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Random autistic fears thread.

I had this autistic fear for as long as I can remember. I feared anything having to do with an end of something. This includes powering off something, game over screens, and bad endings.

I also had an autistic fear of fonts from a young age. Specific, "crazy" looking typefaces also scared me plenty.

Also, for some reason, hearing the words "Goodbye", "power off", or another word of the sort. There used to be a toy in my sister's room (as a kid I had to sleep in there) which would nudge out of nowhere and automatically turn off after 5 minutes or so, but not before saying "Goodbye". It scared me.
Game over screens especially gave me the heebie jeebies. Still do to an extent, which leads me not to play video games at night.

Game over screens that scare me include:
>Misao: Definitive Edition
The bloody text and the empty sounding music scared me plenty.
This one's more logical. You see gruesome pics of your dead body in the game, and to add to it is some scary music. I have a lot to say on this.
>Mario 64 death screen, Zelda 2
These two for the same reason. You see a silhouette of the villain in the game as the villain laughs at you (In Mario it's Bowser, Zelda it's Ganon)
>Donkey Kong Country
Oh Gawd, this screen... it's a mix of my fear of weird fonts and game overs. The droning music added with the font and Donkey and Diddy beaten up badly... kind of hit me.
>Elder Scrolls: Arena
Nothing to see here, but a part scared me. The woman greeting you says "goodbye", and since that implied an ending it scared me.
I really dont understand why. My mind gets scared by weird shid.

Pic related is the game over from Karateka.

I know most of this is about vidya but it's about autistic fears in general.


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I don't know if this counts but I still sometimes get afraid of the dark. I can't help but imagine there's something or someone behind me
Probably more autistic is the fact that I'm afraid of saying hello to people. And then I'm afraid that people will hate me for not saying hello. The former is because I'm not sure when it's appropriate, like, if the other person looks really focused on something else...




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I'm afraid of mirrors. Like especially looking at my own face in the eye. I always avoid it lest I start to dissociate and let things get weird. I especially dislike hanging mirrors or mirrors at night.
I have less autistic fears and more superstitions. Like making white satchets of herbs to soothe my brain or clearing the house with incense to leave it "open" for possibilities. Or just straight up borderline schizo behavior like burning portraits of people I (used to) know if I need to forget them or giving back a deer skull to the forest because the deer were treating me differently.
>Pic unrelated, I just like it


>I'm afraid of mirrors. Like especially looking at my own face in the eye.
Sheesh. Just how ugly are you?


i guess it would be spooky to see something like your own reflection blinking or making an expression without doing so yourself.


Something that used to scare me as a child was the Elfking or Erlkönig. In music class, the teacher said that the elf king can kill a child just by touching them. That scared me (I was 8 at the time) as well as the music which was ominous. For a good two years, I was scared that he was hiding waiting to attack me.


well if we're gonna talk about child fears, then I remember that spirited away scared the shid out of me as a kid. I don't think I've even finished it


What about it scared you? I don't remember watching that one as a child despite watching his other movies.


I read the Elfking poem some time ago. Faust is awesome.


It had weird ghosts. Really scary stuff


What made that poem awesome? Should I read the poem now that I am an adult?


Yes. I very much did enjoy Faust's storytelling. He sets a very nice tone of dread.


Maybe I should read it to confront my fears of the elf king. What do you think anon?


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Now, let me see
I was really afraid of clothes moth and flies when I was like 4-5 y.o.
I thought moth eats everything on its way. Dunno why a simple fly could scare me though, it just did.
Nowadays I have a fear of bees. I can't even play video games with bee-like enemies, they often have that disgusting buzzing sound. If it's wasps, it's even worse.

At the age of 6-7 I was afraid of going to the kitchen in our house at night. The light switch was placed right behind the door, so I quickly pressed it every time I entered. Now, being in the dark is kinda comfy, but I live in a smaller apartment now, there's always enough lighting from the outside.

At the age of 9-10 I was afraid to choke on my own saliva. I couldn't force myself to swallow it for a whole hour and couldn't answer anyone during that because my mouth was full of fluid. This was a really idiotic thing and I got rid of that habit really fast.

Have more autistic stories related to fears, if you're interested


>If it's wasps, it's even worse.
It was terrifying to me, i had watched a documentery on how they injected eggs into caterpillars, and how the babies ate them from the inside whilst the catterpillar still lived and i always tried to avoid them in fear of having eggs implanted in me.
>At the age of 6-7 I was afraid of going to the kitchen in our house at night.
For me, it was the hallway, i always had to run as quickly as i could to my room which was close by. even using a flashlight didnt help.
>Have more autistic stories related to fears, if you're interested
That sounds cool, everyone would enjoy that.


> For me, it was the hallway, i always had to run as quickly as i could to my room which was close by. even using a flashlight didnt help.

Hallway was a part of thing for me too, you had to go through it first to get into kitchen. There also was a large mirror on the side wall you had to pass by every time you went there and back. But I started to fear it much later, due to events I'll tell about at the end.

Anyways, I was reading a nature book once and learned about locusts, how its swarms can appear out of sudden and devastate fields. I got really afraid of possibility to look out of window and see an omnivorous locust swarm coming. I was constantly prepared to grab my stuff and run if that happens lol. Locust migration is an unpleasant event for sure, but is highly unlikely to happen in a place where I live and not as spooky as I pictured it in my head.

For a short time, I've had a fear of jellyfishes. My mum took me on vacation to the seashore and there were warning signs telling to beware of poisonous clinging jellies. Being a six-years old, I had no idea how clinging jellyfish should look like, but if everyone's afraid of it, it should be at least half of a human size, have red laser shooting eyes and claws and whatever else it might harm you with. I was kinda disappointed to see the real thing. But anyway, jellyfish sting isn't something you'd actually want to experience.


And now, the main story.

When I was 8, I had to spend a few weeks in hospital and shared a room with an older guy (he was 12, I think). He told me a story about Candyman, a vengeful spirit of a black slave with a meat hook for his hand, who appears out of mirror and kills you if you say his name 5 times. He said his friends tried to summon Candyman once and when he appeared, they got scared and ran away, one boy got missing later. I wasn't really impressed by his tale, but later at night, I was chilling in bed, sleepless and thought about what he told me. Then suddenly, I saw some creepy shadow quickly moving from one side of the ceiling to another. Like a dog with smiling human head or something, I don't know, it was there for 3 seconds and faded into the darkness. I got really fucking scared and decided to sleep immediately. Next morning, I told the guy about that thing. He said it was Candyman, and it's not safe to even think about him while looking at mirrors. 'You got lucky', he said.
I was afraid to look at any reflective surface for an entire year after that and annoyed all my friends. Even now, I can randomly start thinking about Candyman, so I close my eyes and keep it closed until I repel these thoughts. I know a dude just retold me a fucking movie plot and what I saw was a shadow from a car or something, but it just a normal part of my behaviour by now. I don't want to see that 'thing' again and prove to myself it wasn't just a child's imagination.

Also it totally ruined Christina Aguilera's song for me, lol


>I don't want to see that 'thing' again and prove to myself it wasn't just a child's imagination.
Don't be silly anon!
candyman candyman candyman candyman candyman
You see? It ain't thalkjlgajfagblknea sgsb.jmfzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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showing my zoomer here but piglet's scary faces in Piglet's big game were scary as fuck. The hefelumps were scary too, that game was very scary.


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The whole concept of Heffalumps is a nightmare fuel.
I owned 70's Winnie the Pooh movie on VHS and always skipped that part where he had a nightmare, followed by a hellish musical part. Traumatized me for the rest of a childhood.

Also had a book and in the Heffalump chapter, they've portrayed it having a human finger on his trunk. Always skipped that chapter as well.


Oh, did you ever see those pink elephants from dumbo?


Yeah, but thankfully, I was already an adult by that time.
Seriously, what's with Disney and their spoopy elephants, the only time I was so scared by other animated movie is when I watched Brave Little Toaster. That junkyard scene is oof, had some nightmares after.


Yeah, media from previous generations can be really strange and odd when comparing to what came after it. Was it a generational difference for you anon?


> Was it a generational difference for you anon?

Not really, I grew up with all kinds of retro media, from 30's to 90's, I even like most of it. It's just a certain moments when creators went a bit too far with disturbing/odd content. They've probably didn't see it as "scary" but as a kid, you see things differently, you can be impressed by and afraid of simplest things.

I don't really know if we can call media from that era "strange" when today we have stuff like Adventure Time, Rick and Morty and many more. It's just different.


One for me would be glitchy regions in video games. Glitch city used to scare me, even reading about it was enough. Diving to the bottom of the sea in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas did so as well, but for that I was more worried about the possibility of glitches.


This reminds me.
For some reason, loading screens between regions in Vice City used to spook me a little. I can't even explain why. You just ride in your car, listening to some radio, then the whole game interrupts for a second, no music, no sounds, just loading screen. Then it's back to normal.
Idk why but old GTAs have some unsettling vibes in general.


Old pokémon always had weird spooky parts, like the backstory behind lavander town, when team rocket killed all the pokemon in the local area, or that ruins of alph, where a pokemon version of hiroshima happened, and the lost souls turned in to the unknown.


The lavander town music really spooked me as a kid


> Old pokémon always had weird spooky parts

Well, X/Y had a ghost girl encounter in Lumiose. If I remember correctly, right behind the city is a path with lots of gravestones around


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I was watching SMB1 walkhthroughs on YT and suddenly remember that Hammer bros used to scare me a lot when i was little. I just hated levels where they appear. Same with Lakitus, but i got used to run through their levels as fast as i could.

Something about their appearance terrified me.

To think of it, every main Mario game from Bros to 2 USA had those little moments i was uncomfortable with. Aside from obvious Phanto in 2, in Bros, when you flip over the turtle and let it to get back on its legs, it transforms into much faster purple-colored version. I called that "undead turtles", like, one hit from you kills them and if you aren't fast enough to send them into turtle hell or whatever, they turn into zombies. Also that flying fire enemy that appears after 15-20 seconds in a level (don't know its' name, called it Buzz-Buzz) was really scary to me. Like, their only reason to be in the game because it's arcade game, you gotta hurry up. Nintendo did a fucking good job ensuring i WILL hurry up.

I also had a Japan-exclusive NES game called Doraemon, based on a kids animu with the same name. The game itself is typical early Hudson stuff; weird, random level design, random enemies. There is one enemy that looks like a mushroom and spreads a fuckload of projectiles around him, and it respawns immediately when you move screen to the side, so basically it's always there.
The game gets progressively scarier as you play through it, first level in the city with cheery music then suddenly you warp-pipe it to the graveyard with no exit in sight. Stage 3 has a huge-ass octopus that kills you in one touch without even letting you to get a safe spot on screen, then the game randomly decides to teleport you to scary bonus room then puts you back.

Nowadays, I kinda started to understand the exact reason behind my fear of such things. It's not a scary stuff that happens on screen, it's a fear of losing, mixed with uncertainty coming from whatever games throw at you. The feeling of fear reaches it peak is when your character is not just dead yet but can die at any moment. It's not actually 'autistic' and more logical but i think some vidya fears can be explained by that. If you were invincible all the time, no monster hiding behind the corner is a real threat to you, unless it looks like something you have a phobia of.


>it's a fear of losing
I can relate. The "end" thing kind of is similar to that.
Also Hudson Soft fucking rocks.


That never scared me, probably because I mute handheld games a lot of the time. When I heard it I just assumed it was nighttime. It confused me why people were scared.


If being afraid of autistic people counts then there we go.


I am scared of being pulled over by the police. IDK what to do on the interstate or a busy intersection. This is very autistic because I can look up what to do. Can you anons help me out?


God, let me think about this.
I don't know why, but I'm dead scared of them. Specially as a child, but I'm still kind of fearful of them to this day. Just seeing one would ruin my whole day. When I had hallucinations, I saw them in my food and crawling around my room. Truly disturbing.
>Taking my meds.
I'm not sure how autistic this actually is, but taking my (anti-psychotic) medication makes me scared. I go to the kitchen, grab my bottle of pills, and freeze. I can't do it. It got to the point (when I was 17-18) that my parents had to give it to me everyday because otherwise I wouldn't take it.


whenever i take pills of any kind, i have to quickly down them or else i'll gag and unable to swallow


Does anyone have some /present/ weird fears?

I don't remember having any fears in childhood. But I have some things that make me cringe and the feeling is similar.


Ayy. I do. My game over fear carries on to this day. Cant even play retro games at night.


I'm afraid of messing up saying "hello" to people. Like not saying it when I should or on the contrary saying it when I shouldn't. I'm not good at knowing how to behave in general... Also I rarely look my neighboors in the face so I might not be able to recognize them, so generally I say hello unconditionally to all people I meet on my house's staircase, but obviously that's weird to casual visitors, and I would completely ignore my neighbours if I met them somewhere outside
The result of this is that I'm afraid of ever meeting anyone on the staircase, which makes me afraid of taking out the trash
I'll admit that this fear is variable in time, sometimes it's better, sometimes it's worse
Once I forgot to say hello to my dentist on the street and now I'm afraid of ever going to the dentist. I've somehow convinced myself he resents me deeply for that one time


My cat scratches on a box-like it is a scratching post. He sometimes does it at night and, I fear that someone is trying to break into my house.

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