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I'm so tired of bouncing around imageboards.
Please tell me 22chan is here to stay.


If 22chan is anything it's stable, Twoot has taken many precautions with hosting. The rules should keep the censor patrol at bay.


Don't worry, 22chan is here to stay.
just dont be afraid to post on older thread. people will respond no matter what.


> 88764
lmao that post number is optimistic


If people like you who care are here 22chan will be here for a while.


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Hell yeah man, we just gotta put in the work to make sure it stays alive. Make quality posts, reply as you see fit, check the site often, and we'll be good to go. I believe in all the anons here :)


22chen is always here fren


a classic 22chan image


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I wrote a haiku of instructions.

Keep 22chen
quite alive and happy fren
until the web's end.

If you post often
and make quality threads, then
this site you defend.

All anons cheer when
more great threads shall come again
and you will be zen.


OP or any other anons for that matter what makes you wanna stay on 22chan? I am interested to know what separates us from other imageboards.


I looked for other places to stay because I got really sick of the board I frequently visited. Then I found 22chan when I was browsing lists of image boards.

Ultimately I'm looking for a board/community for tech/diy/programming/science. Not sure if 22chan is my final stop in this search. But the rules are cool, no shidposting and no toxic atmosphere. I'll at least check the board every now and then.


Pretty much >>8900
I like the fact that the posts are overall much saner. Less taxing on the mind. Another plus is that I get a stronger sense of community because it's smaller. 22chan is MY chan
You could try to make a few threads on /t/ maybe


It's pretty great that almost everyone here doesn't need to screech at each other like autists. at least it's one important part of 22chan. thats one of the reasons why i'm still here.
Other things that stick out is :
No porn
No ads
Pretty much no dramawhores
Good chunk of the shidty copy-paste normalfag stuff isn't allowed
Creative people like that cgi guy and that one guy who's a doll maker, twoot making fun stuff every now and then, messing with the word filters
Secret stuff like steve's library thats almost impossible to find unless somebody mentions it
Great staff team so far
Just making fun stuff and chatting with frens. thats the stuff that makes this place great. i haven't posted in a while because i'm busy, but i'll do it sooner or later. Oh, besides that one time twoot wiped all the posts, we havent gone down and also twoot doesnt beg for money and i can always feel comfortable that 22chan will always be there.


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Here's another waincat


Excuse me, but what’s Steve’s Library? I only came here a few months ago.


haha lurk moar


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I try but I haven't seen mention of it in the archives. I went through them all a few days ago because I had nothing better to do.
I'll try harder...


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Nvm we're all good. Good vibes are back.
Even though its Monday now, happy Caturday!


I have used 22chan for almost a year now because the site gave me a great first impression. The posts were more focused and quality than other imageboards. The atmosphere of that was welcoming for me and the rules enforce the atmosphere. And while other altchans try to be like a regular pornsite and overtake a regular pornsite while doing the same things I appreciate how 22chan is trying to be 22chan, not a regular pornsite. Unless the site becomes like 4cucks I will continue to use this site.


If the time comes where people feel like this place is becoming a regular pornsite, we'll have a discussion and sove that issue like we usually do


Then again, it's not like we're trying to emulate a regular pornsite


Yeah, it will be as clear as day if that occurred. The difference between us and a regular pornsite is night and day. A lot of the stuff posted on a regular pornsite would be b& here and if 22chan accepted those kinds of post it would be a total betrayal to what people like this site for.


four chan
Eat my shi t, wordfilter


you know you can turn off the wordfilter in options


File: Casino Final Render.png (4.98 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, 1598306699423.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>creative people like that cgi guy
thank you anon c:


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>that one guy who's a doll maker?
Me? Or is there another doll maker lel.


I think it is you anon.
We are the creative buddies nao.


Hell yeah dude. I was actually thinking of making a Niniba doll, especially if any anons are interested.


That would be awesome! I could try and make a niniba 3D render as well! Not right now seeing as I have some other projects that I want to do, but I think that would be super cool!


Then its set, I ordered a green hair weft :) I was gonna do it anyway I think. And I hope you do! That'd be groovy.
Maybe we can hold a little thing on 22chan's next birthday or Niniba's birthday where people make/draw Niniba in as many forms as possible.


Yes, that sounds like a very cool idea.


the dubs confirm it, that sounds cool

i spent alot of my teens on (((a regular pornsite))) and it was having a pretty obvious negative effect on me, i migrated here somewhere in 2018 and i haven't looked back, ive only had good experiences here.


It surprises me that you continued using any imageboards at all based on what you said. What inspired you to come here despite your dislike of a regular pornsite?


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Looks like 8cuck.moe is kill.


If true, good riddance. such an awful site filled with pedos, they kept making ads here, and i wouldnt be supprised if they where the ones that kept posting cat pictures on this board.


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Now back to your regularly scheduled internets!


Did the CIA spooks get them this time? Wouldn't surprise me.


I mean there's like 3 boards on that site for cat pictures what did you expect?

You rolled the number 531578763 (no dubs or higher)


forgot to turn of the wordfilter, i meant child porn, not cat pictures

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