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So we have this calendar for 22chan time but there are barely any holidays on it, anyone got a nice idea?

Come up with a holiday (name and a small description) and post it in this thread!


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large hadron collider day


Amazing suggestion, i'll make sure to add that right away. Do you have a fitting description?


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All anons must use their large hadron colliders on their body pillows.


Melloween instead of Halloween.
We set up some stuff on the cytube and watch horror movies/spooky stuff together. Or we can share spooky links and write horror stories or just chill in a thread and chat about spooky stuff.
It'd be very chill and comfy. On October 31.

I also propose Anon Day. It'd be on December 1st, and every single user would have to be anonomous. No tripfagging, avatar fagging, or using names. Even you twoot would be an anon and maybe we'd have a hunt to guess which person you are.


More possible holidays:
>National Cat Day - last Caturday in September
post cat pics, commemorate cats we have lost, NO dogs allowed, just cats
>National Possum Day - June 24
When I eventually get my ass around to start planning th comic, this is the due date. I'll make a thread about it for all those who are interested (later). More details in that thread.
On Christmas, we organize some comfy old-fashioned animated holiday movies or just any chill holiday movie on the cytube. We can also make threads just chilling and talking about the holidays/gift ideas/loneliness/whatever.
>Net-Character Day - anniversary of the day Niniba was created (dont remember the name off the top of my head)
Day of celebrating our net characters! Drawings, ideas for comics/scenes, fan-related stuff, all is welcome!

Anything to boost traffic. What do you guys think?


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i like it, i'll add some of em


Every saturday is caturday
Whenever terry davis died is king terry day


Whatever day the carp day war is treated as one would a battle like D-day
twoots birthday
22chan's birthday
april fools day aka ruseday
cant remember other notable events in 22chan's history


>twoots birthday
Already on there
>22chan's birthday
already on there
>cant remember other notable events in 22chan's history
me neither


>>cant remember other notable events in 22chan's history
>me neither
The exilement of carpfags and trumpetfags from /sewers/
The birth of gatorgang/spidergang
Specific board birthdays for /b/. /k/, /f/ and the rest


Have the birthdays of a regular pornsite Something Awful and 2Chan as holidays because without them this website (Or any other English chan) would not exist today


SA = NOV 16
4ch = OCT 1
2ch = AUG 30




For /mu/, the 21 night of september is called Do you remember?
[spoiler]i swear to god if nobody gets the joke[/spoiler]



so sick and stupid i lol'd


Every 22 of the month should be a holiday


Perfect idea

You rolled the number 687644539 (no dubs or higher)


large hadron collider Day


what day and month would it be set?


The LHC went live for the first time on September 10, 2008


perfect, can't wait for penis day


Juneteenth > Watermelon addict day of rememberance
nevar 4 get the slaughter of innocent watermelons and their tribe by those horrible addicts


Did any of you retards save that September video. I need it for a school project.


September video? which one?


There's a 9/11 news footage video with Earth wind and fire
9399 shared a dead link of it
I need it for a school project


Damn, i can't find it.


Fear not. I trust these retards with Joseph James DeAngelo Jr.'s life


That sounds like the weirdest combination. I'd like to see this video as well.


Can't find it. Which is odd, because i seriously expected it to be re-uploaded it on another platform. There isn't even something similar to what that video is. I tried combing the archives of /f/ and even watching shidty "a regular pornsite" vids on youtube. Either someone else here can give it a go, or even make our own version (splice some footage of 9/11 with some Earth, Wind and Fire) or i can request a regular pornsite to give it a go.


It was absolutely lovely. Opened with news footage before it hit, and the chirus hit right with the first plane. The chorus hits for a second time with the second plane. If any of you could find it, I would greatly appreciate it, as I'm at my wits end


I found 4 diffrent flashes, but i dont know if they play the music or not because i don't have adobe flash player installed
If one of these just so happens to be it or at least a variation, There is a way to convert it to MP4 thanks to a tool newgrounds developed which should be easy to install.


File: heh heh.gif (906.25 KB, 500x349, 500:349, 1641763668200.gif) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

we replace christmas with halloween/ make halloween last from october 31st to january 31st


epic prank


Do not take my Christmas away from me.


its over and its not coming back

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