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Post your Topsters. recommend other albums, guess personalities, whatever. Have fun.


Did you use a site to create this image? If so link pl0x
Would really love to share my fav albums.



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I have returned with some of my favourite albums.


I'm not really into rap all that much, but Beatles and Pink Floyd are based


It is really difficult for me to post my definitive top albums. What do you mean recommend other albums?


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I've been told I have a pretty bad, or at least strange, taste in music. I decided to give this a whirl anyway, enjoy.
It's majorly because I have an affinity for really awful, whiny emo/goth/punk music and amatuer stuff. Makes me laff and it can be groovy. Lucky for my sorry ass, my parents were both very into (good) music so some of it rubbed off on me.

I'd guess you were a pretty chill guy, probably some kind of audiophile by the sheer enormity of how many albums you listen to. I myself struggled to find enough to fit this. I'd also assume you're kind of a hipster because a lot of this is relatively old or lesser known. Correct me if I'm wrong.
You seem to like psychadelic music quite a bit, which is supremely groovy. Do you have any good psychadelic-esq stuff to check out? I've been wanting to get more into it.

Based Pink Floyd, especially Animals. It tends to get underrated by fans/casual listeners.
As for personality, I'd guess you were kind of intense probably with good intentions. You really seem to like eminem. Really, really, really like him. Though I don't know much about rap, a good friend introduced me to him and I've heard some of his stuff.


>Do you have any good psychadelic-esq stuff to check out? I've been wanting to get more into it
maybe try some of Pink Floyd's earlier stuff, like Piper at the Gates of Dawn and Meddle, as well as the Doors. I'd also recommend looking at charts on RateYourMusic and going from there

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