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This thread's concept is quite simple. The purpose of this thread is to share in real-time the new music you are discovering. Feel free to mention information surrounding the music itself. I'll start
>Hypocrisy Worship
It took me by surprise. Hypocrisy was releasing an album this year. They released their last album almost a decade ago, End of Disclosure. I was surprised how good the album was because a lot of albums released after a long break usually aren't as good as you want. But Worship feels like Hypocrisy never left because the album is really good. The music is great and, the lyrics are pretty topical. My favorite track would either be "Children of the Grey" or "We are the Walking Dead."
>Hammerfall "Bloodbound"
Lately, I've been listening to more Hammerfall. Since I am unfamiliar with the band's discography, I decided to listen to "Bloodbound." While the song is similar to their other stuff the song itself is fun and, the music video was a fun watch. It was funny to watch the band perform on top of a hammer and in the snow. It looked like the band was having fun and, it was cheesy in the right ways.


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A few weeks ago I listened to Everywhere at the End of Time, by the Caretaker. It's a collection of six albums, spanning six and a half hours, which depict the progression of dementia and the deterioration of the patient's mind. It became somewhat of a meme a few years ago with people doing "challenges" where they listened to the whole thing back to back. I think that's dumb but the music itself is great. I listened to it over a couple of days.
I've never been affected so heavily by a recording before. It's made up of loops of ballroom/jazz music from the 1920's and 30's, the idea being that these are memories; bits and pieces of music the patient remembers. Studies actually show that dementia patients hold on to musical memories and can recall memories through music, such as remembering where they were when they heard a specific song.
The musician categorizes each album as a different stage of the disease. The first three stages/albums are an ambient mix of these ballroom loops with each album being more "messy" than the last. These albums represent the beginning stages of the disease and its progression.
The last three albums represent the start of what the Caretaker calls "post-awareness", i.e. the mind has regressed to such an extent that the patient does not realize or has forgotten that he/she has dementia (which actually happens down the line). While the previous three albums had a structure with tracks, the last three are divided into four segments, each segment being about 20 minutes of distorted music and noise. The closing track of the sixth album spooked me so badly I slept with the lights on that night. I did not feel comfortable being alone in the dark.
I think it's a terrible, terrible thing. Imagine that your mind could deteriorate to the point where you don't even recognize the world around you anymore. Your friends and family would seem like strangers. The worst thing is you're conscious, you know it's happening. And you can't do anything about it. It's incurable. The only thing you can do is watch as you slowly lose your mind, memories fading away day by day. It's terrifying to think about. Some patients even experience hallucinations.

This is my favorite song off the recording. The closing track of stage 3. It's the final coherent track before the post-awareness stages. The last coherent memories before the fog rolls in and confusion takes over. It's like the song is saying "We had a good run, but I'm afraid it's over." And then you forget.


Its an important album that actually shows in real time the horrors of dementia which isn't something as simple as being forgetful. A decent work of art overall and i've listened to it several times i guess like a moth to a flame. Its interesting how it re-used the ballroom jazz at first seemingly innocent, then again warped and twisted a moment later.
Tasteless and gay normalfaggotry like writing shitty creepypastas and doing stuff like "if you listen to this cursed album several times, you'll get dementia!!!!?!!!!!!!!!1


I agree that it's great but I haven't listened to it again since then. It honestly spooks me. The music makes me feel uneasy.


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Today I listened to The Scorpions "Love At First Sting" all the way through the first time and, its classic status is justified. The first song I really liked was the classic song everyone knows, "Rock You Like a Hurricane." It's a great way to start the album since it gets you pumped up for anything. I've not felt better after listening to "Rock You Like a Hurricane." It always made me feel good to be alive." The next song I loved was "I am Leaving You." "I am Leaving You" matches the previous song in quality in my eyes. The riff carries the song and, it has a similar energy to the other tracks while being unique. New tracks, for me, were "The Same Thrill", "As Soon as the Good Times Roll", and "Crossfire." "The Same Thrill" was a great shreddy track, which I loved. "As soon as the Good Times Roll" was the weakest track for me, but it still is a quality track. Maybe it sounds good because they recorded the track at the same time. "Crossfire" feels like the hidden gem of the album. The album ends with "Still Loving You." I don't know what I can say about it other than it is one of my favorite songs ever.

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