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Something that has been troubling me for a while, and a matter that I've reflected upon very deeply, is the morality of bringing another soul into a depraved, hateful, thoroughly jew-run country.

Our countries today are not even the same countries they were fifteen years ago. The level of depravity, insanity, anti-white strife, sexual perversions, and societal cowardice are far higher now than probably ever in recorded history. Some countries are more extreme than the others, and even within countries some regions are more extreme than the others, but when reflecting on the rate of corrosion, no evidence shows that the jewish zeitgeist is going to miss the currently more normal and psychologically healthier areas of the West in the next twenty years.

I'll get to Europe and elsewhere, but first, let's discuss the morality of putting more white children in modern America.

Let's say you grew up in California. Contrary to what kosher conservatives say, (white) Californians overwhelmingly voted in favor of anti-illegal immigration and anti-affirmative action measures when they were on the ballot up until the 2000s. But because the Sanhedrin-style court system constantly overturned such measures even when passed by popular vote, such actions to stem the rising tide of mud and were never able to take place. Because California has become so rundown with the highest cost of living and taxation in the country, the white working class leaves in droves throughout the late 1980s to the early 2010s rather than actually standing up for themselves and fighting back somehow. All of the jews and their brown techie golem moving into the San Francisco Bay Area and all of the illegal immigration in southern California that is never taken care of further pushes state politics into Menshevism. You stick around because you feel that running away like the rest would be a cowardly move, but eventually the cost of living and lack of well-paying jobs that aren't tech bullshit eats into your wallet and you eventually do move away, somewhere to the Midwest, thinking you're in a white safe haven for the time being. Until you notice that the farms are all employing mestizos, Somalis, and other nonwhites, and the small white towns without the factory farms are mostly made up of the elderly and unemployed, and even there the Department of Housing and Urban Development is sending ghetto niggers and Somali "refugees" to mutt up. Like in California, the white Midwesterners just don't do anything.

Texas, once the flagship state of conservatism (and yes, that includes servility to Israel), is basically another California in the making. It already is majority nonwhite and it has moved significantly to the left in the past ten years. White Texans aren't doing anything aside from moving away with jews and their brown golem taking their place, like California (Austin in particular has become a very jewish city, currently with a jewish mayor and many israeli tech branches). Similar stories exist for Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Oklahoma, Nevada, and so on.

Anti-white laws and corporate policies are much more prevalent than ever before, with a one-sided judicial system. Most white Americans don't care about the hypocrisy or even support it. A significant portion of "white" Americans have substantial jewish ancestry, and this is something that goes back even to the 18th century in some cases. The US has the largest jewish population on the planet, when taking mixed jews into account (by some estimates the US has over 20 million jews and jew-mixes). Socially speaking, the US leads the West in LGBT degeneracy and anti-white sentiment. There are majority nonwhite nations that are nowhere near as anti-white as the US is today. Vaccinations are increasingly mandatory for even positions of employment. And look at how vaccines are being increasingly rushed, like the one for this COVID-19 psyop. And the schools? No need to even explain that one. And let's not get into the diet, with all the genetically modified foods and microplastics in drinking water.

So why then would you subject a newborn child to grow up in a psychologically hellish landscape?? The calm, quiet Midwest isn't going to be that way forever. And what about those who stay in the metro areas so they have a steady income? A white child born today who isn't a golem and can think critically and see through bullshit will not have a happy life. He or she will grow up in an increasingly nonwhite and tyrannical society, with levels of normalized depravity that would be shocking even to us now.

So, back to my question. Is it moral to bring forth a soul into such a corrosive culture?



As for Europe, there are countries that are currently far saner than others, like Poland (though still jew-run) is much more psychologically healthy than the United Kingdom. The UK has even less land to run away to, and the vast majority of Brits don't seem to care that their nation is now around a quarter racially alien. Similar pusillanimous attitudes can be reported in Scandinavia, Germany, France, and especially the Netherlands. But, aside from the Netherlands where the men are keen on mixing with Indonesians, there does seem to be more of a push back in these countries than in the UK or the US. The German state of Saxony has the highest birth rate of all German states and the only one above replacement level, the main contribution to the birth rate being native Germans. France is pretty effeminate, but they are also more likely to engage in protests, though so far nothing against anti-white laws or immigration. Scandinavia has more problems and less visible resistance (at least the kind that gets the attention of foreigners), but for all of its faults, it still isn't quite as bad as the UK (though Sweden's anti-home school and vaccination laws are worrisome).

Nevertheless, with current trends and a lack of meaningful backlash, places like Saxony, rural France, and Eastern Europe could just as well face the same fate most of Western Europe is facing now.
Australia and New Zealand have their problems, South Africa should be considered extreme child abuse to raise a white child there, Brazil is a jew-run mutt nation but socially they're not as bad as the US. Canada is the United States of 15 years ago. Argentina might be a little more hopeful, though Buenos Aires has the second largest jewish population of cities in the Americas, only surpassed by New York City (and Los Angeles would be third).

So what are your opinions on having a child in the various Western countries in the world? For me, I honestly can't support raising a child in the United States, this country is so very lost. All because nobody fought back in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. On the other hand, that would just be handing them over a huge chunk of the earth's land, and is that a better outcome? Though one could say they already control in and the non-jewish residents are merely serfs.
I can see having children in Eastern Europe, maybe even eastern Germany. Australia might be okay. The UK and France I have grave concerns for. I would need others' feedback concerning Scandinavia, Australia, South America, etc.

There are various theoretical reasons for why we should continue on regardless, mainly continuing the race (even though most whites are now, let's face it, not great to quite shit, and the younger you go, the worse it gets), ensuring this planet doesn't become a jewish techno-tyrannical hellscape, some might even say reincarnation for specific souls. If you have your reasons, I'd love to hear them.


>have white children
>raise them well
Don't just give up, that's exactly what they want. Despair, fear, anxiety. These are the tools of the oppressors. They don't want you to have kids, what you are feeling now is precisely what they want you to feel. Fuck the brand of ethics you're currently using, that's not a concern for them so why should it be a concern for us? Birthing a child into a hellscape isn't child abuse. It's throwing a beacon into the future, letting us last just a generation longer. Fight now, invest in your children so they can do the same. That's how it's always been, and it's the case more now than ever.


I didn't write off having children completely, just pondered the ethical concerns for certain countries.
>Fuck the brand of ethics you're currently using, that's not a concern for them so why should it be a concern for us?
It's not a concern for them because they're the ones calling the shots.
>Birthing a child into a hellscape isn't child abuse. It's throwing a beacon into the future, letting us last just a generation longer.
And who will make sure that Afrikaners don't share the same fate as the French did in Saint-Domingue? Do you even know the levels of torture that the blacks have subjected whites to post-Apartheid (and even during Apartheid), including to small white children? Other whites aren't helping Afrikaners out, and another issue is Afrikaners' stubbornness in accepting outside help.

Anyway, some questions:
Considering the poisonous diet, radiating technology, and forced vaccinations Westerners have been subjected to for the past several decades, and with the explosion in autism and other mental cases, how would you even make sure your offspring don't come out defective? How would you even know if your own reproductive system, or that of your partner's, hasn't been permanently damaged by the modern poisons? And if your child did end up being defective, whether autism or something else, how would you raise it and would you still reproduce after that?

How would you ensure a proper diet and proper, uncontaminated water for your children?

Even with a stable child, how would you raise a child in places like London, Paris, Amsterdam, Toronto, Chicago, etc.? Would you run away from the cities your ancestors built, especially historic European ones? A number of posters on /pol/ boards say they were born and raised in cities, and that they've changed for the worse in the 30 whatever years they've been alive. How would you ensure your child stays safe from overgrown shitskins looking to attack someone far younger than them? Home schooling isn't allowed in places like Germany and Sweden. Many of these cities are filled with jews, who are obviously much more subversive, both physically and psychologically, than the shitskins.

Perhaps in these cases a tactical retreat is in order.

At minimum I would keep children away from television and computers, including handheld devices. There's so much nefarious subliminal content these days.


>Is it moral to bring forth a soul into such a corrosive culture?
You miss all the shots you don't take. Not having any offspring means giving up completely.
In Europe, especially in the east and south-east you'll find that ethnic tensions to be more dominant than worries about race, since there's not any watermellys over there in the first place.
All in all, globalization is the main problem, which generally comes from contact between countries, obviously.
>And who will make sure that Afrikaners don't share the same fate as the French did in Saint-Domingue?
There are no guarantees in this life, anon, all you can do is fight on.
I hope you know there's various kinds of autism on the spectre, in most cases it means being shitty at conversations while being efficient in some other way. Don't give in too much into the "vaccines maek peeple autismos".
Taking away computers or just internet in general would cut off the line to connection, meaning cutting off a strong globalization, which makes sense, however in a world where almost everyone has access to internet, it would mean putting your children in a disatvantage.
>home schooling
Are you really so sure of your skills that you are able to teach the amount of knowledge necessary for your child to be more than just a manual-laborer in his life?


Having white children in a peaceful environment in the west (specifically Europe in this case, both west and east) may be practically impossible (especially for the governments that enforce vaccines and ban homeschooling), but theoretically if you homeschool them, having more children would mean more people on your side and if raised with a well-disciplined extended family, they could resist jewish intrigue. In-fact, this is especially true as white leftists (and jews) either marry late or are homosexuals and thus don't have children at all, meaning that the only opponents when it comes to birthrates are non-white immigrants.
Thus, I find the primary problem (aside from straight-out government intervention in raising children) to be the land in which they're raised in. Cities are typically either infested with anti-white homosexuals, judeo-negrified trash, or are flat-out infested with non-whites already, often ones even masquerading as whites (especially true for Russia and their Muslim migrants), thus they're typically no-go zones. Thus you're left with small towns or off-grid living. For the former, governments are either in the same homosexual landscape that Germany faces or the koshervative one that Russian oligarchs follow, and are likely to curb any autonomy there soon enough (forcing vaccines, etc.).
Off-grid living seems to be a good option, though it has a problem in that it leaves a low-degree of socialisation, especially since many off-grid pioneers tend to keep to themselves, and if it's in somewhere like Sweden, the land probably won't be arable enough to live off of. Perhaps southern Scandinavia (incl. smaller parts of Denmark) could be good, mostly in towns outside of the deprived migrant-infested cities like Malmö and Helsingborg, considering it's arable. In-fact, people from Malmö are probably more likely to be pro-white than northern Swedes, considering that their cities have been damaged so much by migrants and modern Swedish policies; it's just that Sweden forbids homeschooling, which makes raising children a no-go there.


File: zionistnorthernireland.jpg (17.04 KB, 395x400, 79:80, 1589749660730.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>As for Europe, there are countries that are currently far saner than others, like Poland (though still jew-run) is much more psychologically healthy than the United Kingdom
Speaking of that, where does Ireland fit in (a question for any Irish people that might lurk here)? I've met many good people from the southern part of Ireland, and it seems to be far more ethnically homogeneous compared to the UK. (over 80% ethnically Irish with most minorities being from Eastern Europe, though some may be crypto-jews/mongrels, and there are minorities of South Asians, Africans, and Chinamen). However, it seems to be heavily affected by homosexual/anti-white propaganda. Its former head of government (from 2017-2020), Leo Varadkar is half-Indian and is an open homosexual. Then there's Northern Ireland, which may be more "conservative" and even less anti-white, many laws there even not being found in the rest of the UK, but like Texas in the USA or South Africa during Apartheid, that includes being far more philosemitic. Like South Africa, not only do many thank Israel for "supporting" them during the troubles, apparently many Ulster loyalists even subscribe to British Israelism, the historically false idea that the people of the British Isles (or in some cases, Europe as a whole) are really Israelites (also the founding theory behind "Christian identity", which is a known spook front).


>Its former head of government (from 2017-2020), Leo Varadkar is half-Indian and is an open homosexual.
The fact that the Irish allowed themselves to get to that level, does it show that most of them are simply unsalvageable? Could the same be said of other debased European countries? Where is the cutoff point?

And South Africans are too busy hiring black workers to do trivial tasks like washing dishes and doing the laundry. Seriously, there are South Africans on 4cuck who are like 'really? you guys don't have blacks do menial tasks for you for like ten cents a day?'. You can look up the black maid/servant issue on other resources. Saffers aren't serious at all about preserving a white community. Too many of them are plagued with Calvinist nuttery as well (that's kind of the root of their ethnogenesis).


The irish as a people are a funny lot. Always ready to shoulder a burden, no misgivings about being low on the social ladder, strong tribal instinct, appreciation for the fine things in life, I think they'll survive and outlast most anything short of outright genocide. They really aren't much like other white people.


>The fact that the Irish allowed themselves to get to that level, does it show that most of them are simply unsalvageable? Could the same be said of other debased European countries? Where is the cutoff point?
I don't think that any European country is completely unsalvageable, especially the ones where bad living standards are only kept in place by favoured immigration and anti-white quasi-authoritarian governments (specifically Sweden and Russia, and to an extent, Germany and the UK albeit the differing opinions in both and the extreme indoctrination of the former country, far-more than any other). The problem is, a lot of damage has already been done, meaning that having children is indeed harder in the mentioned countries if they have to live in deprived population centres. In the case of Ireland, homeschooling is actually completely legal which at least makes it easier to raise children in than it is in Germany or Sweden. It's also legal in the UK, though its byzantine system of enforcing anti-white/pro-degenerate legislation (specifically in England/Scotland?) also makes it harder to live in the UK than it is in mainland Europe.
In the case of South Africa, the destruction of its white community is different than what many foreigners think; I learnt this quite a while ago from white South Africans outside of the internet. After (and during) apartheid, many white South Africans, both British and Boer simply left for Australia, Canada, and to a lesser extent, Europe and the USA, leaving mostly stubborn farmers and pro-ANC traitors. The white South African population is incredibly small anyways, and that's because its colonisation wasn't actually favoured (most of the inland parts of South Africa were founded by white pioneers leaving the coast, not even by the Dutch or British governments, which actively did try to colonise North America and Australia on the other hand). There's simply not going to be a mass-European exodus like there was with South Africa, since Europe has a far higher population; the fact that the mass-influx of migrants into western Europe comes chiefly from Turkey, the former French colonies in Africa, Nigeria and South/SE Asia (esp. the Indian subcontinent in Britain's case, and Indonesia in the Netherlands' case), all regions with incredibly high populations does give an illusion that it isn't the case. Compared to South Africa, which only had a population of 5 million heavily overshadowed by a black one, which caused a mass-exodus as soon as they left. Many of those South African whites were already children of recent migrants from parts of Europe (specifically the Netherlands; I knew a South African person who was herself half-European Dutch) anyways, whereas Europe's white population is completely native.


Over 100 American cities have experienced riots and large protests, the largest since the MLK riots in 1968 which might be soon surpassed. Whether it's liberal Minneapolis or conservative Fargo, niggers are chimping out and are being backed by the government all the way as the few remaining white businesses burn. In Texas they even stoned a white business owner to death for defending his property. Don't Mess With Texas /s.

And where are the americucks who always harp on about muh gunz? Just cope after cope after cope. Never insult the UK or Sweden again.

(I mean, fucking Fargo, North Dakota and Salt Lake City, Utah have riots... "it's just muh liberal cities" yeah no way in hell should another white baby be born in that hellscape full of antiwhite cuckolds)


Is Alaska any good (or northern Canada)? It's isolated from the majority of the US's black and Mestizo population, though I hear that's it's now getting flooded by Asians. The main problem is that Alaska's like northern Scandinavia, there's not enough people there in general and it's too isolated for the rest of the world. Since northern Scandinavia actually doesn't have many immigrants, most people are okay with it as it doesn't plague them, whereas Malm is effectively a Somali colony and thus there's far more pro-white sentiment in Malm than there is in any of Norrland, I'd expect white Alaskans, being isolated to share a similar worldview.
(one odd thing to mention, Minnesota was settled by Swedes and Norwegians, and it's importing Somalis just like Sweden; is it a coincidence, does it correlate with the background of white Minnesotans, or was it just set up to intentionally fuck with them?)


>the largest since the MLK riots in 1968 which might be soon surpassed
The riots are a bunch of controlled damages, mostly involving broken windows and looting. The 1992 LA riots had far more damage and arsons being committed in one city alone than probably all of the George Floyd 'protests' put together.
>In Texas they even stoned a white business owner to death for defending his property.
He didn't die, he's some 'trad catholic' surnamed Schoulz. Let's see, weird surname (not Schulz), plaid shirt (hipster fashion), lives in 20% white and politically leftist Dallas (non-Americans, please get the stereotype of a conservative, moral Texas out of your heads, only in rural areas may that still apply), goes at a crowd of mostly nogs and some possible jew directors with a machete ... is it possible his beating was staged? His approach of the mob and his subsequent beating just happened to be captured on camera by Blaze TV, an extremely zionist neocon outlet connected to Glenn Beck. Already Schoulz is now giving his own report on the incident despite having been apparently severely beaten.
>Just cope after cope after cope.
I'm seeing this 'cope' meme more and more on 4chan and 8chan. Maybe it's accurate, but it skyrocketed in the wake of the riots. In fact this poster sounds like he's from 8chan. Doesn't mean he's an illegitimate poster and his message is otherwise unfortunately true, but, you know...
Anchorage (the largest city in Alaska, roughly on the same latitude as Tampere) has its own protests going on at the moment and is home to college kikes and other excrement. It's still a Republican-leaning city, but that doesn't mean much to me, especially since it is becoming more nonwhite and jewish as the years go on. Juneau, the state capital, is a little leftist town, never been there (or to Alaska for that matter) but judging from what I read on the web and videos of the place, it probably has jewish strings pulling it. Fairbanks is a military town (so is Anchorage to a lesser degree), and frankly good luck growing crops up there for at least half of the year. You'll have to rely on hunting if you live out in the sticks.

Northern Canada is even more barren in general than Alaska, there's even a region up there known as the Barren Grounds due to nothing growing there and the entire landscape being nothing but ice-carved rocks for miles on end. It's about as good of a place for an 'ethnostate' as Svalbard or Finnmark.

It's probably going to take an invasion to put the United States down. If the US is left unchecked, you could very well see the rise of a global military police force that seeks out white extermination in other lands by the mid century. Jews still have a triple digit IQ average and they can still run societies, albeit very perversely. It's very foolish of WNs to think jews are too stupid to run a country on their own. It's clear as day the vast majority of whites are not interested in taking back their country.


>It's probably going to take an invasion to put the United States down.
The problem with that is that the US's primary "enemies" are mostly non-enemies hyped up by the media, especially Putinist Russia (dominated by jewish oligarchs and Chechen military leaders) and any of its allies in the ME, Europe and Asia (essentially Iran and North Korea), and the PRC (which enjoys Israeli diplomacy, and which most westerners buy from anyways, even staging its own "opposition"). A war between the west and China/Iran is being pushed to a large extent (by the media and other jewish entities) however, so a potential contributor to the USA falling in on itself could be if a potential Sino-American war backfires, somehow draining both nations' industrial power in the process. Then again, assuming it doesn't join, that still leaves Putinist Russia as a militaristic anti-white entity, which would probably take over the US's spot in Europe afterwards.


>The problem with that is that the US's primary "enemies" are mostly non-enemies hyped up by the media
Obviously. I was implying if sincere anti-jewish powers ever took control in another country, specifically a white country, then it would face the full brunt of ZOG with black and brown American and mongolized Russian forces leading on the carnage.


>if sincere anti-jewish powers took control in another country
If this were to happen, could such a country potentially fend off a ZOG attack? Say an anti-jewish government took power in Switzerland by some margin (of course, I'm not saying it will, I'm just hypothesizing), would it even be possible for a NATO/RF force to get rid of it militarily, seeing how fortified Switzerland is?


Also; an example would be Russia itself. Putin imprisons and has imprisoned a lot of ethnic Russian nationalists (at least known ones), and Russia's jewish oligarchs know that he does so to prevent ethnic Russians from establishing a pro-white anti-jewish government. If genuine Russian nationalists do take control of Russia (again, very unlikely to happen), what would ZOG be able to do against it?


Switzerland probably could be defeated due to its small size, unless an invasion happened early on (like this decade) and then maybe WN elements in other countries would be much more vocal against it. But if such an event took place in 2050, the odds of Switzerland surviving are much more grim.

If a white country were taken back this decade, they would probably try to hijack the revolution and install their own fake anti-jewish leader who would then steer the country into ruin. You know of another time where this scenario played out, right? (Except there wasn't a revolution that time and the leader in question was simply appointed leader by the relevant ZOG figurehead.)
>what would ZOG be able to do against it?
Samson Option? Maybe they even already have massive bombs planted in every western city, one buried under every several blocks or so, in case such an event would occur, then they could claim the place was nuked. Small communities out in the woods would easily be taken out by drones piloted from a military office in Israel.


I say Switzerland because it already has a strategy to use if it is invaded. Essentially, instead of fighting it head-on, every single road and other strategic asset (that an invasion can make use of) can easily be detonated, and the country would retreat to the mountains and fight an invasion off using militias. Forests and bunkers within the mountains act as easy cover for drone strikes and air strikes, which could prolong an invasion and have it hold out, thus even if an invasion force could take the cities, an invasion would drag on too long, and due to the invasion of a neutral country like Switzerland, anti-ZOG rhetoric (if the population of the west isn't wholly anti-white at the point of an invasion) would skyrocket in other parts of western Europe.
Plus, hijacking a revolution can't always work; Hitler never really took part in a revolution to begin with, he was ex-military intel and took over a German's workers party, which gained popularity under him after the Beer Hall Putsch. There were hundreds of movements just like the DAP, all of which were banned after Hitler took power, so it was anyone's game to infiltrate them. If it were a current military coup led by a single leader and not a party, it'd be much harder to hijack it.
>Samson Option? Maybe they even already have massive bombs planted in every western city, one buried under every several blocks or so, in case such an event would occur, then they could claim the place was nuked. Small communities out in the woods would easily be taken out by drones piloted from a military office in Israel.
That's a possibility (of course, assuming that it's not nuclear and it's simply a bombing or bio-attack on a city), but it could go both ways, as in, if an ethnic-nationalist Russia was attacked, it could simply pull a similar tactic Switzerland does and retreat to bunkers; kind of like what happened to Napoleon or even the initial Swedish invasion (WWII didn't see Moscow abandoned, though it was attacked). Again, if this were to happen, then the new government would be mostly safe (as it would enjoy large support, especially if older ethnic nationalists are released from prison), and it could perhaps launch retaliatory missile strikes on Tel Aviv. The rest of ZOG potentially joining in to invade remains a problem, though it could still be fought off provided the cities are abandoned.


*to elaborate, a potential nationalist Switzerland would be neutral as in it doesn't join wars or fight its own offensive wars at all, it'd still be anti-ZOG in its diplomacy and anti-jewish in general for its internal policy.


As an anon said before, they won't give your child autism, but there's times where they get the wrong strain of the virus or bacteria, and it doesnt even work.
>COVID-19 psyop.
Yes and no. in this case the vaccination doesnt even work, and the only thing you'll get is sick in this case. covid can only get killed if you kill it completely, its a animal, and a savage one at that, it'll just adapt and mutate. the perfect bioweapon. if i remember correctly it was the jews in conjuction with the chinese to use the bioweapon for population control in china, and to take over america.
>Genetically modified foods and microplastics in drinking water.
Dont drink bottled water. also, do research to either make filters, or buy them, and learn to purify water. speaking of that, buy nothing with stainless steel, or teflon. dont ever go and swim in rivers, or drink riverwater.
Do reaserch on where factory's that used to make polytetrafluoroethylene are located, because everything in those areas, including towns near those factory's are toxic. you'll get cancer. do the same with atrazine, in places where it's used, it gives animals, and people hormonal inbalances, and bone spurs. the less exposure, the better. and of cource, home grown foods are better then bought food, be wary of foods injected with hormones, dont buy canned foods, and anything with fake sugar. no high frutose corn syrup either. gmo's are retarded.


The bioweapon narrative is a psy-op to instigate a war or cold-war between the west and China. They don't need a bioweapon to "take over America", not only have they already been privileged there since the beginning (George Washington even considered them white, which is anthropologically untrue), but they currently have a jewish quadroon as a president, whom is the one of the most servile figures to Israeli interests in the world.
COVID-19 is a complete hoax (on that matter by the way: search up any 3-digit number online and there's an article for that many cases of COVID-19, meaning that these numbers are randomly generated; there are even articles of "1488 cases" of COVID, and that's a known figure used in many jewish institutions and stories), eating a lot of raw liver for its nutrients is the effective measure to escape the the effects of modern JWO diets.


Yup, this past year has convinced me that most whites are fucking stupid jew-brained garbage, cowards, retards, media junkies, etc. This whole year of Meme Flu and leftarded politisperging (and neocon backlash) is proof of that. At least 90% need to be purged at this point. Maybe 99%.


Personally I don't think it's the guy who learned his political position from memes (lol jews amirite?) and can't help but to think in sides and ethnic groups ("most whites") who can complain about the masses being dumb. You're inside that 90%, you know that? Or are you our little special snowflake?


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Happy to see that no matter where you go on the internet, /pol/tards are still cripplingly autistic. Great thread, OP


Blame the vaccines.

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