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A thread for music from the southern U.S., from the 1800s up until the 1960s, give or take. Negro music, work songs, gospel songs, religious hymns, ragtime and early blues. Old-time Appalachian and mountain music are also welcome.

This music interests me a lot for many reasons. There is so much emotion in this music, the raw and unfiltered aesthetic really resonates with me. These were real people with real problems and they dealt with these problems through their music. Some of the religious recordings, especially from the black churches, feel hypnotic. It's like the music puts you in a trance.
Another thing is the mystery that surrounds many of these songs. Most, if not all, of these performers weren't performers in the professional sense. Most of them were farmers, countrymen, laborers or workhands. Just everyday normal people like you and I. Many of these would have faded into obscurity if not for the likes of Alan Lomax and his father, who set out to record this music in the early 20th century. Even so, little is known about a lot of these musicians and some may never be identified.
Here are some of my favorites:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LS28-5G8SfE (Warning: There's a loud, split-second burst of static at 6:57, probably a recording error.)










I can see why'd you like it. It's also one of the roots of today's music. I don't know many work hymns, I've only listened to lomax once out of curiosity, but I hope this song counts


Lead Belly sure counts. Lomax and his father made a lot of very cool recordings, they're interesting to listen to. I really like this song by Lead Belly.


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This is the only known photograph of Blind Willie Johnson. I think that's so crazy to think about. One of the most influential blues musicians, a person who influenced hundreds of future musicians, and he was only photographed once in his entire life? How poorly the lives of these guys were documented almost makes them seem mythical.


nice photo though



Dock Boggs had such a strange way of singing. Great song.

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