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Glory to Israel
Niggers are people too
It's ok to be gay
Violence is inherently wrong




Very funny anon


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OP is right, glory to all the world, fuck the elite and corrupt governments and corporations, fuck imaginary borders and all nations, people are what matter, your community is what is real, stop being brainwashed by bigots! I like to think allot of the racism in /places like this/ is just trolling, but I know I'm wrong and that is sad.


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Sorry, i had an error in my code…

Tripcodes should work again now.


If anyone believes this garbage they should be lined up against a wall and shot


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>fuck imaginary borders
its not like youre gonna get shot if you run past one and its not like you cant see them from space


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Israel is a country full of (((zionists))) who literally think that everyone else (read goyim) is a slave and that it's their divine right to take advantage of them. And imo niggers should go back to their own countries.

If everyone who has the opportunity and money comes from 3rd world countries to America/Europe, then all of the 3rd world countries just become worse and worse over time. The borders should be preserved and everyone should protect their own country against profiteers and invaders. The refugee circus should be stopped immediately. It's not improving the quality of life in 3rd world countries at all. All it's doing is that it creates new opportunities for profiteers (e.g. for-profit immigration detention centres and human trafficking)

The heads of state in African countries shouldn't be allowed to spend the (((development aid))) money for building armies and palaces for themselves. If one of them is caught doing that, the development aid to that country should be stopped for a couple of years. Actually, there should be certain things that a country must be committed to do for them to be eligible for getting any development aid. Africa is really large continent, and there is plenty of fertile farmland, but the problem is that it's sold to the Chinese by the African leaders.


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>Glory to Israel
Why not? Still most of its glory is forged with a hard working jews.
>Niggers are people too
Yes. But they have really shitty belief system that bends them closer to criminals than normies. And criminals are not "people too"
>It's ok to be gay
>Violence is inherently wrong
No it is not.
We should return death penalty for violent crimes.

Some criminal tries to rob or kill you - shoot this bastard in a face. There is a lots of human beings already on th Earth and we, descent folks, do not want such scum to breathe and have equal rights with non-criminals.

For example muslim underhuman garbage performs terror attacks - kill them in most horrible way possible. It will stop them. These tribal sheepfuckers do not understand any other form of communication except violence. When terrorist's family including all wives and babies will be crusified and left to die there will be no more terrorists next fucking day.

As I already said, there is too many of us on the Earth and we do not need terrorists to spend limited Earth resources to produce nothing except murders and religious bullshit.
Leave peacefully or die. Is it that hard not to kill other people?




>Glory to Israel
>Violence is inherently wrong

Anon--I-I don't know how to say this...


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bluepilled and wasted get. sad!

You rolled the number 841969555 (trips)


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>glory to israel
>violence is inherently wrong
try telling to the drones, anon
>inb4 palestine supporter
no, the entire area should just be nuked. i would love to see everyone freak out about it




Don't fall for the glower baig




>it's ok to be gay
>glory to israel


ok tranny go dilate

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