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What is the natural disaster you are most afraid of?
Tornado? Tsunami? Volcanoes, meteorites?
I guess it depends a lot on where you live
I'm not really afraid of them, but if I had to pick one I'd go with floods or earthquakes. They do most of the damage here
Also share stories about them
I once saw a whirlwind in the sea. It didn't do much luckily, just kinda was there, then disappeared after a while


Im not too big of a fan of water stuff.
Especially waterspouts
I guess whirlpools are not exactly a "natural disaster" but they also spook me.


Oh, I guess what I saw back then wasn't a whirlwind, but a waterspout. It was always pretty small though, it didn't have a big cloud above
looks scary as fuck


all sorts of sinkholes are spooky aswell
the one at 1:35 is crazy


Ah my story isn't that interesting but I'll tell it anyway.
When I was growing up, I lived in a town surrounding a river. Maybe about 5,000 residents. Every year when it rained, the river would rise and threaten to flood the town, nobody took the flash flood warnings too seriously. It wasn't going to flood more than their basements and backyards. Until one year, it did.
I think it was 2008? I was coming back from a scout trip in the next state over and to our surprise everything was flooded. I lived on a hill on the third floor of an apartment so we were actually able to go home safetly.
It had rained nearly everyday for a week or two, and the river had risen over the streets and rushed into the town, which generally sat at a lower level. When I walked down the street, I could see two story houses submerged to their second floors. The brown water seemed to go on forever, but I was probably just short. I saw people in boats, one family with their dog in tow, padling back over here.
I don't think anyone died, I would've remembered. The problem is that many of the houses had been destroyed, and people had to find somewhere to live. The river was also quite polluted then, so if you went in it, you could get sick. I heard they cleaned it up, though, so maybe that's changed.
The renovations continued for years, until we moved to the city. I can't find the news report anywhere online or I'd link it. I guess nobody bothered to care too much about some random town's flood.


I am afraid of volcanoes because I don't live near one. Being burned and surviving I imagine would be very painful.


tsunamis scare the shid out of me because i fucking hate the ocean and its bullshid. I like lakes though


Do you hate the ocean because it is dirty or is it the waves?


I hate the waves. Its also so deep that the prospect of drowning is extra terrifying


What's wrong with waves?


If you don't go far into the ocean you should be fine if you aren't short. Water getting up your nose is very annoying though. Have you ever been to the beach?
I actually enjoy the waves because they are fun jumping above when they come.


the beach is great fun, the open ocean is what scares me


the fact that at any moment a wall of water could just decide fug you and sweep me away


The ocean is so deep and vast it's almost lovecraftian, even now we still don't know whats in there.



I prefer the ocean because if you are aware of your surroundings and not an idiot you should be fine. I am more cautious in the ocean which helps me stay safe. But the issues of being on the beach are unavoidable for the most part. If you stay out in the sun for too long or you don't apply just enough sunscreen you are sunburned. If the sand is hot today it is unbearable to walk the beach unless you are by the water. Sand will always get in your shoes one way or another.


If you want anyone to read your post, don't make the first sentence "my story isn't that interesting."
Maybe save that comment for the end. I didn't read your post because I am uninterested in reading uninteresting posts.


what was the town? sounds like the sort of thing that happens in aus from time to time



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Earthquakes, especially because of an unstoppable force or random things crushing you. Any natural disaster that can throw a human being around too.


An earthquake is a classic natural disaster. There is no way to stop it, it is unpredictable, and it is powerful. The only thing you can do is save yourself. Luckily I don't live in a area that is prone to earthquake from my knowledge.


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I like it when nature say's "fuck you, i'll make flaming tornados"

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