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Discuss and debate ideas you have for stories and if you can draw, Post concept art!


I had a bad idea for a story once
so basically there is a simple sort of primitive/middle ages' village which is doing mostly fine
then comes a merchant who dishonestly convinces everybody he's the rightful owner of the village water well and starts selling water (which used to be free)
he continues to use tricks to get more and more money at the expense of everyone else which becomes poorer and poorer
Despite being super-rich and "popular" he isn't really happy mostly because he doesn't really have any genuine relationships with anyone and even though he doesn't realize it he still feels it
In the end he gets killed by his son who wanted his stuff
It's supposed to sound a bit abstract/surreal of a tale and of course the point is that money doesn't make you hapy (cuz u cant bI anything that matters emotionally like passion for something, caring about something, somebody genuinely caring about you, etc. Money is comfort, and doesn't work to fill emotional voids like people today re lead to believe. Bt that's just my take, as silly as this story)

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