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Discuss and debate ideas you have for stories and if you can draw, Post concept art!


I had a bad idea for a story once
so basically there is a simple sort of primitive/middle ages' village which is doing mostly fine
then comes a merchant who dishonestly convinces everybody he's the rightful owner of the village water well and starts selling water (which used to be free)
he continues to use tricks to get more and more money at the expense of everyone else which becomes poorer and poorer
Despite being super-rich and "popular" he isn't really happy mostly because he doesn't really have any genuine relationships with anyone and even though he doesn't realize it he still feels it
In the end he gets killed by his son who wanted his stuff
It's supposed to sound a bit abstract/surreal of a tale and of course the point is that money doesn't make you hapy (cuz u cant bI anything that matters emotionally like passion for something, caring about something, somebody genuinely caring about you, etc. Money is comfort, and doesn't work to fill emotional voids like people today re lead to believe. Bt that's just my take, as silly as this story)


I have an idea for a kinda derivative story. The made important features is to not namedrop, so things will have their named changed to the point where you know what it is, yet it's changed to the point where it's not understandable. I also want the character to be faceless, anonymous, and evershifting so you arent sure if he's several people or not. The story uses the story of the internet, 4chan (conspiracies, and parts of comic book tropes) and such and recontextualises/ uses it as a framework for the narritive. The main character is faceless both literally and on the internet. His personality is that of the 4chan anon after 2004, but before 2010. The laughing man who finds everything to be funny, the internet hate machine, the final boss of the internet you get the idea. The site he loves goes to shit, and later on the alternative he makes gets killed due to several reasons such as retards flooding it, to internal politics slowly tearing the site he made apart. He gets pissed off and decides to clense the internet of filth. when making unpleasant content to fuck with people doesnt work, he ends up making groups that either falls apart, ends of working against him or is generally there to help raid sites, he eventually ends up taking the fight irl to beat up and scare people who misuse the internet or people he feels dont belong. from getting chased after by the feds, to stories being told, it builds up to a scientology raid teir event that floods the internet and the streets with copycats that misuse his goal of a better internet for personal fame and glory and he looks on in horror as he realises that he actually made the internet a more toxic place. I feel like it's honestly not that good of a story but i'm obsessed with it. Perhap's i'll end up forgetting it and come up with an original, less cringe worthy story sooner or later.
sounds like a fun story


It's a bit cringy because especially in the beginning it feels a bit like a self-insert, or at least a bit of an excessive glorification of muh old 4chan. But I like the idea of a man with an obsession with an ideal, who gets followed by failure everywhere he tries to realize it culminating with the realization that he's just made matters worse


I had this fleeting idea for a story about humanity becoming over populated and futuristic, and they decided to flee earth to let it heal amongst other things so the only people left where aboriginal, tribal and the amish or generally a microscopic amount of people who havent experienced modern society, we're talking the type of person who if you hand them a phone, they'll shit bricks and ask what type of wizardry it is.
There was a deal struck, Everything was reverted as if society, culture and english ever existed meaning the people left behind are without modern comfort or resourses. Nanotechnology embedded into brains and vocal cords basically removed such things so they couldnt replecate nu-humanity in the future. in a way it means they can forge their own future. but nothing is perfect.
For the first time everythings dead quiet, but you can imagine all the stuff they have to deal with. Weather modification via HAARP made impossible weather more common and changed the climate, global warming is still in affect, pollution in the ocean, trash flying everywhere, smog still drifting around, ect.
Citys are locked down almost air tight, museums are made and such so the "modern" culture is and it's all preserved. There are no lights either so the cities are dark. managed and protected by roboitics of varying sizes, forms and intellegence, slightly humanoid but there's no point in them being human, made for whatever job they are tasked to do and built to last. They don't speak human language and there's no real way to translate it either, they cannot be hacked or minpulated. Their senses aren't limited like humans are and they dont require vision or whatever. They also dont have the same emotions or feelings as humaity. 3 laws of robotics are in affect but with added rules such as not allowing humanity to come into contact with nu-humanity's science or technology, nor allow them to progress to the point where they could become like nu-humanity. (meaning extermination of people "infected") but as you can imagine things break down over time with robotics...
The weapons of those things couldn't be used or comprehended by humans in general so there's no way something like using their own weapons against them would work. It's not like there's alot of them either, they only appear to do their job and are made as needed, repaired if possible and when they "die" they dissapear into nothingness. Trust me when i say nu-humanity thought of everything to counter any problems that the people left behind might cause.
What about those people like the people who live in reservations? well they got screwed over (sort of) They got reduced to the state before they became civilized so no t-shirts or toilets, no english or electricity. People of mixed race or cultures that meshes too well with nu-humanity got taken by force so the bloodlines of those people left behind could stay "pure" i.e not tainted by the blood of nu-humanity.
just the image of a guy with a "magical weapon" (a shotgun) who stole it to protect his tribe from invaders, getting chased by a robot programmed to provent the potential "cultural infection" a shotgun would be if he got away with stealing it sounds fun to me.

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