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Seriously, this Seibt character looks so freakish and artificial that I actually wonder if this is just some actress (or even actor) wearing a latex mask, purposely made to look ghoulish and creepy.

Hollywood is more than capable of these types of projects, so why wouldn't a blackops government project be?


ever heard of botox?


For a teenager?


yes. and plastic surgery is quite popular for girls as young as 13.


Maybe in South Korea. Otherwise you sound like you're full of shit peddling shitty pilpul.




Or a heavy coat of makeup


who even is she, what's her story?


Alright, maybe I overreacted. She's the German right-wing counterpart to Greta Thunberg (another psyop character), associated with the Israel-backed, pro-LGBT Alternative fr Deutschland political party.

Seibt is supposed to a "climate realist" in contrast to Thunberg's global warming charade. Both Seibt and Thunberg are ugly and unnatural looking, Seibt that much more so.


i wouldnt be supprised if greta's parents is writing the script of shit she's supposed to say. probably the same for the other girl.


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The question now is "why." Whoever is behind this is perfectly capable of getting a normal human to act as a puppet. I see no reason for a mask outside of happenings too comical to be true such as pic related. My money is on synthetic humanoids or cgi. More efficient puppets, you see.


If jewish spooks are sending their own babies to control the opposition, then they can't have them look too jewish. It's admitted Greta Thunberg's paternal bloodline is filled with actors, which naturally means that she's likely following their lead as well, and likely so is Naomi Seibt; of course, assuming that that's the case, and those are their real identities.
Nevertheless, this whole idea that CGI and artificial humanoids are used so much is really pushing it (and generally comes from astroturfed "truthers"); it's just as inefficient as the whole idea that everyone's an actor, or even that everyone actually is operating off their real identity. It's most probable that assets are used in short crisis acts; real people who are logged by some agency to eventually be used by an agent or actor, since it's easier to hide evidence of their real life than it is to just fabricate it as a whole. These types of fake figureheads predate video cameras and thus any use of CGI or the like.


And i'm not saying plastic surgery in a positive light either. mainly its the mothers forcing their daughters for many toxic reasons. america and north korea, is the hotspots for that type of thing while brazil, india and mexico cater surgery for transniggers.

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