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Relaxing noise / dark ambient playlist to get high to / get off to.
An hour long so far.
Anyone know of other videos that should be included?



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Here you go:


You rolled the number 256476799 (dubs)


psychic tv is cool but needs more video, less beats, to be in this playlist.
they were formed as a "video group" though, so i bet there's a lot to be mined in their earlier works.


I don't know if this is what you mean:


You rolled the number 859779925 (no dubs or higher)



What the fuck is this garbage!?


Some video song you asked for

You rolled the number 229527069 (no dubs or higher)



It sounds like a rock song. Wasn't sure you read the original post or looked at what else what on the playlist.

Well, thanks for the effort, anyway. Shouldn't have snapped at ya. Be well, anon.


>dark ambient
the first thing that comes to mind would be movie/video game OST but i guess that's not the thing you asked for

i don't know if the genre is a meme but that thing has some vaporwave themes which is meme as fuck

anyway, not my kind of music


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