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Hey there. It's me, turdguy. This is my first weekly Wednesday food review.

I had 3 mcdoubles and a 10pc mcnuggets from McDonald's. The mcdoubles were pretty terrible. Hard bread, dry beef, and the ketchup tasted like it had been microwaved. Very bad.

However, by contrast, the nuggies were moist and tasty. Bravo.

See ya next week.


Hey dude.
Do you think McDonald's food has changed in the last decade or two? I haven't had any in a very long time so I don't even know what they sell anymore it seems. Seems worse than before from your descriptions.


Not OP but I think I see some new offers occasionally, although they are just burgers with added beef/chicken and in a different size. Whether that's a real change - that's up to you to decide.


McDonalds deals are based.


I think that counts, but I see its not been as much as I thought. Go figure. I never liked McDonald's stuff anyway, everytime I ate it, I ended up puking afterwards.
22chen dubs of truth, but cannot confirm.


I can spend 7 dollars and get a burger with fries and a coke, while I can buy myself enough food from a grocery store to last a whole day, anything from MickyD's ain't that good of a "deal" in my opinion.


Fast food is more convenient (don't have to prepare it yourself), arguably more tasty (if unhealthy), etc.
And there's a burger king deal for 3 doubles, 3 whoppers, and 3 large fries for $12. That's a decent enough deal.


More convenient, yes. But never more tasty unless you're a useless retard in the kitchen.

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