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Hey /b/. I found a dead squirrel in a a park. I didn't really know what to do so I made a little grave marker. I've now been two days and I keep going back. I'll dump the pics.


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I made a little wreathe around it.


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I realized that maybe I should add a grave marker so I'd know where it was. I almost stepped on it, I remember.


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I went back yesterday. It's quite windy here so the marker was knocked down but the rest stayed surprisingly intact.


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Here it is set up again. I feel so sorry the marker keeps getting knocked down...


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I went again today to fix it up, added more gifts. I brought some shiny chains and coins, and a stick of incense to light. I got nervous because people were looking at me so I left early.
Anyway the point of making this thread is to ask you anons what you think I should do. I don't particuarly want to touch it but I can't just leave it to rot away. They bother me when I leave them.


eat it


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Get one of those big containers of salt and dump it one the squirrel. This will at least partially cure and preserve it without you needing to directly touch it. Next, buy some nice stones from a landscaping shop and build a tomb around it. Pic related is a mummified squirrel that I found while cleaning the storage room at a hotel I used to work for. I named it Ahhotep after the last queen of Egypt's 16th dynasty.


Cute grave please dont put salt on it,
leave it in peace, squirrel lifes are atrocious and it finally escaped


Imo there's no point in "preserving his body", because there's nothing bad in rotting away. Life is a cycle, we come from the ground and must one day return to it
Is there any chance at all you can bury him? Seems like the most sensible thing to do. You can grab him with gloves or a tool or something
Or you could just leave it there. That's an option too


File: CD6D5C65-63DF-4DA5-BCBD-8….jpeg (6 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 1601661229097.jpeg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I’m on a diet.

I don’t want to preserve him. I just want to be there. But thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks, I thought about burying it but its on the grounds of a school. I might just keep up the grave until it rots away or is discarded of... I kinda want the skull but that’d be mean.
I went back today. More flowers. I’m getting pissed because the marker keeps falling down due to how windy it is. I just set it up on the ground. I’m there right now.


Amazing trips.
Well you can always try to simply cleave the head straight off in order to get the skull for later.
Or take it, put it in a container full of water, freeze it, and get a cool (pun maybe not intended) frozen squirrel in your fridge.


Did you name it op? after its named scratch it on the wood or something


Yes like jeffrey dahmner


That's quite smart, actually. I don't think I can do it though. I am a bit nervous as people might report it at any moment and it would be taken away from me. The chopped off head might not help with that.

Oh god! I didn't name it. I think its a chick bc no squirrel balls have been seen. As of yet.
Okay, anons. Whoever rolls dubs or a 29 gets to choose the name. Please don't be completely retarded, I'm gonna engrave it on some wood. Come to think of it, I might make a proper gravestone.


I name him john

You rolled the number 653524774 (no dubs or higher)


lel, i expected that not to work.




You forgot to roll lawl


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Entertaining but sad thread anon. Here you go.


This thread is definitely sad anon. When I drive my car I see tons of roadkill and it kills me seeing a dead deer or squirrel on the side of the road.


I rarely see roadkill but that sounds fucking awful.


Yeah, it is. I see roadkill all the time and I am not sure why. There may be an active forest next to the road. I am not sure why this is still happening though because the road has been here since I could remember.


damn man also
fucking how


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I am not sure how all deers end up being run over but based on one experience the deer was separated from her family. It was really sad to see that the deer was lost. The deer crossed the road hoping to find its family. Pic related the situation sucked overall.


Oh wow thanks anon. I didn't think it was worthy of that. I haven't really done anything.
I'm sorry to hear about the deer situation. That's incredibly sad. I hope the deer is at rest now.
I see dead animals all the time as well. About one a month minimum, usually when I'm just out walking. I see lots of roadkill as well, but that's because I live in the city.
I think it started when I was 12. I was walking home from school in the winter (I lived in a small town before the city) and as I approached our apartment, a squirrel fell from a tree in front of me. I freaked out and started crying. I kind of knelt by it in the snow and cried over it and said I was sorry, I for some fucking reason thought I killed it? I don't know I was kind of mental. I stayed like that until my sister came home some time later and found me sitting by it. Ever since then, I've seen quite a few of all types. Squirrels, pigeons and their broken eggs, other birds, rats, raccoons, and even a cat along with other idecipherable roadkill. I also found the bones of a deer and buried the skull of it in the forest.

Anyway, origin story over. I don't think I can go see the squirrel today. It makes me anxious to think about it but I'm having a busy day for once. I'll try to see her if I can, but it takes about an hour to go there and back.
You guys can keep rolling for the name, by the way.


I am not sure if the deer I saw is dead. I saw a dead deer miles away from my house. Not that it makes it better. A couple of years ago some coyotes killed two deers in two weeks. It was in the midst of winter and it looks peculiar on the horizon.


If you won't roll then i'll roll for you

You rolled the number 724559178 (no dubs or higher)


I got dubs, you black african american watermelon addicts. But I'll roll the lame way if you want.
Also, I change my name to Suleiman the Great

You rolled the number 198490250 (no dubs or higher)


Here's a feels story:
I was driving home from work at rush hour for the small rural town I was living at the time. There was a squashed baby deer on the interstate and it must have just happened because the mom was on the opposite side of the road waiting for traffic to die down so she go go across and check on it. She looked like she was panicking. Usually deer run and hide from cars no matter what, so it must have been mom to stay at the side of the road and wait like that.


Oh shid i didnt notice that, i think the dubs should count, right?
if so the dead squirrel's name is sandy lol.


Hey anons its OP here. I've got some bad news.
I was working on the squirrel's wooden grave and may have accidentally slipped with the tool I was using and cut my hand. I had to go to the ER and get a few stitches, but I am 100% ok.
It's been almost a week since then. It's hard to get out to see the squirrel. The last time I saw her was last week. I don't know if she's still there but I'm going to be checking tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.
If she is, I will leave the (technically unfinished) new wooden marker and continue tending to the grave. If she is not, I will have to say goodbye to Sandy.
I am sorry for my negligence. I started getting nervous going outside so I stopped going on regular walks, which means it was hard to see her. I am sorry anons. I hope she is still there.


There's no need to fret, getting injured and treated is more inportant then anything


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Are you feeling better anon?

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