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Recommend an album you like to fellow anons!
Write a short description, explain what you like about it and why you think it's worth a listen, maybe suggest one song to try it out
Let me start:
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Dandelion gum
This is a pretty lively, dreamy/psychedelic album. It has amazing synths (not really of the modern type) and while it sometimes gets kinda noisy or experimental it still always remains very musical. I'd say it feels pretty warm, even cozy, and it has a bittersweet element to it
It might sound a bit weird to some, but I really recommend giving it a try. It's pretty unique, with a great atmosphere. So it's not surprising I found it from a flash
A good starting song would be:


Alice Cooper-Brutal Planet
Brutal Planet is Alice Cooper's whopping 14th album and it is really underrated. Musically it is industrial rock/metal, so you can expect heavy riffs and the drums are hard-hitting. The music is appropriate to the lyrical themes. Alice decided to use real life as inspiration for his lyrics. "Brutal Planet" gives a bleak view of the current state of affairs and "Wicked Young Man" talks about how you can't blame a whole group for the actions of one bad person. The lyrics are quite brutal for example "Here's where we keep the armies Here's where we write their names Here's where the money god is Here's our famous hall of shame Here's where we starve the hungry Here's where we cheat the poor Here's where we beat the children Here is where we pay the whore." It is awesome lyrically because of how relevant it is to now.
Standout tracks include:
Brutal Planet
Wicked Young Man
Pick Up the Bones
The Little Things

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