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Hey /b/. Let's talk obsessions you had as a kid.
I love retrogaming, always did, but as a kid, I was obsessed with Pac-Man. I knew everything about the series. I knew of Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and even Pac-Man Jr. I liked other arcade games from the 80s, and other retrogames in general, but especially Pac-Man for some absurd reason. I never knew why.

I even knew about the TV series, the Saturday morning cartoon. Not to mention Pac-Land, which was ported to the Atari Lynx and TG16.

Sometimes it'd be all I'd talk about. I loved looking at Pac-Man art, playing Pac-Man, etc.

Anyways, tell us about your obsessions.


I'd use to believe I could talk to or hear Satan when about 6-8yrs. I also remember having thoughts come into my head about people and some pups I sold off burning and screaming in hell after watching some video about hell by some catholic but not catholic youtube channel that prophesed that today's pope is the last pope and after he dies the end times start to roll in. Wasn't even in a religious household as well so its not like that


I'm not sure if it counts, but I was told that once I refused to eat broken biscuits. I only ate whole ones
Also once I decided to count as high as I could (however by my rules I could count from 1 to 100 over and over and I would consider it summed up)
I think I counted up to a few thousand
My frens used to call me obsessed because of a band I liked the first years of high-school. In reality I wasn't obsessed, it's just that I wasn't that aware of the existence of other bands. I could distinguish basically any song the band released by the first 5 seconds or so though


when i was three i was obsessed with this one hotwheels car, and i held it to the point where the paint melted off and the metal underneath was revealed.


Throughout my childhood, I was obsessed with collecting Yugioh cards. For many Christmas and Birthdays, I receive the collector tins. Nowadays, I sell Yugioh cards online, so it still is a hobby of sorts.


I really liked Pac Man too
I still do, one of my favorite games to this day is Pac Man World 2, and i play the original game regularly
I also really liked, and still like trains
Mainly steam locos
Man, they are pretty to look


i liked bugs and how small they were, how they look and how much power i have over them, to this day i still like bugs


>I'd use to believe I could talk to or hear Satan when about 6-8yrs
Same, but for me it was God.


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I had an unhealthy and perhaps autistic obsession with scooby doo. I pretty much ONLY watched scooby doo. It got to the point where my family would leave the room if they saw I was watching scooby doo (again). Yearly I'd have self created marathons around Christmas, and I continue this tradition. I had about 40 DVDs worth of movies and episodes, and would watch them near religiously. Nothing brought me greater joy than when my dad would come home with a new DVD or when I would spy one at a yard sale. I also had a cheap scooby doo plushie that to this day I can't find. I had other scooby doo stuff but when I was 13 my mom tossed out all my toys and they were all lost. I'm pretty pissed because I could've sold them.
I also really liked dolls. Super super into dolls. Still am.

I always liked bugs too. I would put them in jars often or search for them in the forest. Something about how easy they are to handle or perhaps just their unnatural beauty.


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I was really into the british children's books series Mr Men. I had all the books and a bunch of plush Mr Men. I used to get up really early before school just to watch the cartoon.
Scooby Doo was one of my favourites too. Its a real classic


>I love retrogaming, always did, but as a kid, I was obsessed with Pac-Man. I knew everything about the series. I knew of Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and even Pac-Man Jr.
This reads like the beginning of a copypasta.


They're called cookies. COOKIES, you bongoloid. GET IT RIGHT.




Caring about gaystation drama and roblox, god damn, I pissed 5 years of my life away.




Under the name feild, theres options, well under that there's a butfon that says (advanced) there you can disable wordfilters.




What happened?


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>What happened?
Basically I pissed most of my childhood away on stupid shit and I got bullied for around 4 years, I honestly don't much fond memories of my childhood when I was 12-18.
I got into 'roblox' due to their aggressive advertising back in the past, if you went on any flash game back in 2014 you would have seen a bunch of their ads. I went on it regularly from 2014-16
Literally whenever I played bloons tower defense 5, those ads would just keep on coming.
I ended up caring way too much about that game, being heavily interested in the drama that insued on the site (there was a lot of drama on roblox)
I spent an ungodly amount of time making yt videos that were shit which were mainly drama related, literal hundreds of hours of time wasted, I ended up stopping that habit when I was 17 but still spent way too much time hundreds of hours on such stupid bullshit.
That and watching a lot of dumb mcdonalds anti sjw videos, drama channel videos and
I browsed weird deepweb fourms from 14 -17 (I was an addict at 17), which started mainly due to curiosity from those (YOOOO LOOK AT THE SHADY DEEP WEB type videos) and just going downhill from there.
Also taking the knee when getting bullied for like 16 years and being antisocial as hell.
I started browsing 4chan at 15 and 8chan at 16, I haven't stopped browsing these sites since.
I spent so much time on things that don't matter and it wasn't really fun or enjoyable just a waste of time, I just regret it, but eh that's the past.

I'm 18 now.


Well the good thing is your still young, so you got time to recover from those lost years, and make better memories


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I was obsessed with The Lion King at the age of 10-11.
The fren gave me a VHS for a whole month, and I watched it every three days, even made cards with the songs' lyrics.
I still like that movie and video game on Sega Genesis, TV show was ok too.

There also was a TV series based on Around the World in 80 days novel, but all the characters were talking animals. I loved it so much my heart broke a little when final episode aired.


I had this weird thing that started when I was 5 and ended when I was like 11 or so....i would do challenges in my head like jumping from one peice of furniture to another or run to point x by time y...and for some reason Freddie and Jason were the judges and Freddie would commintate


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Became religious about graffiti and vandalism at a young age. Just was amazed that people would and could go out and paint art on walls. Spray paint to i loved, got into making my own ink formulas for my vandalism but they were always shid awful and didnt work at all as they were spose too. Put shid like crushed inscense and drain cleaner in it acting like a MAD SCIENTIST


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well. i always had a weird obsession with vacuum cleaners when i used to be 7.


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>File: indir (10).jpg
How many pictures of vacuum cleaners do you have?


Jason may not like bullies, but one thing he doesn't like is PUSSIES either.


I was obsessed with Pac-Man



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I was obsessed with the paranormal at an early age. The library at my elementary school had this old book about paranormal things and I read it many times. I found Bigfoot and Yeti fascinating and otherworldly. To think that these creatures exist outside our accepted reality was amazing to me. It was like another world hidden within our own, drab one.
I also used to watch tons of ghost videos at school instead of studying. Then I'd complain to my mom the following night that I was too scared to sleep lol.


goo thing you didnt huff those fumes
seems like hes still obsessed with vacuumes
top lad
are you still obsessed with the paranormal?
would make for a KILLER cult


>are you still obsessed with the paranormal?
I would not say obsessed but I find it very interesting.


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Not sure if it counts, but since I can remember, I've been obsessed with keeping people sane (?). For instance, I would make sure to leave every object I picked up in the same place and position as it originally was, so my mom wouldn't think she's going crazy. It was little things like that, but it would have me stressing for days if I didn't inform my parents that I borrowed some pen or touched a box of tissues (sic).

Also I've been crazy about breaking boundaries in (often cheap) 3d video games, it felt like I'm discovering hidden worlds, inescapable and mostly empty, I keep having dreams about liminal spaces hidden within video games to this day, this stuff was beyond my comprehension at this age.


Did your mom often think she was going crazy because of little things like that? That sounds kinda... crazy.


she's perfectly sane, just had a kid with hardcore OCD


>breaking boundries
Yeah thats fun to do, love clipping through walls. Fun to do and if you do it on multiplayer games it'll piss people off and you'll get called a hacker. i also like generally not playing games normally and just explore every nook and cranny for the heck of it. I remember convincing people on MGO2 to just not fight against eachother (no time limit, just had to kill eachother a certian amount of time to end the pvp match) and fuck around like what people do on VR chat or generally explore. Halo 2/3 had LARGE maps multiplayer or otherwise and i'd crawl around and find some easter eggs or places that are hard to reach.


In England they're referred to as biscuits


In the civilized world we refer to them as biscuits


I remember hanging out with a girl who was obsessed with Lion King 2 we watched that film four or more times due to hanging in he house.


>hanging in he house
What do you mean? Why were you hanging out?


I did a mistype,sorry
We were hanging out because she was our fren


i guess video games. i am 28 and do nothing but play video games everyday. i wish my father never introduced me to them and actually tried to be a father instead of distracting me with video games.

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