that two or more escorts are attached from us, and they are handed over at the front entrance of the main building while they are in a restrained state (to prevent self-determination).
>(6) If the right conditions are not met or there is a fear that they will not be met, Mishima immediately kills the general inspector and decides himself.
11:30, and 13:10, they have to have a couple servings of 3s and 11s of course. Here's some information on Mishimi's speech:
>About 800 to 1,000 SDF personnel who heard the in-unit broadcast gathered one after another in the front yard in front of the main entrance of the main building [4][6]. Some had already started eating lunch in the dining room and had stopped it [5]. Among them, information was confusing, such as "a mob invaded and a person was killed", "the president was taken hostage," "the Red Army might have come," and "Is there Yukio Mishima?" It was [8][5][11].
800-1000 SDF personnel listening to it, there's the aces and eights or the fake death signal for this event. "Information was confusing"; probably because it was intentionally so, it was a massive act.
(continued again)


>Morita, who didn't get along well, handed him a sword, "Give Hiro-chan," and cut it in accordance with the ancient ritual that Koga swung a sword and left a skin on his neck.[12] Finally, Oga cut off the skin of his neck from his body with the dagger that Mishima was holding [33][12][Note 12]. Meanwhile, Ogawa was guarding near the front entrance so that the self-determination of Mishima et al. would not be disturbed by the SDF personnel [6].
The self-determination of Mishima would not be disturbed by the SDF personnel? Self-determination in faking his death, or was it just to limit the any witnesses to such fakery?
>At 12:23, the chief who entered the general inspection room confirmed the deaths of two people [16]. "Isn't you close to Yukio Mishima? Go ahead and persuade him to stop," said Kuniho Tsuchida, Chief of Security, and Mr. Atsushi Sasa, Counselor of the Police Department and Director of Human Resources Department 1, rushed to the scene from the Metropolitan Police Department. However, I was too late for Mishima's self-determination. Sasa said when he entered the general inspector's room to face the corpse, “The carpet under his feet made a noise. The sea of ​​blood. It was a red carpet and I could not tell it apart. I remember that feeling.” [37][38]
So the blood couldn't be differentiated from the carpet as it was red... ...how convenient.
This death, like much of what Yukio Mishima's life was dedicated to seems like yet another act. His legacy among faux-nationalists too is also extremely questionable, seeing as a lot of people on 4/8/pol/, and other former and current spook outlets (whether imageboards or not) used to shill his works in a similar vein to negrophile "nazi" spooks like George Lincoln Rockwell, William Luther Pierce, James Mason, etc., as well as both contemporary and 30s-era European spooks like Evola and Devi, thus it seems fitting that they would shill a homosexual actor who probably faked his death as some sort of "heroic defender" of traditional Japanese culture.


Thai Airways International Flight 311
Pretty easy one on the numerology alone.
>Flight 311, 3x11 = 33
>113 fatalities, seriously?
>crashed 31 July 1992 (3+1+7 = 11)
>This was both the first hull loss and the first fatal accident involving the Airbus A310.
When you have these "first crashes" of modern airliners, something is usually up.
And there were only 35 Thais on board, only 21 of them passengers. The flight was bound for Nepal, yet there were only 23 Nepalis on board. The rest were mostly Westerners, Japanese, and South Koreans (and two Israelis).

>The remains of the aircraft can still be seen in Langtang National Park on the trek from Ghopte to the Tharepati Pass.

I wonder if they just scrapped a plane and some luggage and seats and said "yup, there's the proof!"


>there's the aces and eights or the fake death signal for this event
Where does this "aces and eights" stuff come from? I've only heard it on Miles Mathis's pages (with that exact phrase, and sometimes 'chai' at the end).


It's a reference to the common-use of combinations of 1 and 8 in false-flags/hoaxes: the whole "chai" stuff apparently comes from the Hebrew word "chai" meaning "life" or "living" (which could indicate more associations with non-deaths), represented in jewish gematria with an 18. Due to this, alongside the common occurrences of 1 and 8 being combined in hoaxes, often alongside 33 and the typical judeo-masonic arsenal, it seems to be an indicator of fake deaths in jew-led events, though I'm somewhat hesitant in noting it due to its association with Miles Mathis.


Sacha Baron Cohen apparently attended a "right-wing" rally. Since he's an actor, is this another jewish wink towards the riots and other events being fake? He even says "Corona is a liberal hoax", which only misses the mark of being a larger hoax within jewish political-circles (including the PRC):
This rally was called "March for our rights". Just like the "March for our lives" rally in 2018, organised by a Sephardi jew? And the organisation behind the process is called the "Three-Percenters", which sounds extremely similar to the certain even-more nonsensical offshoot of the Nation of Islam called the "Five-Percenters", founded by the FBI patsy "Clarence Edward Smith":
Thus, this whole event has red flags all over it.


File: dawitkelete.png (485.75 KB, 496x763, 496:763, 1593950659238.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Dawit Kelete is not a real person and this "car crash", suspiciously timed with the 4th of July seems to be a repeat of the Charlottesville car crash from a few years ago.
First of all, they don't give much information about the event; seems like they're trying to keep it easy to "deny" (i.e. tell the truth about) but hard to actually expose as fake, aren't they? "Dawit" is the Ethiopian/Eritrean rendering of "David" (I guess this is explainable since a lot of Carribean and US-blacks worshipped Ethiopia), and "Kelete" is this extremely rare and probably fake surname, see its Forebears page:
It's apparently Congolese, though is dense in Sweden, Nigeria, Germany, Brazil, and the USA, with one person each carrying this name in Norway, Denmark, England, Iceland and Switzerland. They might as well have called this character "Kunta Kinte".
These images depicting Dawit seem fake or of random black people, whereas these disgusting women "killed" in the crashes seem to be totally greenscreened. I suspect they may be deepfakes, as they come off as caricatures more-so than they do real people.
Apparently there's video footage of this, but it's extremely unclear:
Notice how there's no real image of these women there, it's taken from a surveillance camera, these figures (whatever they are and whatever makes them move) appear to be moving but are shadowy, nobody can tell who they are, there's no direct image of them. So, as I said before, this is likely intentionally done as to keep this information vague and shadowy as possible so it's hard to expose. They bounce up upon impact, and two things appear to fall after impact (I assume they're supposed to be their bags?) so, take from that what you will. Notice how this black man has the opening of "Dixie Land" as his car-horn. Why would a black man in Seattle with the most nonsensical negroid name you could think of use a southern-white folk-song for his car, typically associated with their "oppressors"? Was it to give the initial effect that he was actually some "racist", or was it just to confuse and laugh at any gentiles who buy this event up? Most likely the latter.


>Notice how this black man has the opening of "Dixie Land" as his car-horn.
Obvious Dukes of Hazard reference. Trump has been going out of his way to retweet blacks that support him since this thing began.


File: my penis.png (36.89 KB, 344x328, 43:41, 1593955938230.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Anyway, my guess is they'll spread the angle that a stereotypical negroid did the hit and run on the internet, in order to support the anti-BLM sentiment that black violence in on the rise. Meanwhile, on the TV, they'll downplay or never mention the identity of the driver and use the dixieland car horn to support the pro-BLM sentiment that the Confederacy is returning. This will result in some fun shouting matches at family dinner tables. I think the (((powers-the-be))) know which forms of media each side chooses to consume. Overall, this is their idea of fun.
Also, I'd like to point out how butt-fucking-ugly these women are. Is this what castrated liberal men are into these days?


>Anyway, my guess is they'll spread the angle that a stereotypical negroid did the hit and run on the internet, in order to support the anti-BLM sentiment that black violence in on the rise. Meanwhile, on the TV, they'll downplay or never mention the identity of the driver and use the dixieland car horn to support the pro-BLM sentiment that the Confederacy is returning. This will result in some fun shouting matches at family dinner tables. I think the (((powers-the-be))) know which forms of media each side chooses to consume. Overall, this is their idea of fun.
More-or-less my position on this too, since on 4/pol/ and /pnd/ they're saying that it's another example of "joggers" attacking whites (which seems like the new buzzword, likely used to replace "dindu", a nonsensical word used itself to replace "nigger" or any old insults for blacks, to weaken anti-black sentiment).
>Also, I'd like to point out how butt-fucking-ugly these women are. Is this what castrated liberal men are into these days?
I think whoever wrote this knew that these women are unattractive, and that they don't really get into relationships with men, or don't want to have children. They look more like caricatures of "butch feminist hippies" than they do real people, they could be deepfakes.


Pope John Paul II assassination attempt
The official story for this event is that the pope was allegedly shot 4 times and suffered "severe blood loss", he survived in good-shape, and not only has "Mehmet Ali Agca" admitted his intention was only to "injure" (perhaps fake-injure?) the pope, not to kill him, but after "forgiving" Mehmet, the pope has himself stated that this was in-part a fulfillment of the Fatima apparition (itself a hoax). Although the "assassination attempt" is usually blamed on the Grey Wolves or the KGB, these theses are suspicious, and Wikipedia admits this:
>Some writers, including Edward S. Herman, co-author with Frank Brodhead of The Rise and Fall of the Bulgarian Connection (1986), and Michael Parenti, believed Ağca's story was dubious as Ağca made no claims of Bulgarian involvement until he had been isolated in solitary confinement and visited by Italian Military Intelligence (SISMI) agents.
>The Bulgarian secret services have always protested their alleged involvement and argued that Ağca's story was an anti-Communist plant placed by the Grey Wolves, the Italian secret service, and the CIA – all three of whom had co-operated in NATO's secret Gladio network.[citation needed] Gladio was at the time involved in Italy's strategy of tension, also followed in Turkey by Counter-Guerrilla, the Turkish branch of Gladio[citation needed]. The Pope's assassination would hereafter have taken place in this frame[citation needed]. Edward S. Herman argued that Michael Ledeen, who was involved in the Iran-Contra Affair and had alleged ties to the Italian P2 masonic lodge also linked to Gladio, was employed by the CIA to propagate the Bulgarian theory.[25]
It's most likely that this fake "assassination attempt" was an inside job organised by the Vatican itself.
>On 26 June 2000, Pope John Paul II released the "Third Secret of Fatima" in which he said that Ağca's assassination attempt was the fulfilment of this Secret. 13 May (the date of the assassination attempt) is the anniversary of the first apparition of the Virgin Mary to the three children of Fatima, something the Pope has always regarded as significant, attributing his survival on that day to her protection. Some doubt the Church's full disclosure of the contents of this Secret, believing that it actually predicted the Apocalypse. While in prison on remand, Ağca was widely reported to have developed an obsession with Fatima and during the trial claimed that he was the second coming of Jesus Christ and called on the Vatican to release the Third Secret.
>On 31 March 2005, just two days prior to the Pope's death, Agca gave an interview to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.[36] He claimed to be working on a book about the assassination attempt. La Repubblica quoted Ağca claiming at length that he had accomplices in the Vatican who helped him with the assassination attempt, saying "the devil is inside Vatican's wall". He also said:
>"Many calculating politicians are worried about what revealing the complete truth would do. Some of them fear that the Vatican will have a spiritual collapse like the Berlin Wall. Let me ask, why don't the CIA, the Sismi, the Sisde and other intelligence agencies reveal the truth about the Orlandi case?
>Q: They say it's because there is still some uncertainty in the Emanuela Orlandi case.
>Agca: In the 1980s, certain Vatican supporters believed that I was the new messiah and to free me they organised all the intrigue about Emanuela Orlandi and the other incidents they won't reveal."
>Emanuela Orlandi, the daughter of a Vatican employee, disappeared at age 15 on 22 June 1983. Anonymous phone calls offered her release in exchange for the release of Agca. Archbishop Paul Marcinkus was alleged to be part of the kidnapping, although no charges were ever laid.
>Agca subsequently denied having made such claims following the publication of the interview.[37] In 2010 Agca asserted that Cardinal Agostino Casaroli had been behind the assassination attempt.[38]
Here Agca says that the Orlandi case was also organised by Vatican insiders to "help free him" (probably was, but not for that reason). Doesn't it look like things are intentionally made confusing just to redirect to the Grey Wolves/KGB narrative?
There's also a lot of fictional references to this event, though typically keeping the KGB angle:
>The plot from the Tom Clancy novel Red Rabbit is largely centralised around the attempt on the Pope's life which is ordered by the KGB. This hypothesis is supported by the movie Karol: The Pope, The Man.
>The A. J. Quinnell novel In the Name of the Father describes the aftermath of the plot to assassinate the Pope. Church leaders are shocked to discover that the attempt was orchestrated by the highest levels of the Kremlin.[39]


>The 1982 Tom Skerritt film Fighting Back featured footage of this event in its opening credits' depiction of a television news story on violent crime since 1963 from the reporters' viewpoints.
>The event is briefly referenced in the ending of the anime series Chrono Crusade.
>On the online timeline of the 2004 alternate history mockumentery C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America, in which the Confederate States of America wins the American Civil War and annexes the rest of the United States, the assassination attempt of Pope John Paul II still occurs. However, it occurs in New York City rather than in St. Peter's Square. The assailant, a Baptist from Tennessee named Maynard Brimley shot the Pope and killed a bystander. Despite that the Pope would visit Brimley in prison to forgive him for his actions, Brimley was tried and executed, partly to appease international pressure.[40]


I'm a little late to post this, but apparently the "black panther" protestors (a reference to the earlier negroid organisation, just like the jewish marvel character) are admitted to be actors:


The recent Twitter bitcoin scam hack looks like a spook op based on the value of bitcoins stolen alone, either $110,000 or $113,000.


File: realitc3a4t-kc3b6hler.jpg (125.59 KB, 495x625, 99:125, 1596153176930.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Oktoberfest bombing
Per the narrative (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oktoberfest_bombing):
>At 10:19 p.m. on 26 September 1980, a bomb exploded in a rubbish bin near the main entrance to the Oktoberfest, killing 7 people instantly; 5 others died of their injuries and a further 213 survivors were registered as injured,[6] many of whom lost limbs in the blast.[7] Gundolf Köhler, the perpetrator, was also instantly killed in the attack as the bomb exploded prematurely.[7][3]
We have a 9/11 allusion in the time (always look at the times in both 12-hour and 24-hour systems) and, if it means anything, 269 from the date (like 269 "victims" aboard KAL 007), though that very well could be coincidental. 13 dead and 213 injured, 13 is another spook number.
>The crime scene was rapidly cleaned up and the festival reopened less than twelve hours after the attack.[8] The then mayor of Munich, Erich Kiesl, said: "Neither this State, nor this city or its citizens will be held to ransom by criminals. A closure would only support the condemnable intention of the perpetrator. For this reason we must say: life must go on."[9]
Wouldn't such a rushed cleanup and reopening interfere with the investigation? Did they know right away this "Köhler" character was the perp with no other accomplices? Or was it a "rushed" cleanup because there no bodies actually destroyed in the alleged blast? This was before DNA analysis was introduced, but it's still odd that forensic and ballistic examination opportunities were negated by the sudden cleanup and reopening.

As for Gundolf Köhler, based on the (limited) photos of him, particularly his outlandishly sized and Martianesque head in the bottom of the pic attached, I would have to say that he is an intel creation who never existed in real life. I guess they wanted him to look as creepy and reasonably possible. Photoshop didn't exist back then, so crude pinups like this were much more common with older psyops.

Köhler was apparently a neo-Nazi, so why did he kill Germans anyway, assuming it did happen? I'm also having trouble at finding a list of the 12 victims apparently killed in the bombing, maybe someone who knows how to search for them in German can turn something up better, along with any numerology, cryptic puns, and odd stories involving them.

There's also some brouhaha over whether or not more accomplices were involved, with scandals and court cases going on up to this year. In my opinion it's all smoke and mirrors to legitimize the event as real.


Something I forgot to mention. "Gundolf Köhler" itself is a pun on "Adolf Hitler", notice how both sets of names share the same secondary syllables.


File: hitler's sidekick.jpg (138.02 KB, 1200x1455, 80:97, 1596254384374.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


Another day, another nigger supposedly gunned down by police.
Nigger's name is "Jacob Blake" is that supposed to be like Jacob Black of Twilight faggotry? These psyop names are getting really fruity.


Fake and gay. Now to go on Twitter and wait for the marketing firms to tell us where and when to rally and what to write on our cardboard signs.

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