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Hey anons, I'm working on a art project at the moment and I need some posters. For context it's a 3D art scene that has pieces of paper flying through the scene of an alley way, but I don't want them to just be blank pieces of paper.
>Pic unrelated(Was my captcha for this post)


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I think I've got the perfect thing for you, anon.
Francis E. Dec was a 20th century lawyer-turned-schizophrenic with a typewriter who hacked out pages and pages of... pic related. These writings lay out a massive not-quite-coherent conspiracy mostly centered around the Communist Gangster Computer God, an entity which supposedly controls the minds of all humanity. Francis mass printed his ramblings and mailed them out to hundreds of random people all around the world over a number of decades.
https://www.bentoandstarchky.com/dec/intro.htm (fan site)
To All Judges:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNgyyd0Z2KA (reading)


Very juicy stuff there anon, much appreciated.


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Can you add this?

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