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Merchandise is an important part of being a fan of music. Post-music-related merchandise: Vinyl LPs, CDs, DVDs, Appeal, Concert photos/Ticket, etc. So /mu/ talk about your thoughts and memories on whatever you are posting here. You can also talk about merchandise you want to purchase in the future. Be sure to post a photo of what you are talking about for quality purposes. I'll start.
Vain Glory Opera is Edguy's first of five classic albums. While it does not have the best products it has great songs. Tracks such the Until We Rise Again, Vain Glory Opera, and No More Foolin' are Power Metal to a T and Power Metal at its best. These tracks are fast, energetic, and catchy. Other tracks like How Many Miles and Out of Control are great mid-paced track that has an epic feel to them. Scarlet Rose is a very ballad that shows off singer Tobias Sammet's fantastic. I remember getting this around the time I graduated high school. It was pricey, but it was a great reward for finishing a tough four years. The variant I purchased is beautiful and satisfying for me to look at. I got the cd for this album for my birthday last year.

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