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I'll go into these psyops in chronological order. But to make a long story short, no one died, and no flights were shot down or bombed. I make my presumptions based on the usual funny stories being peddled in these psyops and their suspicious numerologies. When these things happen over and over and over again, you're being fed bullshit. Granted, this isn't rock hard proof of fakery, but it strongly points into that direction.

I think it would also be interesting to learn what Korean netizens would make of these revelations.

Korean Air Lines Flight 007, per the official story (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_Air_Lines_Flight_007), was a routine scheduled flight from New York City to Seoul with a refueling stopover in Anchorage, Alaska. The flight was via a Boeing 747-200, aged 11 years (11 is a commonly recurring number in psyops). The flight departed on 31 August 1983 from JFK and arrived in Anchorage uneventfully. It is when the flight continued on its ANC-Seoul leg that things went awry. The flight strayed from its course and crossed over into Soviet territory. The Soviets, thinking the plane was an American spy plane, shot down Flight 007 in the early dark hours of 1 September some distance away from Sakhalin Island, killing all 269 on board.

Already something funny right away is the flight number, 007. KAL 007 was accused of being a spy plane, and you know where else 007 has a spy theme? Fictional MI6 agent James Bond, "007". So this flight number is referencing a work of fiction. Should we then presume KAL 007 is as equally fictitious? And why Flight 007 and not just Flight 7 like pretty much every other airline does it?

Another oddity is that despite being a Korean airliner bound for Seoul, only 76 of the supposed passengers were Korean nationals, another 29 Koreans being KAL employees. 62 of the passengers were American, despite Korea not being such a popular destination for Westerners prior to the 21st century (in 1983, South Korea was under a military dictatorship and was by and large still a developing country, which also makes it an odd choice to be awarded the 1988 Summer Olympics in 1981).

Among the Americans was Senator Larry McDonald (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larry_McDonald), an ultraconservative Democrat from Georgia who upon further inspection seems to have had some of his life story lifted from holowood-nazi spook George Lincoln Rockwell. Like Rockwell, McDonald was a Naval flight officer who married an Icelandic woman and was a member of the John Birch Society. The two differ in their stories, of course, with McDonald seeming like a Rockwell who remained a jew-neutral politician. McDonald's middle name Patton is probably referencing General George S. Patton, who my opinion was a cryptojew with a fake death, but that's for another time. Larry McDonald thus most likely was either an actor with a fake name, or a real-named (((royal blood))) spook.

But let's also look at some of the other "passengers" on this supposed flight. There are some pretty strange stories. Many of these passengers (including McDonald) nearly missed the flight or were originally supposed to be on other flights (something similar with Pan Am 103, TWA 800, and the 9/11 flights):
From https://people.com/archive/cover-story-faces-of-flight-007-vol-20-no-12/ and I encourage you to read it to understand the BS being peddled.
>The horror and outrage provoked by the disaster in the night sky 33,000 feet over the Sea of Japan was undiminished in the days that followed.
There it is, 33. To be fair, 33,000 feet is the typical altitude for long haul flights. Wonder why that is though, and not 32,000 feet.
"Becky Scruton":
>Becky stood in his Meriden, Conn. hospital room and sang It Is Well With My Soul in a fine soprano voice which moved nurses in the room to tears.
Soul, Seoul, ha ha, very funny.
>Becky Scruton took an airport limousine to Kennedy for a flight to Korea on Saturday, Aug. 27. There she found that she had neglected to bring her passport, and she booked passage on Tuesdays flight instead.
"John Oldham":
>Oldham, 27, a recent law-school graduate, was booked to fly on Monday night but postponed his trip for 24 hours so he could help some visiting Chinese scholars to find housing near New Yorks Columbia University.
"Han Tae Park":
>On the day of the flight, in fact, Park had asked Chung to take a walk with him. To my surprise, he talked about dying, remembers Chung. He told me that the most dreadful thing would be to die in a plane crash because in that kind of an accident, even though you were in danger, you cant do anything.
"Jan Hjalmarsson":
>A globe-trotting Swedish entrepreneur who lived in Queens, N.Y., Hjalmarsson, 38, was originally booked on a flight scheduled to leave New York at 5 p.m. When he discovered that Flight 007 would take off seven hours later yet arrive in Seoul at almost the same time, he eagerly changed his reservation.



File: KAL 007 deviations.png (32.65 KB, 714x326, 357:163, 1590264496415.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Continuing on with "Hjalmarsson":
>Now he would have a few more hours to spend with his wife, Olga, 30, daughter Olivia, 3, and 3-week-old son Alexander.
A good helping of 3's. 33 years added up, with 3 extra weeks.
Larry McDonald again:
>Rep. McDonalda medical doctor before he became an articulate and highly controversial Congressmanwas originally scheduled to fly on Sunday night. He missed that plane by just three or four minutes when his connecting flight from Atlanta was diverted to Baltimore during a thunderstorm. McDonald could have caught a Pan Am flight to Seoul but decided instead to wait in a New York hotel in order to take advantage of a sponsored ticket.
Weird how all of these people were supposed to be on different flights, right?
"Stuart and Irene Steckler":
>They had no fear of dying, says Irenes father, Jean-Pierre Bigotte. It was part of their creed. They were probably better prepared to die than anyone else I know. Their philosophy was such that they were preparing in this life for the next life.
And Irene's father is named Bigotte (bigot?).
"Margaret Zarif":
>Travel agent Margaret Zarif, 59, had recruited five other Detroit women for a 16-day Asian excursion, touching down in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Zarif, a retired public school teacher and a Black Muslim, opened her travel agency three years ago as a way of financing her own desire to see the world.
>A believer in the occult, she always consulted with close friend and psychic reader Bobbie Brooks before setting off on her jaunts. Would it be a safe journey? Would she meet someone special? she would ask. She was a great metaphysician, Brooks remarks. But this time, Brooks notes, Zarif failed to consult her.
"Jessie Slaton":
>Judge Jessie Slaton, 75, was respected throughout the Motor City as a tough-talking, no-nonsense justice. Like Zarif, she was a civil rights activist and a determined world traveler. Ordinarily, the widowed judge left her family a detailed itinerary. But this time, for some reason, she did not.
"Frances Swift":
>Come September 19, she would be moving to a new job, heading up an occupational therapy unit at Scottish Rite Hospital for Crippled Children in Atlanta.
Scottish Rite, uh huh...
"Marie Culp" and "Hazel James":
>Chance nearly prevented the two friends from boarding Flight 007. On Tuesday morning Maries stepson Jesse, 67, took them to the wrong departure terminal in Detroit, and they missed their Pan Am flight to New York. Says Jesse with a sigh, Wouldnt it have been beautiful if my mother had just taken the hint when she missed that first flight?
Marie Culp, 75, had a stepson just eight years younger than her?
"The Grenfells":
>The Grenfells, Neil, 36, and Carol, 33, and their children, Noelle, 5, and Stacey, 3, were seated in rows 7 and 8 of the Prestige Class for a total fare of $7,140.
"Grenfell", like the later Grenfell Tower fire?

There's also a bunch of numerology with the ages, seats, and whatnot with the passengers that I didn't address which you can look at in the link https://people.com/archive/cover-story-faces-of-flight-007-vol-20-no-12/.

Once again, South Korea was not a popular travel destination in the West in 1983, though maybe the Olympics boosted its prestige. But I neither recall nor read about South Korea getting noticeable clout among the average western Joes until the late 1980s at the earliest. In 1983 SK had as much travel clout in the West as maybe Kuwait does today. By the way, what's up with the number of Detroit blacks traveling to Seoul in 1983 when airfare was much more expensive?

When people asked for why so few bodies were recovered from the crash site, the Soviets claimed that giant crabs carried away and ate most of the bodies. Obviously the real reason is because there were no actual 269 dead bodies off the coast of Sakhalin, the Soviets were in on the psyop, just as North Korea was/is in on the later KAL 858 psyop. The jews writing the script just wanted to poke fun at the goyim who buy into the story with ridiculous sci-fi level tales.

Also, I forgot to mention this earlier. Note how the distance deviations' digits in the pic attached frequently add up to either 9 or 11 in both metric and British measurements. Another telltale sign of a psyop.


The whole "shooting" actually mirrors the Cuban missile crisis. It was quickly followed by a massive, ultimately fake threat (nuclear science is extremely flawed and the post-Hiroshima/Nagasaki tests seem to have been faked, but discussing nukes is for another time). Both events had a supposed nuclear threat fired towards the mainland USA by the Soviets, both ultimately stopped (by Vasily Arkhipov for the Cuban crisis, and Stanislav Petrov for the crisis following the Korean airlines crash).


File: KAL B707.jpg (27.3 KB, 650x431, 650:431, 1590265962635.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Onto Korean Air Flight 858 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_Air_Flight_858).

The official story is that Korean Air (name recently changed from Korean Air Lines) Flight 858 was a Boeing 707 en route from Baghdad to Seoul with stopovers in Abu Dhabi and Bangkok that was blown up by state-sponsored North Korean terrorists on 29 November 1987 (11 11 in the dates) who only flew the Baghdad-Abu Dhabi leg but left a bomb on board. 115 people were killed, 113 of them South Koreans (113 is also another funny number, 11x3 = 33).

In an archive video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcq8aXSPmlk, it looks as a grieving woman at Gimpo Airport is placed purposely for the cameras at the 1:55 marker.

There was a brouhaha about South Korea canceling recovery efforts just 10 days after searching for the aircraft, with neither any of the bodies or the plane's black box having been found to date. But again, like with Flight 007, it's probably because there were never any bodies to begin with.


The story of one of the supposed perpetrators, "Kim Hyon-hui", under the pseudonym Ok Hwa is completely laughable, and comes off as a massive inside-joke. . After supposedly shooting down KA 858, she along with a male agent supposedly went to Abu Dhabi and then Bahrain, and was detained there, supposedly trying to poison herself with cyanide after being caught, but the "cigarette was snatched from her mouth by the police officers". She was sentenced to death, but was later pardoned by the South Korean president (sentenced by whom, Bahrain or South Korea? most likely neither) Later on, she's said to have married a South Korean intel agent and has two children with him, with the remaining family said to be in North Korean labour camps (with no real proof, likely just added in to paint her as a traitor).
For some reason, as this thread was being made, "somebody" edited the Wikipedia page and added "butt" as the pseudonym.


>For some reason, as this thread was being made, "somebody" edited the Wikipedia page and added "butt" as a pseudonym.
So far that is their only contribution to Wikipedia:
That IP address comes from near Indianapolis.
What a numerological IP address too, "11"."11".2"11" (or "22")."33"

Don't know if it's relevant, but a DOD agency is headquartered in Indianapolis.
Though it could very well just be one of the regulars here deciding to have some retarded "fun". It does show that this board is being watched on the regular, whether by stupid jokers or actual nefarious people.

Back to Flight 858, I didn't go into it as much since I felt it was more self-explanatory than Flight 007 and had less details, but yeah, the whole thing is a charade, and no one is trying to kill "Kim Hyon-hui" as it is being asserted.
(She was also sentenced to death by South Korea, but that's obviously fake).


>no one is trying to kill "Kim Hyon-hui" as it is being asserted.
Meant to say no North Korean agents are trying to kill her in the present year, as it is being asserted.


"47" is also apparently a large numerology marker, openly the famous number of the liberal arts school Pomona College, and 1947 was also the start of the cold war, CIA, and the creation of Israel (though the Mandate of Palestine ended in 1948, in the 29th of November of 1947, funnily enough exactly 40 years before the Flight 858 event, the UN voted to establish a majority jewish state in the region) among other things.


I guess adding to your bit about the 29th of November is that the 1st of September also has funny activity, like the start of WWII and the Beslan school massacre.


>Beslan massacre
Though the 1st of September is said to be the beginning of the Russian school year, that event always felt full of numerology markers to me, and it likely was a fake crisis act, many admitting there was "disinformation" surrounding the deaths themselves or that it was a false flag, though not that it was a drill at best, with no deaths:
>34 people involved
>333 deaths
>terrorists arrived at 09:11 local time
>said now that 1100 hostages were taken, originally "200-400", and then 354 for an "unknown reason"
Many Chechen war leaders were suspicious, and some of them were probable racial jews. Abu Al-Walid, a non-Chechen Arab volunteer that also fought in Afghanistan was said to have been an actor:
>His brothers claimed that in his youth, al-Walid had enjoyed acting
Abu Omar al-Kuwaiti was openly one:
>Abu Zaid worked as a Kuwaiti actor in children TV programs
Ibn al-Khattab is the only non-actor, though he had close links to bin Laden (a Yemeni jew) and his intel-front.
Shamil Basayev was said to have Russian (jewish?) origins, and was "formerly" pro-Russian, even assisting pro-Russian separatists in Georgie and receiving GRU training in the process.
>According to Gennady Troshev, he has some distant Russian ancestry
>The Russian government newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta reported that Basayev was an agent of GRU, and another publication by journalist Boris Kagarlitsky said that "It is maintained, for example, that Shamil Basayev and his brother Shirvani are long-standing GRU agents, and that all their activities were agreed, not with the radical Islamists, but with the generals sitting in the military intelligence offices. All the details of the attack by Basayev's detachments were supposedly worked out in the summer of 1999 in a villa in the south of France with the participation of Basayev and the Head of the Presidential administration, Aleksandr Voloshin. Furthermore, it is alleged that the explosive materials used were not supplied from secret bases in Chechnya but from GRU stockpiles near Moscow."[15][16] The Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta stated that the Basayev brothers "both recruited as agents by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian General Staff (GRU) in 199192." The Russian newspaper Versiya published the GRU file on Basayev and his brother, which revealed that "both Chechen terrorists were named as regular agents of the military intelligence organization."[17]
Basayev was also said to have orchestrated the Beslan massacre, likely still as a Russian insider.


What drugs are you both on


Nothing; but are you in Indiana and did you happen to edit the Wikipedia page for Kim Hyon-hui after this thread was created?


>McDonald's middle name Patton is probably referencing General George S. Patton
My mistake, it IS referencing General Patton.
>General George S. Patton was a distant relation.
Overlooked that bit on wiki by mistake.


File: butt.png (39.66 KB, 1584x228, 132:19, 1590318322780.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I'm not from Indiana, actually, in west Philadelphia born and raised on the playground where I spent most of my days chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool and all shooting some b-ball outside of the school when a couple of guys who were up to no good started making trouble in my neighborhood I got in one little fight and my mom got scared and said you're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air.
Now, to be serious, both of you sound like you're wearing tinfoil hats to begin with. Discussing airplane catastrophes especially like this one where bombs are involved are fine by me and it sounds like a reasonable topic, but both of you are fucking insane. What does general Patton have to do with this? Numerology markers? Beslan massacre within the 2nd chechen war which happened like 20 years after the plane crash?
And did you bother checking what exactly was changed on the wiki page? Pic related, some anon was probably just taking the piss. OR WAS IT A NORTH KOREAN AGENT???? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON BAKUGAN BATTLE BRAWLERS.
fucking schizos.


>I'm not from Indiana, actually, in west Philadelphia born and raised on the playground where I spent most of my days chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool and all shooting some b-ball outside of the school when a couple of guys who were up to no good started making trouble in my neighborhood I got in one little fight and my mom got scared and said you're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air.
Sure, never heard of that before (oh wait..). I hope you're not a shill and just dumb.
>Now, to be serious, both of you sound like you're wearing tinfoil hats to begin with. Discussing airplane catastrophes especially like this one where bombs are involved are fine by me and it sounds like a reasonable topic, but both of you are fucking insane. What does general Patton have to do with this? Numerology markers? Beslan massacre within the 2nd chechen war which happened like 20 years after the plane crash?
Have you even read the thread?
>General Patton
One of the supposed victims of the crash is Larry McDonald who is distantly related to Patton; though it's likely that he wasn't actually killed by any plane crash and the whole thing was staged to further the tensions in the cold war (with both sides in on it).
>Beslan massacre
You're either not paying attention or are another shill playing dumb: it was brought up due to its date, being the 1st of September, which also happened to be the beginning of WWII. To be fair that was the first day of school in Russia, but I still hold the whole thing was a drill at worst, and a complete stage at best, used to justify rule over Chechnya (in a longer plan of protecting the jewish oligarchy that rules Russia + extracting Chechen migrants to further damage the majority ethnic Russian population, which the jewish oligarchy denies the existence of).
Numerology markers are all over shady events, and this is particularly a trait of jewish involvement in fabricating these stories, even if they aren't occultists. When events constantly shove in numbers like "911", "33" or "47" then that's a marker for a fake event. Granted, it isn't direct proof and "may" be a coincidence, but it should be taken as a marker that points to it being fake; as does obsession with numerology among supposed non-jews, like "1488". Anyways, even if I were to cease mentioning numerology at all (as I do think over-obsession with it is often misdirection, simply to focus on trivial details of an event and not actual details that point to it being fake or not), you'd probably say the same thing and call me a tinfoil hat, schizo, or whatever the next buzzword is: if you don't believe it's a real event involving real people, or a false flag where people do die, then you're a schizo, tinfoil hat, conspiracy theorist, antisemite, etc., despite the fact that there's plenty of evidence that major events often are completely non-existent. The OK Corral shootout is admitted not to have even been known of until the 1930s with no proof that it actually happened, the Columbine shooting has fake surveillance footage (with more numerology markers of course: shooting took place in the 20th of April, and one of the jewish perpetrators, Dylan Klebold was born on 9/11 1981), and practically every detail about the Sandy Hook massacre is fake. These aren't the only examples, but are some pretty obvious ones.
So why can't this be the case for any aircraft being shot down? It should be a given, seeing as everytime a new boogeyman seems to be established, they "shoot down" a civilian airplane; the Soviets and North Koreans in the 80s shooting down South Korean planes, Russian separatists (or Ukrainians in the Russian perspective of the event) in Ukraine shooting down a Malaysian plane in 2014, and just a few months ago, the Iranians supposedly shot down a Ukrainian plane.


Numerology is pretty much the same bullshit as astrology, I ain't gonna buy into that nonsense.
>Hitler was born on 4/20: is smoking weed a nationalsocialist invention???
Eventually you'll get random numbers that look like they fit into place but correlation does not mean causation, that's logic 101.
The Gen. Patton thing can make sense, although it's been speculated that americans picked him off by themselves so he wouldn't intervene with the US-Soviet relations, knowing his anti-communist stance, but what exactly would killing his distant relative achieve?


>Numerology is pretty much the same bullshit as astrology, I ain't gonna buy into that nonsense.
I'm not saying that you should believe that numerology is somehow divine, I'm saying that the people who write these events seem to use it whenever they fabricate death tolls or choose dates to plan events on (if it isn't already on or close to a jewish holiday, specifically "Tisha B'Av").
>>Hitler was born on 4/20: is smoking weed a nationalsocialist invention???
4/20 just happens to be a date where these events fall on. Waco siege and the Oklahoma City demolition (the "McVeigh event") are more examples. McVeigh is another confirmed fake character; the original manuscript for the 1991 novel "The Final Jihad" had a character called "Thomas McVey" who blows up the OK City federal building.
>Eventually you'll get random numbers that look like they fit into place but correlation does not mean causation, that's logic 101.
Sure; but it should be taken as a marker for events that seem fake, not as definitive proof but as a clue of sorts.
>The Gen. Patton thing can make sense, although it's been speculated that americans picked him off by themselves so he wouldn't intervene with the US-Soviet relations, knowing his anti-communist stance
It's likely that Gen. Patton got the same treatment that Lincoln or JFK got; their deaths were faked in order to turn them into a hero, with any investigation into it being blocked by a myriad of disinformationist theories. All of them would've been hated far more if not for their "deaths" as their life would've warranted more investigation, especially JFK, who was far more pro-Soviet than many people think.
>what exactly would killing his distant relative achieve?
Say he wasn't killed, but was written off as dead (which seems to be more likely) following this event; aside from other random US citizens being dead, this would've provided a pretext for Soviet-US relations to artificially deteriorate, considering McDonald was also an anti-communist on the surface.


>far more pro-Soviet
*just as a note, although this could be applied to any western cold war leader as capitalism-communism is and always was a false dialectic, mostly to damage normal countries proxy wars, this is especially true for JFK, as he's often said to be anti-communist despite acting in their favour more than once, for example, intentionally limiting support in the Bay of Pigs invasion and thus letting Cuba fall to communism, and of course signed in the civil rights act (originally proposed by actual homosexual blacks, jews and judeo-leftists) permanently destroying any pro-white resistance.


I reported him twice on his two initial posts for attempted thread derailment and shill buzzwords, though I didn't reply to him as I didn't want to encourage him to post more.
>The variety of threads allowed here are very flexible and we believe in freedom of speech, but we expect a high level of discourse befitting of the board. Attempts to disrupt the board will not be tolerated, nor will calls to disrupt other boards and sites.
Let's see if the mods will at least contain his very low level of discourse and obvious thread disruption and at least force him to communicate like a normal person.


>4/20 just happens to be a date where these events fall on. Waco siege and the Oklahoma City demolition (the "McVeigh event") are more examples.
Waco and OKC happened on 4/19.
Anyway this thread is veering off the original topic. Should a fake events thread be made or should this thread be a fake events general*? Though if the latter the original post would have to be changed to address that.

*For fake events/psyops that perhaps aren't too large, e.g. JFK would warrant his own thread due to the larger than life cult of personality created about him after his supposed assassination and such a thread probably wouldn't be limited only to exposing his assassination as a hoax but also his zionist, menshevik, anti-white policies that he fostered not only in the US but also in Europe.


Yes, I suppose that there could be a (historical if more recent events warrant discussion on a current news thread?) fake events thread. Since you're on the same IP, and since this thread's already been derailed, perhaps you could delete this thread and re-create it as a fake events thread?


I'll do it later tonight or by tomorrow as I'm busy with other stuff right now that demands my mental energy. But if no one else does it, it will certainly be there no later than tomorrow. Should I repost the KAL 007/858 psyops for the introduction? Maybe I could also show examples of clearly computer-simulated "victims" in the OKC psyop.


>Should I repost the KAL 007/858 psyops for the introduction? Maybe I could also showcase clearly computer-simulated "victims" in the OKC psyop.
Starting with OKC may be more relevant, as it's more easily provable to be fake, and is more relevant to today's hoaxes (being post-cold war and leading directly to both the Columbine and Breivik hoaxes, which kickstarted all the events in their like, such as Sandy Hook, Virginia tech and other school shootings, Christchurch, Poway, Brum, Halle, Hanau and other shootings tied to 8chan (and alt-imageboards), etc.) also drawing inspiration from William Luther Pierce's novel "The Turner diaries")


Alright then, I can lead with OKC (that wouldn't be a big enough psyop to warrant its own thread though, right?). One thing though is that I don't have every big "thing" about it down, just general ideas, like clearly photoshopped victims, crisis actors in the streets, the possibility traffic to the area was blocked off in advance, and some other things. I can't prove for certain at this moment how the building may have been partially demolished (I suspect it was a stronger version of what played out in Oslo, and support beams were specifically destroyed at the base and maybe upper floors, but this is only my speculation, I'm no engineer) or how they managed to keep a mum on the whole thing being a hoax with actors, but I can point out news clips of the event, if they haven't been wiped from YouTube, showing oddities, like an old man who apparently came from the building being coached by a journalist into giving certain lines that he was supposed to remember, or blood with weird patterns on people's faces indicating that their wounds aren't legitimate.

I'm not the first one to point out OKC being a staged event with actors, there was one notable video on YT around 2014/15 that went into better detail but has since been wiped. Still, it's surprising that OKC hasn't gotten that much exposure as being a fake event as other older psyops have (like Columbine and 9/11 (with the "fake" in 9/11 being the victims and the WTC and part of the Pentagon being empty)).


OKC isn't that big of a psyop (on the scale of 9/11 or more importantly Israeli involvement in Al-Qaeda/ISIS/Muslim brotherhood etc. as a whole, JFK, Lincoln, American/French revolutions, etc.) but it's relevant enough that it spawned most fake events succeeding it, so it should be a good starting point. It shouldn't be too hard to expose the basic details of the bombing, it's probably intentionally suppressed to legitimise it. I've seen a lot of people simply comment about McVeigh being intel (such as one of Miles Mathis's writers in the "Life after Waco" paper), but never about the whole event being a controlled demolition despite its importance.


I really wish 22chan would allow multiple file uploading, that would be really useful to my potential OKC post, which will probably otherwise come off as disorganized (I have a good amount of "knick knack" facts/oddities that collectively will show OKC to be a psyop, as well as its subsequent "truther" movement (including insincere "relatives" of OKC victims posing as truth seekers like with 9/11), but on their own they would look very disorganized the smaller in detail they go, and making new posts for each image will cause the thread that is supposed to be a fake events general to be more of an OKC psyop general instead).

I know mods are lurking, so could you please support allowing at least three files to be uploaded for each post?


(for the time being) Is it better to post the information on the OK City bombings on this thread, until a feature to attach multiple files is added?


File: Ann Kreymborg.png (32.27 KB, 189x128, 189:128, 1590358491708.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Maybe I can lead with something else in the fake events general. OKC seems too large for an introductory post. But maybe I can make it fit.

To give a preview of what some of my posts would be like, concerning victims at least (can we call them vicsims or is that considered Simon Shack spook lingo?), are you aware of how many 9/11 victims essentially have the exact same facial expressions, hair textures, etc. in their photos (photos of the same "person")? It's like that for a number of OKC victims too (the ones that at least have more than one photo available.

In more recent years, however, newly released photographs of the "victims" in both psyops show the victims making clearly different expressions. But earlier on there was this copy-paste effect of photos of the same person.

Here's one example, the strangely named "Ann Kreymborg". The left photo has been scrubbed from the internet for several years now, but it used to be found when searching the name. According to forebears.io, there are only 392 Kreymorgs in the world, 102 in the US, and 14 in Oklahoma.
Strange surnames are also a recurring theme in these psyops, both of "victims" and "perpetrators" like Dylann Roof and Stephan Balliet (a strange name for an eastern German).


File: 090KREYM.jpg (163.58 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1590358695380.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Granted, her mouth differs between the two photos, but look at the hair curls in each of the photos' upper left (technically "her" right side but to a viewer it's their left side). The hair curl is the same.

Some years later a higher definition photo of "Ann Kreymborg" came out.


>Stephan Balliet
This guy in particular is a complete anomaly. Not only is this "person"'s last name obviously French, but there was a previous attack in Germany just months before, supposedly an assassination of the CD politician Walter Lbcke by Stephan Ernst. Pretty obvious name games going on here, but aside from that, "Stephan Ernst" has no real biography, he's said to have attacked migrants several times before, but that was never mentioned in the media, only his supposed assassination of Walter Lbcke, and his entire charade was only ever mentioned in German media, while the Halle and Hanau events were far less localised. Tarrant legitimists on 4chan and 8chan often use Stephan Ernst as an example of a shooter that did target politicians.
Anyways, the latter image is computer-generated, which definitely puts forward a question to if she ever really existed in the first place. If you search up "Kreymborg", there's apparently an Alfred Francis Kreymborg from the 1900s, but he was from the New York/Jersey region, nowhere close to Oklahoma. He was a novelist and literary contributor, go figure, with ties to Ezra Pound. Pound is said to have supported Mussolini and is said to have opposed Roosevelt and the jews, but to see an anomaly again, just look at his first name; what kind of gentile is named "Ezra"? Also speaking of Roosevelt, this Alfred Kreymborg met a jewish journalist named Paul Rosenfeld (Roosevelt = Dutch version of the name). So if this Ann Kreymborg is actually related to Alfred Kreymborg, then she has ties to all sorts of famous figures and spooks. Of course, it's more likely that it's a fake pseudonym, since Kreymborg wasn't even in Oklahoma.


File: Susan Jane Ferrell.png (743.62 KB, 720x805, 144:161, 1590361218849.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Well, I guess we know why they chose the obscure name Kreymborg. It and others like it are callbacks to past spooks and psyops.
>Anyways, the latter image is computer-generated
Yeah, it has that distinct 1990s photoshop overlay with Kreymborg against the background. The glasses look weird too. I'm guessing they have higher definitions of the photos and images used to create the vicsim photos in a master database, saved after all these years, with touch ups done as they feel needed. Notice her eyes and skin tone are now different in the newer photo.

Here's another copy-paste face, "Susan Jane Ferrell".


There's also numerology in the OKC death count. 168 victims, 168 hours in a week (like 7/7's 52 victims representing the 52 weeks in a year, and 7 days in a week). 19 dead children, 19 is a reoccurring number in psyops involving Muslims, terrorism in general, and aviation incidents.

Here's a video of CBS News coverage that evening:
The old man I referred to before needing to get his lines fed is in this video, but not him getting his lines fed, which I'll still have to find. His "name" is "Brian Espe" (probably a stage name). He apparently died in 2008.
The man at 3:19, who accompanies "Espe" in various shots of the video like at 5:32, has a distinctive Canadian accent. Maybe Europeans might not notice the difference, but it's very obvious he has a Prairies/Ontario accent for those who know what they sound like (or possibly a Buffalo, NY area accent, which is strongly influenced by the Canadian dialect). Notice the way he pronounces "I".
The anchor Connie Chung who appears at the 1:22 mark looks like she's in front of a green screen.
At 2:26, "we gotta find his brother!" right for the camera...
Also the guy wearing sunglasses at the 0:23 mark is giving me jewish vibes. Or am I looking into him too much?
Frank Keating, governor of Oklahoma at the time, also gives me slight jewish vibes. Something about his eyes...

You know, I think a number of the people in this footage are actually faking southern accents. Not all of them, and perhaps most of them aren't, but Espe and the Canadian guy especially.

Now, for lurkers, as chaotic as the footage looks, if there are real casualties, why did they have to use obvious photoshops to represent at least two "victims" so far? And they aren't the only ones. Oslo also looked chaotic, 9/11 looked really chaotic, but research has shown that in those cases, the victims were faked.


There's a website dedicated to the "victims" of the hoax and who they were:
Here's some really suspicious characters from the bombing. Nearly all of these pictures look fake:
>Lucio Aleman Jr.
33 years old, first "person" listed on the site. That surname is literally the word for "German" in Italian, and he has this suspicious Asian-like hairstyle.
33 year old again, is a negroid with a French name .
>of Yukon
Wait a minute, Richard A. Allen of Yukon? What is he doing in Oklahoma? Yukon is a territory in the northwestern part of Canada, so why would he end up in Oklahoma of all places?
That's a Dutch name and a very uncommon one at that, yet he looks Italian. He's said to have been a mason and a shriner, and was employed in the building as a planner in the GSA. Go figure.
Here's a Kennedy, though it's not specified he's related to JFK, it's probably referring to his family anyways.
Larry L. Turner; Turner seems to be an extremely common family or name referenced in spook ops (the fed informant Hal Turner, the "Turner diaries" which supposedly inspired McVeigh, etc.). Supposedly being a DOD special agent, that just reaffirms that, except for him being a black man.
Carol Louise Bowers, married to Jerry Bowers (think Robert Bowers, who supposedly shot up a synagogue in Pittsburgh), who operated B&B Plumbing in Yukon: again, what was with Yukon and OK City?
So most of these biographies presented in their site are completely laughable at best.


>Lucio Aleman Jr.
Probably supposed to be mestizo. Oklahoma does have a sizeable Latin American-descended population.

As for Yukon...
>Yukon is a city in eastern Canadian County, Oklahoma, United States. It is part of the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area.
I didn't even notice that until I read your post. That makes the Canadian accent guy even stranger.


This is just disgustingly fake:
Blue bug-eyes, big lips for a baby that even look shopped in, and weird negroid looking features, is named "Jaci Rae Coyne" which seems to be a mostly nonsensical name introduced after the 90s (Coyne = cryptic form of Cohen?). It states here that she "liked to have her picture taken" despite the fact that this picture is clearly fake and she doesn't really look like she was liking it if it was real.


guys, can you quit for now? you've been at it all day. there's plenty of threads in pol, and on other boards.


And who are you supposed to be?


Should the same thread just be reposted, just as a specific fake events thread (or spookery thread)? This thread's clearly gotten derailed now.


Yeah, sure, I'm doing something else right now and I got caught up in my OKC search, so either I can make the thread later or you can make it now if you want.


dont repost the thread. fake events thread sounds better.


Sorry for not giving an update on OKC sooner, I'm busy with other stuff in my life at the moment. In my quest to find the Brian Espe video, I came across a clip of a crisis actor named "Shon Simpson" who clearly if faking a head injury.
At the 7:37 mark, we see "Shon Simpson" being interviewed by CNN as an "eye witness" to the explosion. My question is, since this interview is taking place at night time and the blast occurred at 9:02 in the morning, why does "Shon" still have dried blood on his forehead? Why not wipe it away? If those are wounds and not dried blood blotches, then why hasn't he received any bandages for his "head injury"?

Also he looks like a B-or-less-level Jewlywood actor with those weird oogly eyes.


Same video as above (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jjj5hT6d-Wk) though not in as high of a quality as another version I saw.

At 24:48 begins the Espe clip. Notice the way the woman holding Espe's right arm says "you went under a desk right?" to which Espe says "huh?" and then she says "you went under a table?" with a certain intonation and head jesture, to which Espe responds with his lines of agreement.


File: TimothyMcVeighPerryOKApr21….jpg (177.37 KB, 496x439, 496:439, 1591798864108.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here's another fake image, from just a day after the initial demolition of the building. Nearly everybody in the image seems to be superimposed over McVeigh.


File: mcveigh mugshot.jpg (76.21 KB, 650x1000, 13:20, 1591811206862.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

That comes from a supposedly live video of McVeigh being led out of the courthouse, being booed by crowds of people we never see.
Here's the Associated Press's video of the procedure:
I don't really know how good CGI was at the time, if they could have feasibly faked the whole scene like with 21st century psyops.

I will say that McVeigh's mugshot looks fake, something about his arms and neck, and that little bit of white at the beginning of his hairline next to his right eyebrow (technically his left eyebrow, but right from our perspective). And I don't know why, but there are different coloration/saturation photos of the same mugshot when I did a web search, some where McVeigh is more red, others with a more 'cream' complexion, and others where the background is darker or lighter. That's also a pretty primitive looking height chart for 1995, you'd think by that point even rural police departments would've adopted the same standardized white board with black lines and helvetica font numbers since they receive federal funding.

Have you also heard the theory that Timothy McVeigh became Eminem? Could just be a red herring, but they do look similar, though that's entering DallasGoldbug territory.


>I don't really know how good CGI was at the time, if they could have feasibly faked the whole scene like with 21st century psyops.
Maybe the video wasn't fake (aside from it being of a show and not of a real criminal McVeigh being escorted by the police whilst crowds boo him), but that the photos in-reality are stage and don't match the actual video. It's been done before with the JFK assassination (shot by the jewish 33rd degree mason, Abraham Zapruder), with the footage not matching the images, so the same thing's probably going on here with McVeigh.
>Have you also heard the theory that Timothy McVeigh became Eminem? Could just be a red herring, but they do look similar, though that's entering DallasGoldbug territory.
I never heard of that, since I never really got much into OKC theories, mostly just basic evidence that it was faked and then I moved on. It seems like a red herring to me, since Eminem does have different facial features, specifically ears, different jawline, and different cheekbones; plus, the idea that "everyone in the media is an actor playing someone else" seems to have been a failed dis-info campaign that was abandoned a few years ago, perhaps the red herring could've been a part of that. Speaking of McVeigh's character, not only does his name and character resemble "Thomas McVey" from "the Final Jihad", but there was a "Timothy R. McVeigh", a homosexual serviceman in the navy who won a lawsuit against the jewish secretary of defense regarding the "don't ask don't tell" policy for homosexuality in the military, after he came out as a faggot on his AOL account. It was called "McVeigh v. Cohen", Cohen being the name of the jewish secretary of defense.
Identical names, ..nearly identical professions (just that J. McVeigh was ground infantry while R. was in the navy), similar joining dates for the military ("around 1980", and May of 1988), and besides, nobody knows what the "R" stands for. Did R. McVeigh even exist? It's probable either both are based on Thomas McVey, or that J. McVeigh is the same person and is a real-named homosexual spook, and after the OKC hoax, simply retired.


*note, I'm not denying fake characters being played by actors, it's just that theories like JFK becoming Carter or other stuff along that line, seem to be extremities either pushed as a red herring, or simply pushed to ridicule and thus discredit legitimate investigations on these fake events by association.


>It's probable either both are based on Thomas McVey, or that J. McVeigh is the same person
Or of course, that McVeigh was a fake identity, and that Keating already knew of the McVeigh event in advance, so he simply edited the name, which is totally possible seeing the entire theme of that novel, and it "predicting" other fake events.


File: Timothy R. McVeigh.jpg (19.08 KB, 200x287, 200:287, 1591827951191.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I think the Timothy R. McVeigh shenanigan was done to subliminally associate "far right extremism" with homosexuality.
Here's "TRM's" photo, so he and "TJM" can't be the same person.
Hey, any other lurkers, maybe 22chan team, care to share your thoughts on the OKC incident and other suspicious events?
(It's kinda weird how we're the only ones talking about this and activity on this board dropped significantly since the topics were made... hmm...)


>It's kinda weird how we're the only ones talking about this and activity on this board dropped significantly since the topics were made... hmm...)
Hasn't that been a theme? Aside from extremely active shill-infested boards (4, 8, 16, End, JW), these threads hardly gather any activity and replies.


I thought the board was more active before we came and then it just dropped. The only other active thread is the daily news thread.
Maybe I overreacted, but the quietness was giving me a sense of foreboding about this place.


It seems that this board is declined in-general the past few months, considering on both the first and second page there were entire threads from April with only a few replies (though they seem to have died for good reasons, seeing as they were either extremely low-quality often only being links with an awful meme, or blatant hasbara, either being the type of anti-white/pro-black/homosexual sentiment found in websites like 4chan, or threads promoting the Zionist lapdogs Orban and Bolsonaro).


We are all still around, just lurking. I've had a huge amount of work to do so /mmc/ stuff was cancelled, but it should be up and running in a week or so.
22chan relies on new threads rather than just new posts, so explore new possible thread ideas if you guys want to contribute more to the activity of 22.


Not to mention that both Orban and Bolsonaro are likely part-jewish. For Bolsonaro, it isn't even just his extreme Zionism, paralleled by Trump's; isn't it odd that "Jair" is not only a Hebrew name, but an extremely obscure one at that, even shared by Yair Netanyahu? And "Jair Messias Bolsonaro"? Messias as in messiah? Couldn't it at least be masked as "Christos" if not wanting to come off as a Sephardic jew? He was even taken to the "Albert Einstein Israelite Hospital" after he was allegedly stabbed (was that faked? his son, Flavio Bolsonaro even initially claimed that the injury was superficial which points to it being another hoax to bolster his support).
By the way, for some reason, Bolsonaro loves to reference anime, which is a huge thing in Brazil; does this parallel with how smaller jewish shills try to associate pro-whites with anime online?


It would be really nice if multiple image uploads were allowed at least for /pol/.
I would have liked to make some screenshots, but in lieu of that, I'll just post time marks.

The video below purports to show a home video of the inside of the Murrah building months before the bombing. We see footage of some of the people said to have later died in the attack.
@ 1:50 we learn that the video was not allowed to be used in court as evidence against Timothy McVeigh (not like there was a real trial to begin with). The video plays shortly after that.
Now, some of the people in the footage seem to match up with their memorial photos, such as Claudine Ritter at 2:25 (and who looks like a dude in drag in the memorial photo at 2:30).
@ 3:56 "and Frankie's just dying over here" ... har har har. "Frankie Merrell" what kind of woman is named Frankie? That wasn't a nickname, that was her actual legal first name apparently.
@5:12 what the hell was Florence doing with those two half naked brown "studs"? Florence Rogers survived, by the way.
I find it odd and telling that this video was only released to the public a few days before the 25th anniversary of the bombing.
A bunch of the memorial photos (mainly of the younger women said to have died) shown in the video have a jewy/holowood vibe to them, like the three women shown at 3:33, especially Robbin Huff at 3:38 who looks like a jewish lesbian (she apparently was pregnant and already named her unborn daughter https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/38573043/robbin-ann-huff).


There seems to have been quite a bit of talk about numerology in this thread which caught my interest. If certain numbers have been used in jew psyops or other false-flag operations, wouldn't (((they))) intentionally avoid making any sort of recognizable patterns?


>If certain numbers have been used in jew psyops or other false-flag operations, wouldn't (((they))) intentionally avoid making any sort of recognizable patterns?
I asked that question before as well, but they seem at least to be markers of sorts with their hidden meanings, not for the average "prole" but for the spooks themselves. Most common gentiles wouldn't recognise more complex numerology (aside from a blatant 666 and maybe 33), and many people that openly do recognise it are spooks consensus-cracking (typically by inserting some nonsensical angle to it), or are often completely demoralised and are prepared to be murdered once real mass-killing attempts begin.


timOthY mcVEIGH
Coincidence (even if he's an agent with a pseudonym) or more jewish word games?
And what about Thomas McVey, there the 'vey' even has the yiddish spelling!


What's the point to signaling like this? Why don't they all just get in on a skype call?


File: 50591440.png (260.42 KB, 424x508, 106:127, 1599338287982.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


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