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I've recently become fascinated by one specific art movement started by Kazimir Malevich in Russia, around 1913. It's called Suprematism (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suprematism)
I like how simple shapes like trianlges, squares and rectangles combine in interesting ways and with nice colors
In a way it's both simple and complex at the same time
>Under Suprematism I understand the primacy of pure feeling in creative art. To the Suprematist, the visual phenomena of the objective world are, in themselves, meaningless; the significant thing is feeling, as such, quite apart from the environment in which it is called forth
Feel free to post any soviet avant-garde itt though, not just suprematism


That painting says: "Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge"
The red triangle (red army) is in breaking through the defenses of the white circle (white army), symbolizing the civil war which was happening at the time (1919 in russia)
That illustration is pretty powerful imo
Forgot to mention: this is just a discussion about the art in itself, we can appreciate the art of the time without necessarily agreeing with it's political messages


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Here's another one
(both of these are by Lazar Markovich Lissitzky)


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Sadly couldn't find a better photo of this one


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And of course this shit had to get 3D


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And I guess that's it for now. Might post more some other time
Feel free to join, in case you're fascinated by this stuff too. And sorry for the stupid filenames


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All good stuff, I've heard of supremacism before but never delved too deep into it. I like the OP image in that I could immediately tell it depicted a conflict or battle. Abstract art is kewl.
I know of two other abstract genres born from early 20th century Russia. One was Cubo-Futurism. It combined the illusory, semi-constructed geometry of cubism with futurist design and themes. The result is more mechanical than cubism but less Utopian than futurism. I'd describe it as a counterweight to futurism. One celebrates shining skyscrapers while the other speaks to the humble worker who bends against the cold but never stops moving.
Pic related is "The Knife-Grinder," by Kazimir Malevich.
The other genre I know is Rayonism, but I'm not as well-read on that one. I know it's more avant-garde and centers itself around the idea that images are made from light and so puts an emphasis on "rays." I'll do a bit of research so I don't say anything stupid then come back and make a post.


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>>666 (holy shet abstract 20th century russian art is satanic)
So basically all three genres talked about here so far (suprematism, cubo-futurism, and rayonism) are all very tightly-connected. They also take a sizable chip off of futurism. They all look so distinct from one another, but they are like brothers. It's the small details that betray this shared blood. Different sides of the same thoughts.
Rayonism's guiding philosophy is that objects are slow, chunky things but they give birth to light that shoots off forever. The value and focus should be put more on this light than on the object itself. The lesson it took from futurism is speed. Everything looks so fast, like a rocket taking off or a laser beam. Funny how neither of these technologies existed at the time. Rayonism is very crystalline in its geometry, it looks very pure. I like that. Pure speed, everything focused on light and progress and getting from point A to point B. A straight line is most efficient, and there is beauty in efficiency.
Pic related is "Blue Rayonism," by Mikhail Larionov.


To the lower right, there's at least two objects that looks like an ax


Don't know why i'm obsessed with this one. Doubt there's any hidden meaning besides a falling, or rising cube but it's the way it's framed and the appearence of movement i find nice


It was interesting to read, thanks. I do agree these movements do share something despite the differences, I'd guess other than being inspired by futurism it's how they shift importance from what is portrayed to how it is. Well at least especially so for suprematism and rayonism
I do love this pic >>667. I have to look into rayonism now
>it's the way it's framed and the appearence of movement i find nice
That's what I really like about it too. I'm not sure about how to describe it, but it feels so dynamic


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I'll post some more stuff


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Oh look I have a different ID now


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And now some rayonism that I liked


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