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Merry Christmas, 22chan!
and a happy new year too!


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Yes i agree

You rolled the number 75534751 (no dubs or higher)


Merry Christmas! I hope yall have a peaceful, comfy, and great day.


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Good luck
Spread some love, happiness and positive moments with your close ones...
One love for 22chan
Merry Christmas


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Stay silent when you see him. . .


Santa got me a lot this year! I almost feel like a spoiled brat.


For me, right now is St. Nicolas day. Christmas/New year is 6 days away.


My Christmas was a good day. I got a lot of gifts which I will enjoy. Getting a lot of gifts reminded me that I am loved. One setback today was that the internet went out. It is inconvenient however, I had my family who I spent all day with. I am glad that I have living family and I get to interact with them on a daily basis. I would like to hear how your day was anon. How was your day anon?>>9986


I had a nice surprise from my family a new graphics card a upgrade from a 1050ti to a 2060 rtx and we had single roast for breakfast, lunch, dinner and im still eating it.
Said roast consisted of a leg of lamb (much bigger then i thought it was going to be), and a small beef roast.
and today i have just been downloading some RTX games to try out.
so far i have tried cyberpunk and im downloading CONTROL as i played it a while ago but wanted to try it with ray tracing.
overall i have one of the best Christmas i have ever had in my life.


Merry belated Christmas anon and upcoming happy New Year!


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Do you have any personal new years traditions? I play NUTS3.wad and go for a 100% run on new years eve.


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great gets

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