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You are contacted by a mysterious party. You are commanded to kill or otherwise incapacitate everybody inside of the nearest government facility, while doing as little damage to the building itself as possible. You have one week to prepare and execute the deed, you'll be assassinated if you take too long.
You will be given one weapon of your choice, any weapon which has been invented by man. Keep in mind, you get only the weapon and it will be dropped off at your house. You are still in charge of acquiring any ammunition needed, as well as transportation.
What weapon do you choose? What strategy? Do you try to infiltrate the facility before opening fire, or just jump in guns a-blazing? How successful would you be? Will you get out alive?


I would use a biological weapon, a virus with no cure.
The ventilation system will be the source of infection.
And of course I will disappear before anyone noticing anything.

Your fortune: Outlook good


I mean a fucking post office with a just a single (maybe even unarmed) security guard is also a government facility. So any gun is good as long as its not some muzzleloeading flintlock ez pz lemon squeezy

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