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tumago <3


>48 megabytes of .swf


prob cuz he used one of those video2swf tools. nobody really makes oc flash content anymore. most recent swf i have is hop02.swf


>nobody really makes oc flash content anymore
most of this /f/ is literally oc.
there's been tons more on 4chan aswell.
lurk moar faggit


also, it was converted to swf, because one of 22chan's users made this.
Look at the credits.


>oc flash content
It's just a gif with a background that changes colors.
What about MillionDollarPeace.swf which is made only with vectorgraphics and motion tweens?
You have a shit taste, sir.


RIP source video.
Is there any other upload of the original? On Niconico or something?



Thank you

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