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Hey /b/, ITT, share some things you never understood. It could be other peoples actions, a law/rule, a thought, anything at all you could never wrap your head around. If any anons here know the answer or can explain someone's hangup, feel free to do so!
I personally never understood why black people, or perhaps just black women, dyed their hair blonde. It always looks bad, no matter who they are. This might be a personal opinion but it always looks weird and unnatural, and I really don't understand the appeal. I also don't get wanting the same color hair as your skin - it looks incredibly awkward. Not to mention when it grows out and you can see the roots. An expensive look to keep up and it usually looks like trash.
Another thing I never understood is why some people actively choose not to wear shoes. We live in a modern era where shoes are not only available, but cheap as well. No longer must we suffer through wearing one worn down pair or nothing at all. I don't see how it helps except to callouse your feet, which you don't need to do because we have fucking shoes. I heard of something called "grounding" and I don't understand that either. Can someone explain the appeal?


I don't know much about fashion trends, but where I used to live, people would go out barefoot pretty frequently just because the weather was fine and it was more convenient than putting on shoes. I still do sometimes if I'm just taking out the trash or something. It's comfy.

If there's something I don't get, it's the way people seem to form hierarchies whenever they come together in any kind of group. I don't really feel the need to hold a position of authority in a hobby-based club, so it's weird to me that they all go through the motions for establishing leadership when it would be easier to just meet as equals and interact organically.


>Another thing I never understood is why some people actively choose not to wear shoes.
Why would you willing subject yourself to foot prisons?


>It's comfy.
Fair enough. Anything for the comf amirite? I guess I don't understand because I always wear shoes or at least socks. Being barefoot is just weird - guess its a culture thing. But I don't know how people aren't worried about stepping on glass or bugs or rocks etc etc.

Cause feef warm.


Have to, Need special inserts because my feet are bad.


forming hierarchies is interacting organically.


Lmao, OP plz I never understood why blonde white women always wanted to dye their skin black, guess its the same thing as what you are talking about, but the thing is that every guy I talk to is just disgusted by it. Maybe it is a british and Irish thing over here but my exchange student frens from Italy (both guys and girls) have mentioned how stupid and ugly it looks (the Italian girls have told me this first time they've seen the phenomonia). No one likes fake tan and appartently its only a Irish or british thing, the only other time you see it is in Japan with 'Gyaru' which is the same thing but I think that the majority of women believe that to be prostitutes prettying themselves up. Anyone any ideas of where this came from?


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Why do people build communities around every single thing that unites them?
I can see the point of "fandoms" but a lot of the time it gets to the point where it's like you HAVE to be a part of it if you like the thing.



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I think I actually have an answer for this. Back when tanning first became popular, sometime during the 20th century, it was almost like a status symbol. Having a deep tan meant that you had the wealth to spend your whole summer out on vacation or on yachts or something gay like that. However, soon fake tanning became a thing and for some reason it never went away. I think they think they look classy or perhaps they just want to be black in some cases? Its quite baffleing because it looks awful.

I think communities give people an indentity. A lot of people don't really have personalities that they feel attached to, so they base their time or even entire lives around one thing because it gives them purpose. They are not just human #04045986547, they are that guy who likes homestuck or crossfit or something.
It gets out of control when people base their lives off it, cause now they will defend its upkeep at all costs. It's not even that they like it, its that it IS them and they must prove that its worth basing themselves off of.
Throw in a natural human tendency to form groups and an "us or them" mentality and you have intense communities based off a single thing.


"Tan" became the look for the summer. If you're out strutting on the beach in order to attract the opposite sex, you'd want an even and uniform bronze color. Problem is that people who can only get out every other weekend or so would end up with the farmer's tan, where the head and forearms are tanned and everything else is pale. So people would sit in tanning beds to try and even things out, then spray-on tan came out as a shortcut. Then people went overboard, just slapping on ridiculous amounts in an attempt to make everything look even and uniform, but fake tan will always look like shid so it's futile.


In terms of hobbies, meeting others with the same hobby is secondary to enjoying the hobby itself. Sadly it seems people forget this.


Many things get ruined when people forget you're supposed to enjoy what you're doing and not use it as a status symbol. I can think of a few hobbies/communities where this is true. I suppose its human nature to destroy everything good.


>Why do people build communities around every single thing that unites them?
What else would you build communities around? How could you even build a community around things that don't unite them?
>a lot of the time it gets to the point where it's like you HAVE to be a part of it if you like the thing.
I don't know what you mean by this. I have never joined any fandom and have never felt like I needed to because I liked something.


I don't mean to not build communities at all, but instead that it should come secondary to enjoying the hobby itself.
Apologies for my wording.
Also, I've seen it quite a lot. But YMMV.


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How do people not realize Clark Kent is Superman? Motherfucker literally just puts on a pair of glasses.


Not joking, there's some bullshid about kryptonian technology in the glasses, But DC has several excuses as to why it happends but i guess another is that he threw people off too much, being goofy and aloof and faking getting hurt as to keep his secret.


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I do not accept such feeble lies. It is clear Superman is being aided by Zatanna's magic or Martian Manhunter's technology. It does not matter, no one can hide from Brainiac, not even Superman.


I've never watched or read any Superman, so I don't know what it's like, but is it possible that people never get a good look at Superman? I mean, from what I understand, he's always flying around, so maybe people don't get close enough to see what he looks like.


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No, the public regularly interacts with Superman, they even pulled him to safety when he gets his ass knocked out by a villain. It's all just PIS (Plot Induced Stupidity); it'd fuck up his aesthetic if he wore a mask, but they also have to write him as having a personal life living among humanity for relatability and if he had a public identity, he'd just be under assault from enemies 24/7. All of this applies to Wonder Woman, as well.


Maybe he can change the bone structure in his face enough to make him appear like a different person, yet the difference is a bit too subtle for the cartoonists to pick up.


What I do not understand is why people talk or say memes in real life. To me it defeats the purpose of a meme. To be fair it is normies doing this and I am not one of them.


What's the purpose of a meme?


An inside joke on the internet. Joking in real-life defeats the purpose of a meme being an inside thing on the internet. For me, a meme is just a joke a few people know about.


I think its a sort of refrence, like when you refrence a movie line because its funny or it fits the scenario. Although I don't actually do that myself, I think its because you want to see if the other person knows what you're talking about. Sort of seeing if they're in on the inside joke. Although I agree, it is really awkward when people take internet culture off the internet. It doesn't transfer well in real life.


>it is really awkward when people take internet culture off the internet
Not only that but these people are uncreative and can't get their own jokes. It is grating to hear these people tell the jokes poorly because they think they are funny when they are not.


While I understand your pov, I think anon meant that it can be fine to reference an internet joke with frens. Sometimes it just kinda works alright
But of course it just as easily can be awkward and unfunny, and online you usually see plenty of examples of that. I guess it's an attitude thing


I dunno how people seem to be into 'drama' so much, both online and in reality. Seems like people trying to start fights for no reason other than just to appear 'heroic' to those around them. Maybe I'm just boring


1. it's easy to "get" and participate in drama.
Sometimes to participate in a community you need to know and understand many things, whether it's stuff related to the topic, or to the culture of the place, or whatever. With drama, it doesn't matter what your background is, you can easily understand it. "This guy argued with that guy and said this thing" and so on. So drama is something you can get/share/discuss immediately, even if you don't know all the details.
2. it's probably human nature in part to be interested in drama
Gossip has existed since forever. At the end of the day people seem to care about people and their relationships with other people. That's also possibly part of the reason why movies are interesting to us.
I suppose this answers your second doubt: people want attention, so they manufacture drama because they know it draws attention.
3. Conflicts happen sometimes. Reason 1 and 2 inflate the whole thing and make it a public event
>Maybe I'm just boring
If anything, I'd say that it's the people who are too much into drama who have the risk of forgetting everything else which would make them pretty boring.
If there's something I can ask of you it's to be understanding of people who are a bit into drama. Not attention whores though. Fuck 'em


People get bored easily and want to spice things up. It like a big event and yeah people want to be the "protagonist" and "hero" in their own little story. People also like talking about themselves and people need content for this.


I don't understand why people are in a rush to be considered an adult. Besides the privileges' you are now have what is there even? People older than you don't respect you more, in some cases situation they are more annoyed by you now that you are considered an adult.


prestige and feeling of accomplishment.
adults = productive
kids = not productive


I think from a child's perspective, adults are more respected, for example an adult's problems are seen as more important than kids ones. Also all the rules in a kids life come from adults, who instead do whatever they want to (from the kids point of view)


I guess. When I was 16 or 17 I realized being a adult doesn't really change anything for the better. Now that you are a adult you have to worry more about money and that is stressful.
The hierarchy of adults is really a thing.


I have no idea how people can find ads entertaining. Whenever I see advertisements trying to be funny I recoil in distaste. Either the people who wrote the joke is out of touch or has to be bland or a combination of both ads are terrible. I know ads work because companies make em to this day but who enjoys ads?


There was a time when people were more entertained by commercials. People would go around repeating the slogans like "where's the beef?" "yo quiero taco bell." I remember companies used to sell merchandise based on their commercials. I think I had a "make 7 Up yours" shirt when I was a kid. I know those taco bell dogs were available as prizes at amusement park games for a long time. People don't really get into commercials like that anymore, but I don't think marketing companies want to admit that the trend is dead.


Maybe advertisements used to be more memorable but I don't think anyone looked forward to seeing an ad. In the past when people watched TV and dreaded being distracted from their shows. Maybe those memorable ads are a testament of how mucu tv people watched. Everyone saw their show and people would get the reference. Now companies are too big to fail to the point of going broke. It doesn't matter how hard they suck they will get their money.


I don't exactly think "meme culture" helped much either. Now it seems like they are trying to make ads meme like, Or just so someone can turn it into a meme.


Nowadays advertisements are entertaining for the wrong reasons, mostly because of how god awful they are. I feel as if TV advertisements are no longer entertaining and less memorable, they usually just consist of focusing on just the product and what market gap it is trying to fill or what it's trying to compete with. Alternatively you have your bottom of the barrel mobile game advertisements which usually consists of "OMG I CAN'T BEAT THIS LEVEL I AM BIG RETARD O:", with some game that doesn't exist.


>I don't exactly think "meme culture" helped much either.
Yeah, when you have to be bland and appeal to everyone you will not be funny. Most memes in general are not funny because if they were they'd offend someone if they were throwing any punches.
> I feel as if TV advertisements are no longer entertaining and less memorable
The only memorable part of the ads is that there are many interracial couples. The unfunny ads just make your day worse because it makes you think of the simpletons the ads works on.
The most common mobile ad I have is this obvious scam app where you can apparently win a bunch of moneys.


In days before DVRs, people used the commercial break to go pee or get a drink. Also, people would often turn on the TV just to see what's on. So they'd be sitting through ads before they are even invested in watching anything.


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I don't understand why people still believe in communism today


Why do people think teachers are selfless and underpaid? It especially funny when they complain to students who have less money than them. The selfless part of the narrative comes from the idea that being a teacher is a calling. That doesn't make sense when they openly complain about their job on the job site.


no joke material


Because they think that one achievement of healthcare and education justifies a dictator letting millions of people starve because he didn't want to look bad. Whether the numbers were exaggerated or not, anyone who supports Stalinism/Marxism-Leninism(which is what I assume you mean by communism, since there are many socialist and communist ideologies, and no they're not the same) is someone I don't understand.
This guy is a good example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjwL1mSrPLA

Some good points, but'll he still defend Stalin for the Holodomor.
Bruh, just bruh.


I keep getting that video suggested. It is really annoying considering I am more right-wing and very much against communism. Is the 51-minute video worth watching? People like communism because they think that it is just to force everyone to be selfless. People don't get along as is so communism makes no sense. Individuals in a society have different goals, but communists believe people will voluntarily redistribute the wealth. They also want free stuff.


The wojacks...... how can anyone even take him seriously just for the wojacks alone.


My personal belief is that communism(In either Stalinist or pure AnCom form) cannot work because the former eventually leads the leader of the vanguard party to prioritize their own interests and give in to capitalism, and the latter just is too vulnerable to not be conquered(a measure already proven in some of this guy's examples) by capitalist/fascist forces.

As for the people wanting wealth, while this to some extent true, many of the current working class Americans' priorities are simply to survive in a society where wages stay the same and prices keep on rising(organically or not), a job that even a social democratic state could accomplish, let alone socialism, satisfying the masses. The reason that I think socialism would still be necessary in the long term is that the lobbying power, both legal and extralegal, of the mega industries of our global economy is so great that any measures to stop our grandest issues(e.g sustainable consumption, developments in healthcare, etc.) will be delayed until they very well no longer matter, a time as short as a few years from now for some issues.
We simply have to demand change and take power from those that oppress us, something that could be achieved through a socialist revolution.

A Democratic Socialist state is ideal in this case, and it must emphasize the people's individual liberty and encourage fighting for said liberty if necessary(walking a fine line between this and in itself becoming too authoritarian is a paramount issue, I agree), and the reforming of our economy must be done with the co-operation of the common worker and experts in the issue. Workers should have control over what they make, not the government. This does not mean that they will abandon supply and demand, rather that they will satisfy it in ways that both benefit themselves and the economy/community/whatever as a whole.

I do understand how you may view the stuff that socialists want as "free", but the labor already being done is enough to create billions of dollars of wealth for those at the top of our current hierarchy, then I see no reason why that value cannot be used to just sustain the people whose labor created it. If that wealth is not as grand as it appears, inflated due to the discrepancies caused by marginalism, that just goes to show that we have the resources to throw at value/capital that doesn't really exist, that we do have the surplus to support the people.


Addendum: One would have to put in a full day's of work or prove their inability to in order to receive state aid. You don't produce, you don't receive. Yes, fraud could happen, but the same occurs and is corrected in capitalism already, so this is by no means a fatal issue.


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Why do men see colored shades as fashionable? People think they look sophisticated in colored shades but to me they look like the person that would be targetted in a mugging.


Don't know where you live but for the most part it's men and women. Also, it depends on the usage and where or when you use it. For example, yellow tint https://blog.safetyglassesusa.com/benefits-of-copper-orange-amberyellow-brownbronze-lens-tints/ Blue also works similarly, but also helps prevent eye degeneration. Green prevents migranes, the lists goes on. not best to wear in shady alleyways or places where you'd get beaten up for it of course.


I was referring to people wearing the glasses as John Lennon did. How many people wear these shades for medical purposes?

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