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I've been getting into Ween recently. So far White Pepper is my favourite album, what is your favourite Ween Album? Which one do you think is the Best or the Worst?


OP here. I guess I'll contribute to something to start the thread going. I find The Pod to be their weakest album considering the comparison to other albums. La Cucaracha beats The Pod (Albiet La Cucaracha is still on my list as one of the weak Ween albums) in the sense that The Pod isn't just as innovative nor ear-grabbing to me. The Pod does have its moments such as The Stallions Pt 1 and 2. Or Pork Roll Egg and Cheese, along with Oh my dear and Molly. It might've been the brownest of their entire discography, however, in their overall discography this just can't compete to their new sound. I'll say that compared to Pure Guava, Pure Guava is better than The Pod. Something about The Pod makes me think of it as weak in their discography, it's not bad but it's missing something.


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The Pod might be their weakest album from a sound quality/recording standpoint, but the songwriting is just as strong (or stronger) than that on La Cucaracha. Try listening to live versions of the songs off of The Pod.


Yeah, I'll give them a listen. Which album do you think was their strongest btw?


Strongest in terms of production quality is Quebec, but most creative musically is GWS.


I agree with these answers in a way. Quebec I do consider the best Ween album, they put pretty much solid work into it and combined these sort of different themes, the sound is crisp and clean, the lyrics are cleverly put, everything about it is great. GWS on the other hand, while I never found it appealing I can understand what you mean by creatively. There are elements in there that still spawn in their newer creations like Chocolate and Cheese. However, if I were to pick an album more creative, it'd probably be The Mollusk. It introduces a new twist to Ween entirely. Sea shanties and psychadelia make the album a different experience. The lyrics are crafted in a sort of way where they're made memorable, the instrumentals and the production are crafted as well in the sense of being catchy and interesting to listen to.


12 Golden Country Greats probably, it's the one that I've listened to the most and it's really fun to sing along too. Though I do like the variety of Pure Guava. White Pepper is probably my least favourite (out of the ones I've listened to), just didn't leave much of an impression on me

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