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ITT I will post my favorite songs occasionally. Kinda like a playlist :) enjoy the ride

First one:


very chill and ambient





sounds like something out of TRON
insane music video
reminds me of something from an old driving game
the visuals reminds me of LSD dream emulator


aye twood, can i send you a music i made
i dont wanna shill here and its kinda norm tier but i wanna show you cos ive improved since the last one i showed u on the server

also these songs are very neat thank you for sharing



>insane music video
All of his music videos are really cool and amazingly made, check this one out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nO9aot9RgQc


Haven't posted in here for a while


Kinda reminds me of the inception movie


Bonobo is an amazing artist, can only recommend checking him out. Here is my current favorite:



reminds me of vaporwave
good stuff, the anime is also kewl

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