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Lets try and be a bit creative today.
I want to see your guys best bastardized insults.
Ill start with one.
Go piss me a river.
pic unrelated


suck my cathole


>Your apple didn't fall far from the branches of the stupid tree on the way down
>Shut the hell up biscuit, I'll butter your butt.


for some reason i always go with "go fuck a duck"


Fuck yourself with a fork.


>"Your ass is grass and i'm the lawn mower."


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"You can take it up your rear end, you motherfucking chinky little coon!"


>go fuck yourself in your mouth with a taser


eat your own ass.


I will shid your pants.


go piss me a river sounds very familiar.


Im somewhat sure that the original is "go cry me a river".
Pissriver sounds cooler though.


I know it's originally cry, but I've heard piss before


Go wank off your cat



go hug your cat and feed it


half of you is not half the you the other half is




You Fucklenuckle of a being


Daily Show viewer


i like to use "trainable" instead of retard


go shid in your hat
put an egg in your shoe and beat it


I'm fucking your eyes in.


Fuck on, retard


go shit yourself, pissfatty


sweet mother of fuck


Sounds more like an exclamation than an insult desu.


You're no fresh sack of potatoes in this timeline, sockless.
You can do with a shut up and quit putting.


>Go cry a river and drown yourself in it
>You unsalted fucknut


Heard this from someone else
>If bullshid were a horn, you’d have a brass band


suck my left nut you dentist loving twat


english teacher-looking poindexter


Piss my ass, you socksucker.


kill yourself ironically
Your dick is a faggot dick, faggot.


I am two picoseconds away from turning your dick into a pretzel and eating to broiled


ya fuckin three-legged wallaby


Go kill yourself with a spoon.


bitch and chips with extra 'tarded sauce


glass-blowing bastards

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