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I discovered nin from "hurt", and this album is something. I can't relate to most of the lyrics (except some lines, for example "I have lived so many lives all in my head") but I feel it a lot, despite me not having lived or felt things of that intensity. Self titled comes in my mind spontaneously certain days.
What are some of your feel-like-shit albums?


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OP here, wanted to also post this one.
It's heavy, grey. It's less "explosive" than nin's tds, and more like a dark place.
I love october all over. That guitar riff makes me feel a lot (and the song itself is great, together with the rest of the album). But when I feel completely shit I listen to below the salt. That 10 minute track is the feeling of low condensed into music for me. I'm pretty sure I will listen to it before an heroing if I ever actually do it (hopefully not)


Pink floyd Dark side of the moon


Pile - Dripping
When I can understand the lyrics to this it sounds pretty relatable, and when I can't it feels relatable. Also don't do an image search for this with the safe search off, you'll find a lot of porn.


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Woops forgot the cover


I listen to that too, but usually not when in a bad mood. However it makes sense for some songs
Listening to this now, it's nice


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OP here, dropping another sad album. Tbh not all of the album is very sad, but "place to be", "parasite" as well as others make it worth mentioning here.
Place to be is beautiful sadness, clear like water of a lake. The lyrics are nice with cool metaphors and the music is great. Parasite is heavy. I don't know how else to describe it.
Nick drake killed himself two years later after releasing this album, and became somewhat well known only decades later


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dragging a dead deer up a hill - grouper


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DC started as a self hate album for me, but the more i listened to it the more it became something of comfort and something to enjoy. I'd reccomend people to listen and read and become absorbed in the world and the story, and then take a step back and appreciate it as a piece of amazing art, and there really is a lot to appreciate.


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Crywank- Today is nearly tomorrow and everyday is stupid


Tomorrow is is goddamn amazing if not a little cheesy. Has anyone listened to any other crywank and if so would you recommend? I haven't gotten myself to listen to anything else by them. (i dont mind the cheese)


Don't Piss on Me I'm Already Dead is a pretty good album. An individual song I enjoy is Welcome to Castle Irwell, but I haven't listened to the album that it comes from (James is Going to Die Soon)



Good for intense self loathing

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