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I've noticed recently that even among normal faux-nationalist circles (namely posters on 4/8chan as well as mainstream websites like Twitter), figures like Richard Spencer and co. are now openly admitted to be enemy agents. Of course, other known spook outlets have went after him as a spook as well (namely "renegade tribune"), but I have hardly seen any non-judeoleftist actually fall for the Spencer op in recent months. However, this seems to be intentional, as another meta-psyop. Why? Because the term "fed" or "fedposter" is used to describe these types of people, obviously referring to the American FBI, or law enforcement, essentially meaning that people like Spencer are simply informants trying to bait nationalists to expressing extreme views so that they can be arrested. This is likely intentional psychological manipulation to drive away attention from intelligence agencies and their real goal with faux-nationalists to begin with, and to legitimise other faux-nationalists as a persecuted group.
Don't get me wrong, feds are enemies, but although they're technically working for an alphabet agency, they're still low-tier ZOGbots, many of them not even aware of the full picture, and by directing intention towards law-enforcement agencies instead of intelligence agencies, genuine nationalists are going to be dissuaded by even the thought that these faux-nationalist figures are part of black-ops to blackwash real nationalists, since it gives the implication that Richard Spencer is just infiltrating a legitimate, organic white nationalist movement and then turning it into a honeypot, and not already operating off spook-owned think-tanks, which Spencer was (see his involvement in the "American Conservative" and "Taki's Magazine"). Often, suspicions of people being "feds" come from spook-owned outlets. Telegram is a known spyware chat-service ridden with these types of outlets, often openly spied on (or perhaps owned) by the ADL:
>Some Telegram channel administrators appear to recognize the inflammatory and racist nature of the content they are hosting and seem to have accepted the possibility that law enforcement is monitoring these channels. These administrators attempt to undermine gravity or intent with disclaimers of sorts. For example, the description for the Holocaust II channel reads, A sequel based on the original folk tale. These are jokes and memes, you kike puppet fed retards. The GAS | ME | DADDY channel description offers this greeting: HELLO SPLC, IM BACK!! (NOTE FOR FEDS: All rhetoric expressed on this channel is purely harmless rhetoric, and should not be interpreted as amounting to any kind of threat.) And on the RapeWaffen Division channel, where posters advocate for violent rape, the description reads Rape War Soon! Prepare! Note for feds: Complete satire. HAIL METH 1690 HAIL RAPE 1589HAIL CRACK 1230 HAIL AIDS 1776.
Filled with "notes for feds" are they? No "notes for Mossad", or notes for any other intel group, it's all fearmongering over law enforcement coming to get them, which if they aren't genuine, they won't and aren't because they operate above the law.
During the supposed Poway synagogue event (admittedly nearly nobody died except the rabbi, footage only came out months after the event supposedly happened, plus John Earnest was probably a phantom based on a previous spook in the same area, named "John Friend"), the FBI was openly in on posting stuff on 8/pol/, and even revealed that. In their printed documents of an 8chan thread, there's a (you) showing that whoever printed that out posted positively about Earnest in that thread, and also posted several other things, accusing him of being Russian intel, having ties to the "Tarrant's lads" group (another one of those controlled Telegram groups, which doesn't even make sense since it's Ukrainian), among other things such as posting cancerous memes (e.g. "Kek" and the "Honk Honk" gibberish). It's probable that that wasn't just a mistake, and it was intentional, simply to both legitimise the Earnest shooting (by having an actual FBI operative try to discredit it) and to make it look like feds were infiltrating 8chan, ignoring that its moderation were openly spooks, and that they were allowing the legitimisation of Tarrant and John Earnest.
There's also the term "glownigger". It has its roots in the statement "CIAniggers glow in the dark", by Terry Davis, the author of TempleOS and an extremely weird character himself. He has been alleged to have been an actor faking schizophrenia, and has done extremely disgusting stuff before, including masturbating live on camera. Despite being around well before then, specifically around 2013, he was propagated on /g/ just a year or two before his supposed death. Ever since then, "glowing" has become a word used by shills not to describe intel agencies manipulating dissidents, but to describe feds trying to "infiltrate" these already fraudulent movements.


Of course, I'm not implying that intel agencies always refrain from accusing themselves to cover things up; of course, that frequently occurs. However, that occurs mostly among typical disinformation rabbitholes, that end up looking ridiculous to any normal person. From a rational perspective, being a spook, and accusing intel agencies of trying to engage in psychological warfare against anti-jewish dissidents, especially Israeli spooks is counter-productive when dealing with any genuine nationalists that may actually expose them, which includes making fake terror threats. It's safer to make Mossad involvement in faux-nationalist circles seem as fictional as possible than to give it a moniker of truth, and since western intel works with them, it's better to keep them out of it too, typically under the accusation that they're only operating on foreign soil, or the accusation that it's really just the FBI and NSA that operate online (the latter mostly involved in technical spyware and not actual black-ops): because of this idea, and also the facts that law-enforcement is far bigger than intel especially on their core soil and is far less knowledgeable, it's far safer for anti-white spooks to simply make them the de-facto boogeyman in faux nationalist circles.


i remember that thread, people called the fed out for being a nigger. he misused alot of lingo like the 4cuck clownworld thing.


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Keep digging, anon. We'll hit bottom someday, but for now it always seems to be deeper than we think. Never forget, it's all connected. Every ephemeral link, ever tenuous ghostly strand of a hint. It all goes somewhere. There are no red herrings.


A minor correction:
>During the supposed Poway synagogue event (admittedly nearly nobody died except the rabbi
It was actually some jewess member of the congregation who was supposedly shot to death trying to protect the rabbi, the rabbi was just supposedly injured in the hand. Of course I don't believe anyone was killed or injured in the event.

Regarding the 8chan fedposter:
>It's probable that that wasn't just a mistake, and it was intentional
I had that thought too. The (You) is glaringly obvious to even a novice poster, and all they'd have to do to get rid of it is clear their cookies or just use a different computer or even browser on the same computer.
I think it also serves as a double purpose to make agents look much more incompetent than they actually are.


>I think it also serves as a double purpose to make agents look much more incompetent than they actually are.
yeah. but what's the exact perpose of doing that? i guess it would spook anyone from going to smaller altchans because they would think its a honeypot, or make the person think that they aren't a threat.


In my opinion, it's probably to lure users into a false sense of security by tricking them into thinking that the feds are sloppy, or that they aren't the ones running boards like 8chan, 4chan, and the rest in the first place.


i've mentioned the fed topic on 4chan before and i kept getting called a shill or a schizo. same thing with niggers doing disc raids on 4cuck, its like no one cares.


That's because 4chan is 99% shills and bots at this point.


It's also probably used to legitimise fake events: notice how the fed on that 8/pol/ thread (8f4812) accuses several posters of being Earnest (of course, not questioning whether Earnest as he supposedly was even really existed, which is by the way an incredibly generic WASP name), accusing it of being a Russian intel op, etc. When a fed pushes all these narratives for a fictional event (none of which really imply it's a complete fabrication), people are inclined to not question the event at all and just go back to believing the official narrative; similar to how there were all these opposing narratives for the Christchurch event, or any previous shooting.
Speaking of Tarrant, his shooting is another example of this: you had posters that claimed it was fake and a "sloppy job", and then people artificially refuting it, ignoring the fact that actual fake terrorist drills have been conducted in public areas and that in a closed area like the mosque, it would've easily have been possible to stage a shooting, or that the mosque was an Al-Qaeda and thus a Mossad front in the first place (typically hiding this in plain sight by saying Tarrant was a hero for shooting it up). If it were a "sloppy job" as they say, then it's another example of agents baiting them into underestimating their competency.


Some more interesting information also relating to the supposed Earnest event, in the manifesto attributed to this figure:
>To my brothers in blood. Make sure that my sacrifice was not in vain. Spread this letter, make memes, shitpost, FIGHT BACK, REMEMBER ROBERT BOWERS, REMEMBER BRENTON TARRANT, filter the religious D&C, and filter the schizos who will inevitably call this a false flag. Something to note, people grossly overestimate the polices ability to solve crimes such as arson and murder. Lots of threads about Feds are talking to me guys because I post on 8ch, its so spooky are organically popping up. What a load of shit meant to try to scare the goyim and prevent retaliation. I scorched a mosque in Escondido with gasoline a week after Brenton Tarrants sacrifice and they never found shit on me (I didnt realize sandniggers were sleeping inside thoughthey woke up and put out the fire pretty much immediately after I drove away which was unfortunate. Also they didnt report the message I spray-painted on the parking lot. I wrote For Brenton Tarrant -t. /pol/). It is so easy to log on to Minecraft and get away with burning a synagogue (or mosque) to the ground if youre smart about it.
This should raise some clues to what buzzwords actual intel operatives do post on imageboards ("schizo", "on Minecraft" etc.), but something also interesting is that he says that "feds monitoring 8chan" is scaremongering and that they're incompetent. What happened the same day? An actual fed happens to monitor 8chan, and is shown to be "incompetent" at a first glance a few months later. Now, doesn't that confirm all these suspicions?


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Speaking of 4chan, specifically its /pol/ board, there was a thread yesterday where an German fed in "extremist" communities created a thread, admitting he's a fed, and wanting questions.
Think of how ridiculous the story is: an informant in "right-wing extremist" groups, goes to /pol/ and ask questions, and supposedly "sympathises" with the people there; either most people posting in that thread are so stupid that they don't realise he's either datamining in plain sight and can't realise that if these groups were legitimate, he'd be considered a double agent because of how much traffic 4chan/pol/ gets, or are bots and shills doing his dirty work. He sympathises with these extremist groups because these groups are government-run, not because he's genuinely fine with their views.
The group he's talking about by the way, or at least the one he posted images of is called "Der Dritte Weg", its supposed leader being a former NPD man, Klaus Armstroff (pictured here along with "Dorthe Armstroff"). It admittedly has ties to Ukrainian "neo-nazis", Hezbollah, and the Assad regime in Syria, meaning that they're cryptically aligned with Russia/Israel, as the Assad family was put into power by the Israelis as a double agent, and they're protected by Putin today, who is of course the third biggest Zionist in world politics today, the first and second being Netanyahu himself and Trump. That's an enigma in itself: Armstroff is allied with Ukrainian nationalists, but is also allied with Assad, who is himself protected by Putin? They also have ties to the "Nordic Resistance Movement" in Sweden, also trained by Russia (by the way, they're a registered party in the Swedish parliament, which is unseen by any other so-called "right wing extremist" party, even the known fake ones), and the "National Socialist Focus" in Turkey (you have to laugh). Thus, like the NPD it seems to wholly be controlled opposition; similar things exist for the British "neo-nazi extremists" National Action, itself tied to C18 (although it's British, it's tied to the "assassination" of Walter Lbcke by Stephan Ernst in Germany, which makes that event suspicious too), and CasaPound in Italy, the least phantom-like of the groups, and un-coincidentally also pro-Israel and pro-LGBT, while also claiming to be fascist.


some possibilities:
>fed made thread for ???reasons???
>kid made thread for attention and larp
>/pol/ack made thread to reinforce the omnipresent nature of feds within the collective consciousness
>shill made thread to divide extremists and set troublesome conspiracy theorists on a roundabout
>fed made thread to shell out false info, sow doubt, and muddy the water
note how he just says "i'm from da government." He doesn't indicate which government or attempt to provide any form of credentials. Think about the risk a fed would be taking in making this thread. Look at how intentionally abrasive and inflammatory he is. In any case, only a fool would take this as fact. Before you can separate truths from lies, you have to sift out all the bullshit.


If not just datamining (as I suggested), it could also be a fed or specifically an intel agent operating off a meta-narrative and thus masking any true identity he'd have by being so carefree in calling himself a federal informant.
>doesn't indicate which government
I assume he's referring to Germany as it's a federal republic; their intelligence agency and law enforcement both operate on a federal level, thus whoever he was, he probably thought he was being smart both by being vague and specifically calling himself a fed informant. Either way, not only is the whole story ridiculously stupid, but the people posting there are stupid as well, and if they were real people, they can't discern what the actual thread is even supposed to be for, showing the psychological damage done to people there, or that it's filled with shills and bots bumping this awful thread. There's clearly a bunch of disinformation flowing regarding what feds post on /pol/ boards and among public faux-nationalist groups in general, and what their greater role is.


Also: the fact that he's specifically referring to "German" "extremist groups" like Dritte Weg and the NPD, unless non-BRD German-speaking operatives were also in on it, he had to be referring to the German government whenever he implied "the government".


Upon the recent fake terror threats supposedly targeted against the George Floyd protests originating on spook-run Telegram channels (mentioned here: >>1160), there's now this "boogaloo movement" that seemingly popped up overnight, basically explained as a kosher-libertarian group in the "alt"-media, but in the mainstream media, it's said to tie into imageboards and accelerationism:
Isn't that a hoax? "Boogaloo" is obviously a now long-dead meme that was apparently revived on 4chan a few months ago (probably by spooks), and is now used among spooks and judeo-negrified trash to describe a race-war. This is thus another spook-op. Just as a reminder, the last WN terror hoax supposedly involved one of these telegram groups, with a man named Timothy Wilson, a fake bomb (mirrors the fake suicide vest in the London Bridge hoaxes, or the fake beard and hair in the "Church of Christ" shooting with Keith Kinnunen), and a double-agent supposedly named "Jarret Will-Smith". That event seemed to be a copy+paste from the OKC demolition (two men, one of them a US soldier trying to bomb a government building). This "boogaloo" movement which ties into these spook-run telegram groups is just another spook op. Expect another Tarrant-esque character to pop up if this op isn't abandoned.


Just to add, the reintroduction of "boogaloo" is probably chosen for having its roots in negroid slang, but I have a strong suspicion it's also some jewish homosexual inside joke, now that shills on 4chan are using "booger" to refer to themselves. Of course, it's the same word as boogers or nasal mucus (could the pun here be that it's dirty stuff coming from a jewish nose?) and also puns with "bugger", or faggot (in older British slang and also in French, "bugger" or "bougre" are synonymous with sodomite). "Booger" also appears to be yet another variant of the "-oomer" meme (this was observed with the Ahmaud Arbery case, where "jooger" was shilled for a short time). See this thread on 4/pol/ (the userbase of which is 99% shills and/or bots, as was stated before) for an example of what I'm talking about:
>Greetings fellow "boogers" (ha ha we like to have fun around here)
This "Canadian" poster is probably referring to the obvious "booger"-pun, though it could have that hidden meaning of jewish nasal-mucus, and it likely does have a hidden meaning with "faggot". This is especially true in that they're being compared to the "proud boys", also known as the "proud goys" though even that's a stretch as many of their members are actual racial jews; a typical extreme-Zionist, civic nationalist pro-Trump fraternity with many indicators of homosexual sex within their circles, let alone the fact "proud boys" is an extremely gay name for a group to begin with, which could be a similar inside joke shared with "booger". Although these "boogaloo" groups seem to be a conglomerate of typical kosher libertarians and faux-nationalist/faux-terrorist spooks, they share many similarities with them, especially in their supposed opposition to "Antifa".


Now they're already trying to control the opposition; some posters are admitting that these "boogaloo groups" are fake and will be involved in a false flag, but they combine it with this narrative that it'll be used to shut down 4chan, which it won't. 4chan is already regulated to its extreme and has been for nearly a decade now, and it's too useful for psychological warfare anyways; it will not even face a controlled demolition. Instead the spooks behind a potential op would admittedly distance themselves from imageboards altogether while still using age-old memes (as well as new ones introduced by shills) as part of their lingo; or it could be a bait-and-switch or abandoned op to begin with, with no ("WN") false flag occurring at all.


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Apparently a bunch of fed-infested telegram channels have been deleted:
Is this a controlled demolition to provide some pretext for a "far-right extremist" false flag? Also, notice how the OP admits in the thread that "raping white women is our job". You know that OP's a jew.
Here's the image, all of these chats aside from the "white art realm" are extremely shady and perhaps linked to the ones referenced in the OP. "Joe Turner's channel"? Again with "Turner"? (see "Earl Turner" from William Luther Pierce's novel the Turner diaries, linked to the OK City hoax; at the end of the book he flies a plane into the Pentagon to end WW3 on the 9th of November, or 9/11 in the non-US format, also see Hal Turner, a previous "white nationalist" radio host, known for being raided by /b/ in 2007 and was exposed as a fed around the same time, which is openly admitted on Wikipedia today)


File: back in town.mp4 (6.82 MB, 640x730, 64:73, 1594308546029.mp4) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Let me tell you all a story about one of these possible fed operated territories on the internet. There used to be a place called hdl (i dont want to say the full name because i dont want to attract the glowniggers here), it was a decently large far-right humor forum, in it's design looking like 9fag. It housed redpilled posts, nazi propaganda and gore all mixed in humor. Everything went fine for a couple of years until the recent Tarrant shooting which happened in early 2019, then suddenly posting was locked, the only "people" who were allowed to make any posts were plebbit bots, so the place withered and died. It surprised me how quickly the admins reacted to the shooting, leaving me to wonder whether it was really a cia honeypot. Perhaps the place was deemed far too politically extreme, so they had to pull the plug as fast as possible in fears of some of the users who could imitate Tarrant's actions. Users attempted to find out what happened, but no official answer ever arrived. They continued with trying to organize migration in the comment sections of botposts, but with little success, the posts where conversations started about migration got deleted. A part of the users eventually went to voat which is a knockoff plebbit platform, where they currently just post twitter screenshots of "based" posts, a part went to a private telegram group and I very much suspect that it's if not organized then at least heavily monitored by feds, and the last part went to another independent variation of HDL, EN88. One of the users posted this video with the caption "HDL oldfags entering EN88".
I do not know if this new place is also fed operated, but it probably is already on the radar which is a damn shame.


No, there aren't any feds or glowniggers here. even though accusations have been thrown around several times. feel free to talk about whatever


I meant that about EN88, not 22chan, I'm quite sure this place is obscure enough to be safe.


true, nor is there any posts that could attract feds


>Everything went fine for a couple of years until the recent Tarrant shooting which happened in early 2019, then suddenly posting was locked, the only "people" who were allowed to make any posts were plebbit bots, so the place withered and died. It surprised me how quickly the admins reacted to the shooting, leaving me to wonder whether it was really a cia honeypot. Perhaps the place was deemed far too politically extreme, so they had to pull the plug as fast as possible in fears of some of the users who could imitate Tarrant's actions.
Really? Let alone most "lone-wolf" shootings being fake, Tarrant's "actions" (assuming he's a real peerage spook and not just a fabricated character) amounted to virtually nothing in real-life. The typical reaction in most controlled-op imageboards was to force the entire userbase to praise him as a hero, if not legitimising him in some way, often using the typical mossadi tactic of saying Tarrant was a hero and calling everybody questioning the "attack" a Muslim (which is a known jewish shill tactic and has been for a decade). Didn't HDL (h-iddenlol?) host a lot of Tarrant memes before it collapsed? That sounds awfully similar to Nextchan, which was also taken down right after the Christchurch psy-op. Its BO banned people for questioning it, but kept up bestiality porn, and the site itself is extremely suspicious. Its site is still up:
>Kowal1488 for giving me hosting
This "Kowal1488" character (1488's popularity is itself suspicious, as its origin story lies with the swarthy-looking spook and probable pedophile David Lane) was apparently a regular poster on 8chan's "/coontown/" board (an actual reddit colony) around the same time the Dylann Roof psy-op occurred.
>I'll stop short of saying what he did was good, but Dylann Roof is not our enemy. Apologizing for his actions only empowers and emboldens our enemies, and makes us look weaker.
False dialectic between either denouncing the shooting or praising it, both assuming it even happened. He also posted his manifesto over there.
HDL may have been fed-operated, which could explain its former users organising in some telegram page, but it could've been a completely legitimate site since I don't know so much about it.


File: fuckk.png (39.47 KB, 655x267, 655:267, 1594384390336.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Yep, you've got the place correct. The Tarrant memes held up on the site for a couple of weeks and he was obviously praised there. There also was an instance of a possible spook on the 22chan discord who had a tarrant pfp and said some blatantly retarded and suspicious stuff like "oh boy i hate niggers," thankfully he was banned very quickly, that happened quite a while ago, could have also just been a weak raid attempt.
1488 can be glownigger indicator maybe, but it's also often used by normalfags who are new to the whole ordeal.
Also this is the captcha that I got, thanks twoot.


File: jewusingahmed.png (916.93 KB, 1748x1844, 437:461, 1594389299883.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Seems really suspicious (at least the whole Tarrant-worship); I noticed a lot of people defending Tarrant not only have similar posting styles, but are unique enough to easily be identified themselves, and all have a suspicious amount of free time they can put towards defending a mossadi "lone-wolf shooter", almost as if it's organised. The most prominent one was a "Czech" who used to post on both 4 and 8/pol/ nearly all day everyday in 2019, but has now disappeared:
You can tell that 90% of these posts were made by the same person, though he disappeared completely after the COVID hoax began, he wasn't even on the last time Tarrant was on Tel-Avivision. He and other assorted shills use the same tactics I talked about, calling Tarrant "St. Brenton", telling people to read the manifesto though it offers nothing new, claims he has no problem with Israeli jews (he spins it as 4D chess despite the fact that it was as clear as day that it was a pro-Zionist statement, it's the same tactic pro-Trump shills use), calling people "Ahmed" or accusing them of being Muslims, so on so on.

Now that I think about it, he actually resembles a hasbara bot on 4/pol/ that posted the same image and text (in typical ESL Israeli grammar too) since at least mid-2013 and actually still has posts from as recent as 2 weeks ago, specifically dedicated to derail anti-Israeli discussion with accusations that they're "MIDF" and trying to fool "us aryans", "crusaders", "templars" or whatever group that lets him fit in, see the attached image. This figure actually used a Czech flag:
Here's the most recent post of this figure that I can identify:
Notice how the same image is used but is modified in nearly all instances of this figure posting. This just confirms that all of these buzzwords were initially pushed by Israeli spooks, I suspect initially around the time of the Breivik psy-op, since "Breivik" (or whomever was behind his works, as he was either a frontman or sim; notice how most images used of Breivik when you search him up are computer-generated facial reconstructions) plastered his works with Templar symbolism at that time Israeli spooks were all in on selling it as real, and derided any pro-white who spoke out against it.


Those posts in the pic made me laugh quite a bit, moral of the story: never trust a memeflag.


It actually predated the implementation of geolocations on /pol/, so anyone could've been anything, and this figure was probably using proxies as well. Nevertheless it's easy to tell it apart since it uses the same ESL grammar (complete with buzzwords like "us aryans" etc.) and each post has the same unhealthy obsession with supposed Muslims trying to subvert "neo-nazis" (the fact that the term is used at all says it all).
Every time a new "shooter" or leftist boogeyman appears there's a huge amount of shills trying to astroturf it. The possible sim Breivik as stated before, Zimmerman (Mestizo with a jewish name, Zimmermann with two "n"s is German but Zimmerman is Ashkenazi) with that "can't flimflam the zimzam" meme, Dylann "Storm" Roof (obviously a joke name, not Dylan but "storm" is obviously a reference to the Sturmabteilung, same as in "Stormfront", no real person has that name), and to a lesser extent, Nicholas Cruz (Parkland), Stephen Paddock (Vegas), Nasim Aghdam (the "YouTube shooter" who uncoincidentally "attacked" during passover) perpetrators of the various "ISIS attacks" (Paris 13/11, Nice, Munich, Pulse nightclub), etc.


Alright I'm moving here now.
>there are shills on the pro-white side consensus cracking so that "yellow-fever" can intentionally win out.
A counter tactic would be to combat this by using examples of the problems with jap women, since I haven't really ever seen chinese or any other asian women being "advertised" in such threads, been years since I checked them so some things may have changed.
Posting some videos about the issue about them not wanting to get married in the first place. One problem in both East and West is women having access to almost limitless amount of choices for their partners due to apps like Tinder and such, well japs have whole "game shows" to establish couples where women get in free but men have to pay.
And here's a jewish take on it. (((Bloomberg))) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbrUSgxU_aI
They wish for women to keep pursuing careers, and they are pushing for equality of outcome instead of equality of opportunity, which is the faggot shit that's being done currently in Scandinavia.


Just to give a quick rundown on "shill buzzwords" for any new posters or lurkers, there are a lot of buzzwords and phrases common on 4chan/pol/ endemic to or at least coined by spooks/operatives on imageboards, often used by some legitimate posters but mostly by bots and shills. These include most of the following:
>Why/how/what are/is/did/do(es) 'X' blah blah blah Go back/away, 'X' 'X' detected/spotted/etc For me, it's 'X' How will/can 'X' ever recover? Day of the 'X' when? What did 'X' mean by this? When I say 'X' you say 'X' The eternal 'X' 'X' hate thread Wtf, I'm 'X' now What do about 'X'? Ok, 'X' Based and 'X'pilled Do 'Xs' really people lied, people died Me on the left/right/back/front God I wish that was/were me This, but Ironically/unironically What went wrong? Why is this? Who is to blame? What is their problem? What are your thoughts/opinions? How do you go from this to this? Name/find a flaw How compete? He (Literally) did nothing wrong I don't get it Daily reminder Despite being Cunny Woke Slampig Redpill me on Sweaty Manlet Tranny Janny Simp Poo in loo Smell *breathes in*blocks your path*ting ting* I'm gonna say it Say it with me It's over Le Ypipo Can't meme Oh nonono hahaha REEEEEE NOOOOO Yas queen We wuz kangz Yeah, I'm thinking Umad Chad Stacy Have sex For free In minecraft And that's a good thing Why, yes Brap(hog) Master race Rent free How could you tell? Imagine 6,000,000 virgin with rage Species Built for Pozzed Soi Boi Butthurt And it's beautiful DUDE WEED LMAO Cringe Department Meds POC Hot take Eat bugs kys No u *tips* fedora _oof(s) Wew Mudblood Timelines Clownworld Happening NothingLeafBurger Sneed tbQhwy BBC BWC SJW Protip /ourguy/ Drumpf Consent Gaslighting (((you))) __oomer(s) 1 post by this id BTFO Seethe Cope Dilate Show flag 109 JUST Stunning, brave, powerful fpbp ftfy Being this Christcucks Athiests Pagans t. Chang NPC Schizo Normies Chink Hanz shidskin Coalburner IQ IDs Autist Sperg Roach Smoothbrain Memeflag Globohomo Libtard N-word Mutt Karen Brainlet watermelon addict Ivan Glow Ethnostate plebbit Spic Schlomo Shill Tourist Wagie Neet Thot 'X'Cuck """""racialoids""""" Chimp Now that the dust has settled Really makes you think
Include also unjustified accusations of being a jew, "mudslime", "commie", etc.


It should also be noted that "Eurasian" mixed children are extremely dysgenic.
Thing is, a lot of these people don't seem to be interested in debating anything, so directly confronting them is mostly useless, unless it's to show normal lurkers and posters that they're shills.


But, what if their not shills at all? witchhunting based after say, someone says "dude weed lmao" to make fun of a stoner or say, calling someone a namefag from some other imageboard without exact, and irrefutable proof isn't wise.


I'm not saying everyone using one or more of these buzzwords are shills; in-fact I even stated that they're "often used by some legitimate posters". I'm saying they were very likely introduced by shills and are definitely used in large-numbers by shills, especially if they're extremely provocative while doing so.



>incomprehensible blather
do you not know what paragraphs are or something? i mean really who types like that and thinks this is acceptable? i can't even tell where one thing ends and another begins


you the same guy making all of these walls of text on /pol/ with different proxies or sumthin and also sperging out in the ama thread on /b/?


Proxies aren't allowed


File: 1493973265621.png (15.45 KB, 677x351, 677:351, 1595599670712.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Pic related
If you've been on 4/pol/ for at least a day you probably have seen all of these. Also, wasted dubs.
>Having discussions is sperging, and informative well thought posts are bad
Good point anon, I will now resort to making 2 word random posts everywhere in order to turn this board into yet another low quality [s4s] shitshow knockoff.


so this place has like a dozen illiterates? good going 22chan
not counting myself ofc because im just too lazy to press shift and use punctuation aside from question marks


having a wall of run on text like you did under 9518cb86 is sperging, dear sir


It's not exactly sperging tho, just discussing politics outside of /pol/


again, sperging = wall of run on text, like >>1583 and >>>/b/8572


has this guy been mostly talking to himself itt under different ids? jfl, hyphens where they're not needed, no paragraph spacing like he's going overboard trying to not reddit space, etc.
all the way back to may including op's post
and in other threads


Ah, i see now. so perhaps actually explaining how it coud be shill buzzwords one by one


vs a sort of mashed up compilation like he did seems proper.


There's another guy with a similar ideology. they tend to discuss numerology together useually by themselves. i highly doubt the usage of proxies and vpn since twoot mentioned blocking posters who use them completely.


File: negro.jpg (59.54 KB, 564x482, 282:241, 1595601527679.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>I am better than you not because of any empirical evidence, it's just because I think so, even if I am doing the same exact thing which I'm criticizing, like having a lack of punctuation.
Top stuff. Somewhat reminds me of "I was just pretending to be retarded."
It's a compilation of (((buzzwords))) that are being used on 4 or 8/pol/, the anon reposted it here in order to make the continuation from the conversation in the derailed /b/ thread a bit smoother, and "to give a quick rundown on "shill buzzwords" for any new posters or lurkers."
What is there not to understand? Does the word count itself instill fear in you? Read a book, nigger.
I found a nice little video just for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlKL_EpnSp8
I can agree with this though, maybe the formatting could have been better, but that is it, I still do not know how making such a post is considered "sperging."
I ain't one of the numerology guys, I think that stuff is about as real as voodoo or wishing wells.


I want to add this is a assumption by my part.


My question is, how is janny a political buzzword though, like with the fed from 8chan, its clear he misused "clownworld honk honk" in a very piss poor manner as if he read some script or website like kym beforehand, but how could the retarded slang for the jannitor be used within that context?


That could be about shills deleting their own posts and blaming it on jannies of the respective board. That's my guess but I don't know if it's what 9518cb86 intended.


The spooks (US DoD, feds, CIA, Mossad, MI6, FSB etc.) obviously control Hiroyuki, and the janitors are often government agents. For instance, the janitor of 4/int/ is a vatnik perhaps tied to 2ch.hk and the "internet research agency", perhaps jewish as he has posted under an Israeli flag (especially makes sense, seeing how Russian is one of the most widely-spoken languages in Israel) as well as a Swiss one on the "/balk/" (Balkan general) threads on /int/. He is known to censor anything attacking Putin or exposing jewish influence on Putin and his attack on the ethnic Russian population, that isn't also extremely idiotic. Since his posting patterns are so similar to them, it's likely that he, a literal FSB-backed shill controls /int/. He's also known to post BBC-spam on /pol/, /tv/ and other boards, making him a known enemy.
It's also been speculated that Google controls 4chan, (see the link http://p.4channel.org/, and although Hiroyuki technically owns it, Google could be in complete control especially as its captcha is all over the site). Google-backed spooks are all over even smaller English imageboards, there was even one on julay-world incessantly spamming Hebrew copypastas and cuckold porn.
This idiotic word "janny" seems to be obfuscaing that.


Also, that's a copypasta from 4chan. Admittedly it's somewhat idiotic as it gives no context, but I recognised how it's about shill buzzwords, so I posted it on that /b/ thread.


Are posts being deleted or not going through? If they are, can whoever bumped this thread last time repost his message?


Has anyone noticed how "boomer" and "Karen" have switched sides? Both serve a similar purpose but "boomer" was a faux-nationalist meme common on 4/pol/ now it's a leftist meme. "Karen" used to be a faux-nationalist meme describing liberal feminists, now it's now a leftist meme describing old white women.


File: karenandken.PNG (862.84 KB, 808x532, 202:133, 1596208157234.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Both terms have absolutely become jewish tools, no doubt about it. Karen in particular has degraded in meaning to become "white woman that doesn't fuck black dudes on the daily." Pic very related.


This "nooooo x-inos" meme is more idiocy combined with Soyjak that's being used to disrupt any legitimate discussion.


More often than not, Jews use what the "right" creates against them, because Jews (and leftists) are inherently destructionist, and cannot produce creative goods worth use. "The Right Can't Meme" is a perfect example of this. It is quite literally "The Left Can't Meme" but with "Left" crossed out and "Right" scribbled underneath it.


never going to get over how they've tried to force "trans rights" as a meme. Where's the joke?


File: easy_edit.png (972.63 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1609340795081.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

> Me on the left/right/back/front
>a spook trick
I want newfags to leave



And no one mentions the Jewish liberal billionaire's daughter, Soph?


What does this have to do with fedposting? Also, drop the gay spacing, thanks.

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