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People aren't appreciative enough of the ability cabbage has to simmer in liquid for a very long time without losing its shape or firmness. When you see cabbage in a restaurant is it almost always raw in a salad, or lightly sauteed or stuffed and baked. But cabbage is best when it is stewed for a long time in broth or beer along with some spices and a kind of meat. Why is stewed cabbage not more popular? It is the most flavorful and enjoyable way to consume cabbage.

Brussels sprouts are like little mini cabbages that come out amazing in a slow-simmer soup or stew, but everyone is roasting them like a dumb. Roasted brussels sprouts are boring as shid compared with stewed brussels sprouts. Throw some in next time you make a chicken soup or something. See what I mean. They are like little balls of bursting flavor. Like leafy brothy gushers.


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fuck cabbage, lettuce is better


Yes anon, I agree.
Down with the cabbages.


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Bullshid posts from bullshid people. This thread is about the superiority of cabbage as a STEWED VEGETABLE. I defy you to stew some lettuce, then stew cabbage in the same way and tell me the cabbage doesn't taste better. Until then, shut up.


shut the fuck up if you strip your lettuce, marinate it and fry it slightly its beautiful in stew, ur just a fucking loser retard cabbage fag, go fuck a baby u box trotting cunt hole


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>needing to do shid to your leafy vegetable before you stew it
Pleb-tier shid, watermelon addict. Plain old cabbage, dumped into a pot with chicken and broth, blows your watermelon addict lettuce out of the water.


your just a lazy normal faggot who settles for inferior greens instead of doing a little work to create a sublime meal, you have no right to be making stew u pussy bitch fag face nut sucker


The war of greens, truly a great sight.


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>marinating and frying is extra work
watermelon addict, I'll beer-batter and pan sear for a quick lunch on Wednesday. Don't tell me my business, you triple pleb. Marinating and frying is what you do to add flavor to bullshid food, like tofu.

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