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Simple question thread, ask simple dumb questions without sacrificing a thread

OP has the honor of asking the first question of this thread:
can you get b& on 4chinz for using spammed sage comments to kill a thread? (With a script to automate of course)


Yes, literally without a doubt


Depends on the board. Nobody will give a shid if it happens on /b/,/trash/ or [s4s].


Why isn't popsicles made out of real soda? The original story behind popsicles is that some retard kid left his soda outside in the winter and it froze. So he thought
>huh, i should put that on a stick
other kids saw him do it and the meme spread to the point where it started getting sold.
When you eat a popsicle, really it's just corn syrup! Why can't any soda brand sell popsicles of the soda AND regular soda by itself?
also im probaby gonna do that with some ice molds, a popsicle stick and some soda lol


probably cos its cheaper and lasts longer desu :3


when i get a bottle of water from my house, its warm or room temp, yet when i go outside it gets all sweaty and cold


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Condensation, it's the result of hot and humid air coming into contact with a cold surface.


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How the fuck does daylight savings time work? Do you just slap an extra hour on the clock? But time doesn't change, just how we perceive it? How can anyone move time around?


If you were allergic to bees and you got stung on the large hadron collider. Would your dick explode if you also got a hard on?


It wouldn't burst from pressure, instead it'd swell and get stuck that way and the only way to fix it is for a doc to drain the fluids. It woukd be fucked for life, no way for it to function properly..>>9162

You rolled the number 198280398 (no dubs or higher)


Daylight saving time is just a shift in timezone for a few months. Which means that when you're shifting in one direction you "loose" an hour (for example, time goes from 1:59 am straight to 3:00 am) and when you're shifting in the other you "gain" an hour (time goes from 2:59 am to 2:00am once)
The two shifts (back and forth) add up to 0 so the universe doesn't implode


What is the User JS function? And what is a useful or interesting example of User JS? I've always wondered what it is, and i know people share CSS themes and such but is User JS considered in the same way or us it just a personal script people run for various reasons?


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the real challenge is actually getting a script to bypass a regular pornsite's captcha and automatically post. I remember visiting a bread about some guy who was trying to train an ai to bypass the captcha.


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why isn't there a board for television and film discussion on here?


Two reasons, one of which is a low userbase, (moar people = need to seperate the userbase so /b/ doesnt get flooded with too many /tv/ breads.) two is that its not a topic discussed too much meaning that more breads or discussion is needed to warrent a new board.
Might as well make a bread about that subject matter and see how it goes.


Why do I feel as if I am fat when my parents say I am skinny? I don't want to get fat again, maybe, that is a big reason.


Either they are right and you are overthinking, Or they tell you thwt because they love you and are therefore biased


why do some birds speak?


Because the devil speaks through them.


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Can i start a bizarro/dystopian bread?
Here's a /fit/ related example :

/sewers/ or /b/?


I'd say /b/ if it isn't shidpost-y


How do stop motion animators make stuff looks like its floating? Use fisherman's string then edit the string out with photoshop?


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I know that in Nightmare Before Christmas they used a thin sheet of metal to animate Jack's dog, Zero, who was very float-y. Then they somehow made him transparent in post-production.


They might have used "Peppers Ghost" illusion for that transparent effect


I think someone was trying to scam me, but I am not certain. I was promised twenty dollars through Cashapp if I gave him $20 in cash. Because he looked out of it, I'm 90% certain he was trying to scam me. I didn't give him any money. Is this a common scam? Has anyone experienced this?


Why are you giving strangers on the internet money?


It was in person. I told him I wouldn't give him any money and he drove and asked for cash.


That is strange. So he wanted a loan? Sounds like a scam. I think if you'd given him 20 bucks you would have never gotten them back. Did he say what it was for?


My guess is that it was a scam since he drove up and asked for money. He could have easily driven off if I gave him money. My guess is booze because I was on a college campus.


fuck that guy
never give people money unless their homeless or people you know

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