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Why do you refer to yourself in third person? Anyway, it would've been nice of you to use the shill thread
Anyway, here's my takes after a skim through the things you posted:
>spiritual warfare
The founder of christian singles ranting about how everybody is going to hell with some noise in the background. Personally I found it rather boring, I don't think anything too new or interesting is said. I only listened to the first few tracks. Maybe it could fit someone's vibe though
>hearing test 1
One second loop repeated for a minute, for ten tracks (with more and more distortion on every next track). It's an alright concept
Highly processed/distorted sampled stuff. Personally I don't really dig it. On the other hand I don't really listen to much stuff of this kind in general, so I'm not a great judge I suppose
>stalking axe
Like the above, but less chaotic/distorted (at least that's my impression). But IMO the tracks are kinda long for this type of music. I still like it more than the one above
first date is actually nice. I like how you use noise there too.
I understand the appeal of being "creative"/anti-musical to compensate for the fact that you're not good enough technically to stand out from the other millions of bedroom musicians (projecting a bit here), but I honestly think you should try to be a little less experimental at first. You'll learn more this way, and develop taste, actual music making taste, and with that you'll be able to make great experimental music combining guitars, samples and noise. However for now you should try to be a bit more "musical". But that's just my opinion

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