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If you could have any SMG legally what would it be?

I have a weird obsession with the UMP45 so I’d go with that


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An mp34 for sure.
Come on, who wouldn't want a smg with a big pointy bayonet?

You rolled the number 100133736 (no dubs or higher)


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That's a tough question because I love SMGs and so many are aesthetic. Too bad most are banned here in Canada.
If I could have one it'd either be an MP5 or a MAC-10. MP5s are generic, but have a sexiness to them that defined the era. The high RoF of MAC-10s just seem fun to me, especially if I could get one with a suppressor.


Is there any reason why you like the UMP? It's just straight blowback, nothing interesting about it imo, it's just the modern day M3 grease gun.
Better pick german quality mp5 over a cheap jewish box that has the option of firing lead downrange.
Roller-locking mechanisms always get my dick hard.

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