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What are your thoughts on DragonForce OP?
Don't listen to a lot of power metal but I really like this Gloryhammer song


I mean they have few pretty epic songs (like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_u8fmS8eTM)

>Silent Tears

I don't listen to this genre, but this one is kinda good, it's somewhat calming, right

thanks for reply anon!


i dont hear them much, but their music is pretty fucking beyond awesome
first time i hear them was in eu4 btw, you might aswell play it too. though i dont play it much anymore


Sabaton is really good stuff my dude,but it sometimes feels like they stray away from the power metal genre into ordinary heavy metal.


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ill look it up, thx anon
thats pretty much true based anon



Sabaton's guitarist Tommy Johansson has his own band where he sings and also plays guitar called Majestica formally called Rainxeed and it is cheesy all in the right ways. What do you think anon?

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