/f/ - The lyrics of the song in this flash are pretty vague, but at the same time anyone can probably see the correlation with the modern days and imageboards, especially regarding 4chan. Everything's changed so much.4chan certainly isn't anything like it wa

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The lyrics of the song in this flash are pretty vague, but at the same time anyone can probably see the correlation with the modern days and imageboards, especially regarding 4chan.
Everything's changed so much.
4chan certainly isn't anything like it was a decade ago. But why? Did the generations of users change? Have all oldfags already been replaced? Has it got something to do with Moot losing leadership and selling the site to Hiro?
Most probably all of the above, but what specifically changed? In my opinion, the mentality of the new userbase far differs from anything people back in the days had in mind. Older users in general being much more territorial, it's probably most embodied in the phrase "Fucking normalfags, get the fuck off my board". While at the same time the new users don't really value 4chan (or perhaps any other imageboard) in the same way, to them (normalfags and newfags) it's just the next social media outlet to get a quick endorphin boost.
I don't think 22chan is some oldfag refuge, but it most probably is a refuge of the oldfag mentality, even people who are relatively new to imageboards in general still think somewhat the same way.
22chan is one of the very few sites and in a circle of even less imageboards who restrict what the userbase is by using Rule 1 and others.
I don't really know what I'm getting at, this post started a a nostalgiatrip, but it sorta railroaded into this weird monologue, the only thing to add, I guess, is that I hope 22chan remains like the way it is throughout all the times so that our home continues to exist. Cheers, lads.
A pretty flat ending, I guess, but what you see is what you get.
But what do you anons think about the whole matter?


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Pretty much agrees with this.
Tho, even if I'm a newfag, I pretty much agrees more on the oldfag mentality, even if I have some beliefs that goes against it.
I pretty much enjoy nostalgia, but I pretty much live in the moment, so I don't pretty much agree that of course, the oldfag mentality will last forever. I still believe that this place will be the holding place for the mentality and few others that is not normies, but I know that well, nothing last forever. Once the original people still here past on, who would keep the main idea of the website living?
It's like history, the old, seen as best, social society like Greek has fallen, along with Rome, because of how their society changed. I stopped hoping that there will be a future for imageboards, because time has changed people too much, so I'm here for the last days before it's all gone, and I'm happy that I made few dearest of friends here that I pretty much gotten close to.


Since I got into this belief, I started to explore more on what I can and want do, like playing music instruments, doing martial arts, swimming, drawing, and just relaxing being here, with me also trying to help others with their personal issues, because since I feel like nothing last forever and I can die at anytime by accidents, I feel like I need to do what I can do until it's all too late.


What I see now a real problem in popular or normies social world is the growing in the Hedgehog's Dilemma. It's when they get close to someone, it hurts, so they don't even get close to anyone, meaning more risk at a misunderstanding, and can causes fights, or even wars if it's one place after another. Or something like them wanting fame than bonds, or just that feeling of feeling good. To me, the real happiness is in the bonds we make here.
There is 4 types of love I know that makes a relationship grow other than common interest, but I found out about 4 more, so I'll use them to describe how I feel about bonds.
Agape is what is growing in me, I understand that my kind has so much moments that make each person who they are, so even if I feel upset, I would be still trying to be more concern on what happen to them to get to this point.


Philia is how I feel for my friends, with the feeling of unconditional love, I would want to be in the relationship with them until the end of times, unless it started to become unhealthy, but that also doesn't mean I would try to put my feelings of unconditional love away. Pragma is what I wish for with others or everyone to have as well, because it's so special that a relationship lasted for over more than 2, 3 or more years because those people are good at making compromises to make it last. Ludus is pretty much I would say is how I feel I'm Rena from Higurashi, I pretty much have that sense of playful love for cute things, and with the first love, I would be more to deeply want to protect any cute living organisms that I feel are not protected enough. Mania is the love that I once troubled with, and still am sometime today since my self-esteem was completely destroyed during my childhood. I fear losing the object of my love, and this fear compels me to say or do some “crazy” things in order to keep them, which I later regret and feel deep pain for. Philautia is something I don't even do until now where I have my greatest of friends here, I don't even self-love myself because I thought it what makes the world right now worse, but in a sense, just as I might show affection and love to another person, I must also show that same affection and love to myself, which I'm still working on right now, though it's gotten more better with my dearest of friends.


Seems like you have railroaded the conversation more than slightly off topic, anon, but I do understand your point, normalfags are scared to show empathy and care towards others because they are scared of being seen as weak and they fail to understand the different types of love, they mostly see only a sort of primal erotic love and combining all of this we get the traditional edgy normalfag.
But I do not agree on that we should just move on and accept the death of imageboards, the existance of 22chan in the first place is to spite all normalfags and modern culture.


what the fuck is this video even showing? old memes from a Japanese image board?

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