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Anything can have deeper meaning if we want it hard enough! Post art, music, quotes, anything; other anons try to come up with an in depth analysis and explanation
Bonus points if your explanations involve "society" (but please try to keep it non-/pol/itical)
[spoiler]Pic related an example from livechan[/spoiler]


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Let's start with a classic
"The Comedian" by Maurizio Cattelan


This painting represents how the fruitful beauty of society is contrained by coorperate products. The banana represent the human spirit in it's colorful and unconstrained glory, while the duct tape, a standardized and colorless product is the corperations.


This is a magnum opus symbolising the chastity put upon OP by force (the ducttape) in order to save society from his onslaught of faggotry. The banana means a penis of course


Cattelan is trolling the pretentious modern art people and the people who hate the pretentious modern art people at the same time. The modern art people see it as some great subversive artwork, and the anti-modern art people see the same way, but hate it. It's a joke on everybody. He even basically says that himself by calling it "the comedian", and everybody still falls for it.


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cow tools


My Internet is slow; it must of been the jews.

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