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how to draw like this man? knowing wheich lines goes to where and how long and so on...? https://youtu.be/WKbQ4TPMkFc


>knowing wheich lines goes to where
I don't think anyone really knows that except the artist themselves. It just feels right to them. No one can draw exactly the way someone else does. You can try copying his style but why don't you develop your own?


>>1250 lol. i mean some other theories about perspectives i suppose.


I thought you meant the picture, derp.
As for the video, no fucking idea. That's some fucking rainman shit. I guess you gotta envision the image in your mind and turn it around, imagine it from different angles.


>>1252 that isnt very simple to do isnt it?


Why are you making so many threads about this? And why did you delete your previous reply to make a new one? Art can be simple but simple doesn't equal easy. Drawing takes a lot of fucking time, so put in the effort or give it up.


>>1255 Have you put that lot of effort and actually does it like that? i ve never seen this even from seasonal pros like stan lee or moebius who draws probably more than this guy.

so instead of clipping in 2 penny quotes about hardwork maybe you should do abit of reading and consider your answers first before blabbering on about.


Do you think guys like Moebius just picked up a pencil and magically could draw like pros? They probably did thousands of drawings before they got to that level. Talent comes with practice. I think you should pick up a pen and fucking draw something instead of bitching about how hard it is.


>>1257 what the fuck r u talking about? my point is moebius is older than this fuy and he still cant do what he do despite all those years of experience? fuck the guy is dead and older and his technique and skill is not even close to emulate this somewhat simplistic feature.

fuck are you like, retarded?


i may misspoke myself but i am saying stan lee, eichiro oda, and moebius all have drawn for so long and not do what kim junggi do. certainly something is wrong?

is there like trick or technique that was missing of sorts?


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>fuck are you like, retarded?
No, I'm simply having difficulty deciphering your garbled mess of an attempt at English. As for a trick, I don't believe there is one. Some people are just able to do incredible things. Take Wesley Willis for example. He was a schizophrenic artist who was able to draw entire Chicago streets from memory. I'm sure he evolved this talent through practice, experimentation... You know, like I said. I don't believe Kim Jung was always able to draw like that, I'm sure he became better and better at it with every drawing he did.


>>1260 uh... what? you understand me perfectly so that s good enough of an english. as for memorizing the entire city, it is impressive for willis but that s pretty easy if you know how to draw a map, then logicaly you d know where are all the cities and their positions, the harder part is then to build the right perspectives and making things look natural and correct like KJG does

his box cars are... kinda basic too.

>he wasnt always

yes and then i guess naturally he did something else anyone dont since everyone else who s more seniors dont really do what he do either? or am i missing something and this is not something that a norma artist will ever get anyway by practicing standard materials? or perhaps everyone actually do what he does but i never really saw anybody does it like him?


File: stroke.png (32.49 KB, 271x243, 271:243, 1638326135097.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>he did something else anyone dont since everyone else who s more seniors dont really do what he do either?
>good enough of an english


Jesus H. fucking Christ, you are doing my head in. Just try doing it for yourself and maybe if you do it a hundred times you will get better at it. Goodbye.


>>1263 >hundred
DONE. nothing change. i still make th same jackshit mistake at som subjects
and have no idea how to fix it nor reflexively better at it. something is missing and i guess nobody knows it but that guy HUR


>>1262 ....okay you can leave


Not until I figure out what the fuck you meant lol
>Rule 3: You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18


>>1266 .... im old enough to sound very sad about wanting to draw precisely without sketching.


So, 17? The ellipses are a big tell, you know.


almost double that hah

what ellipses


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>>1248 (OP)
Are these all you?
Have you been diagnosed yet?


they are all him lol


File: 1635342354799.jpg (26.66 KB, 305x269, 305:269, 1638384805765.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

So is this.
Dude's fucking gone in the head. I have no idea what the fuck he's on about. This is some prime autismo shit.


If you have a keen eye you'll see some of his posts in /i/ and /a/. Hopfully he'll lurk moar, Maybe he's ESL?


>>1271 i dont know. are you a pedophile?

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