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I got a whole thing of ranch-flavored Corn Nuts. What are you guys eating? Got any favorite flavors? Halloween candy is supposed to get cheap pretty soon.


peanut butter snickers are my favorite although they changed the recipie


honey roasted peanuts too


Try dipping some apple slices in caramel, fucking delicious.


Depends on what's available
But I like dry fruit


Apples and peanut butter, but only with green apples.


mmm candy apples, i havent had those in a long time


I really like the nerd ropes and nerds in general. Hershey cookies and cream is neat too.


pumpkin pie and apple cider
i neeeeeeeeeed it


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Hey guys, I got a thing of Funyuns.


What will you do with it?


I think I'm gonna eat them while watching Xabungle, further bulletins as events warrant


I ate the Funyuns and watched Xabungle. It was pretty good, I wish I could get those things in more flavors.


not a snacc but im making a nice pork roast for dinner, its gonna be very nice

dry fruit is gud but a bitch to get out of ur teeth so i tend not to get it

op comfy posting approved, ive never had funyuns but they sound p gud


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Is soda allowed?
Best soda. Hands down. Nothing can top the refreshing taste of Dr. Pepper.
Soda of intellectuals and Übermenschen alike.


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Here's my (not-so) secret snack stash. I usually take something out of it once in a week or two.
Not a healthiest of the lifestyles, but I have no future anyway, so I'd better enjoy things I like while I still can.


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If Dr. Pepper is for Ubermenschen, then I wanna be an Untermensch
Moxie > Mr. Pibb > Dr. Pepper > Coke > Pepsi


The fuck is moxie, what does it even taste like?


It's the ORIGINAL ELIXIR and it's what all those other drinks wish they tasted like


I've never tried Moxie. They don't have it here.


all these drink opinions are trash, best drinks are cue cola and monster energy

as for snacks ive been eating ungodly amounts of microwave popcorn


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Good news everybody, I just got a bag of Andy Capp's ranch fries and another one of BBQ fries
>monster energy


i want pumpkin pie again even though its not in season. im angry.


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Pumpkin pie is indeed a very tasty food. It is not something I'd expect to be good but it very much is.


I am addicted to Wintergreen Lifesavers for some reason, perhaps it's the numbing sensation that it gives off? also what's cool, If you munch on it in a dark room, it sparks like an ember.


Spearmint tea

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