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I've been thinking about this for a while now.
I'll start off with a practical example. Let's say we have a normalfag meme - an image of a large cat with one of (((their))) traditional captions along the lines of "when you fat nigga fortnite." The cat itself is not a normalfag thing, now is it. I'd wish to share this cat with 22chan but it's repulsive in it's current state and it's a normalfag thing, that breaks the rules.
Is it somehow possible to "de-normify" this meme? Cat pic might not be the best example because the answer would be just to crop it and post solely the cat without unnecessary normalnig captions. But how would it be done
Surely it must not be forgotten that there are memes/jokes which cannot be de-normified at all, let's say some (((thanos))) or (((fortnite))) shid being the image or video itself. (effectively being double-aids, and double-aids is incurable)
So, can it be countered by making our own format? How would it look like? How easy would it be to make it?
And is it a thing that should be done at all?


in that case the main thing that makes it a normalfag meme would be the caption, so if you would be to remove the caption it would only be a cat image and not really normafaggy anymore.


That's what I said
>Cat pic might not be the best example because the answer would be just to crop it and post solely the cat without unnecessary normalnig captions.
I think one sentence was cut off though, so continuing from >>9205
But how would it be done with other types of memes where the text is a major part of the joke which should not be cropped?


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But part of what's "normified" memes and image macros are retards who take memes seriously and bring them into the real world instead of letting them be little Internet jokes

Telling people what they are and aren't allowed to find funny or entertaining is the most normal fag shid of all

Frankly you just sound like a retard desu


You can not unnormify a meme without a lot of effort. For me, it wouldn't be worth it because, in that situation, I'd imagine restoring a meme would be a sunken cost fallacy. Even if I succeeded, there would be diminishing returns because the meme has baggage from normies using it. It is more worthwhile to make your memes because memes mean an inside joke on the internet. How funny is a joke everyone is in on?


You can find funny whatever you want, that's not what this is about. This is about making something of our own for example a meme format in order not to contribute to the mass produced normalfag meme culture, and to keep 22 as pure and unique as possible. Reposting other memes is not the most unique thing ever, best thing would be OC, but we rarely get that, making us turn to other solutions.
If I didn't find a meme funny then why would I think of posting it on 22chan? Did you read the OP and did you even think for one second before posting you nigger


What you said makes sense, anon. But in that case, let's say we get people who would make OC but with the restriction of "no normalfag memes" they don't understand what exactly is allowed in making that sort of original content. Sure, they get what's banned but it does not help them that much, regarding memes.


I care about if a meme is considered normalfag because it is annoying. Normie memes are overexposed and are built for retards in the sense that they become dumbed down. It becomes spam at some point, and I simply don't want that. I like nice things for me and my site, not soyjak for the billionth time.


A lot of modern memes are assembled using prefabricated templates with minimal variations. For example:
>character: unexpected/silly action
Which lends itself to unoriginal and unfunny jokes
But maybe, if you do find a potentially decent joke in a normalfag format, you could take the punchline and re-do the joke without using normalfag formats
You'd be ditching "the meme" as you probably won't use the same macro and/or image, but the joke would still be the same


Personally I also enjoy meta-memes, which is when a meme makes fun of itself/other memes
Pic related to me seems to poke fun at the idea of the original meme (which I suppose was "1 person out of 3 is gay")
Here you save some components of the original meme but it's also something new meaning-wise
(mods delete the pic if you want)


In my opinion, a good meme usually creates itself.


Yeah, quality memes are not forced; they are natural and are used tastefully.


By trying to de-normify a meme, you are essential forcing a meme because you are deliberately saying, "a tweaked version of this meme should be a new meme." However, you may have unwittingly created a meme when you made up the word "de-normify."


its nearly impossible when normalfags have there hands on it you cant get them off

You rolled the number 300106241 (no dubs or higher)


They are like boomers in the sense that they are not in with what is cutting edge and how they will find something funny far longer than it should be.

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