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Post a song that goes with the above post's scenario, then provide a scenario for the next guy. I'll do the first round to show how it would work.
>You have a nightmare so vivid that you cannot go back to sleep. You rise from your bed and choose to take a walk through the cold city street to clear your head. Unusually, there is not another soul in sight. Perhaps this is what people mean when they speak of the "witching hour?" As you aimlessly wander, the flickering street lights seem to make demons and spirits dance just beyond the corners of your vision.


I'll start you all off with something fairly basic.
>You are driving to work the morning after a hard breakup. The sky is clouded and a light drizzle makes the air stuffy. It is warm.


I was just going to start a thread with a similar premise, being that you either tell a story of an image, or similar to an image. Either way its a great idea.


>You are sad, but more tired than sad, so you feel almost nothing and are paralized by a complete lack of energy like if you were awake while sleeping


Nice one.
>You're alone for the holiday season. Everywhere you look you see smiles and familial bonding. Everybody loves being around other people during the holidays, but you don't quite understand why. You pull a blanket over your shoulders and sip some hot chocolate. It's time to glut yourself on anonymous imageboards, anime, music, and the endless novelty of the internet.


I think this will work out pretty well, otherwise op feel free to say if my song doesn't match enough with the scenario, so i'll delete it.
>it's working day and that means killing, the moon shines upon you and you play some music, this won't take too long you guess


I've always wanted to kill someone to this
>For no reason at all, you've started having nightmares. The first night, you dream that you get in a fatal car wreck. The next night, you dream that an old man stabs you through the heart. Every night brings a new nightmare, and they steadily become more and more violent as the seasons pass. Eventually, you find that the dreams have stopped being about your own demise and are now focusing on you killing others. You brutally assault your childhood bully in a supermarket. You hang a man and watch the flies eat him until his neck becomes so weak it snaps and his body falls to the floor. You dissect a young woman alive while a city burns around you. Perhaps more disturbingly, you don't wake up in a cold sweat anymore. In fact, some mornings you wake up with a smile on your face wishing the dream could have lasted just a little longer.


there you go edgefag.
>You spent all of autumn gathering wildflower seeds, and all winter prepping them. When spring is just breaking, you sow them everywhere you walk. Summer has finally come, and they are in full bloom. It's an explosion of color, and smells like heaven. More butterflys than you have ever seen before are flapping around and young couples pick bouquets for each other.
[spoiler]this thread is too /yu/cky[/spoiler]




>You've embarked on an epic journey to the heart of the sun


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kinda basic but its all i could think of

>in the heart of the big city, u get off the train with nothing but whats in your suit case and a passion for a good story, you've arrived with the intent of hitting the streets of 1930s new york in order to find a good story to kick start your journalism career, despite the severe, un-diagnosed autism that has affected you your whole life.

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