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Lets make our official list of rules of the internet https://encyclopediadramatica.wiki/index.php/Rules_of_the_Internet


666 get


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fr*ck you for not making an obvious joke, your literally satan


i feel that ED has been a lil cucked, at this point we could make our interweb enclyclopedia... Universalis Interneticus....


1 how is this related, i think twoot want's us to remake the internet rules here or something plz elaborate twoot
2 it would be biased and how do you expect us lazy bastards to do anything?


Yeah, basically, singlehandly changing important stuff in ED as the rules of the internet seems... a shidty move for me, we arent making 22chan grow, we are just, forcing our way in, at least imo.


i just thought it'd be funne to have our own version of the interwebz rulez

lole nice idea


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No watermelon addicts
No Jews
No Gypsies
No Muslims
What's said in /sewers/ stays in /sewers/
Don't talk about /sewers/
All posts must have an epig cat pic attached


Didn't we already do this?


Go back to /pol/, also how is this related to the internet
Yeah. last one was serious, so i guess this is the silly version or more 22chan related or something.



Speaking of /pol/ related posts,
(don't know the number)
No normalfags
gas them, lynch them nuke them dont care how, get rid of them, and if you are one, then please stop, sure it's like telling a faggot to stop being gay but you never know.
No site mixers
keep stuff unrelated to imageboards far away from them and vice versa
if you want to talk about something make a text file or make a cencored screenshot, no one needs to know it came from 22chan or plebbit (this one needs to get fleshed out more but i'm too retarded to think right now)




The point of the rules isn't to enforce them, but to give the reader a sensible chuckle. /pol/ related content is just unfunny because its ruseman value, intent to offend, is ineffective. Nobody on any image board anywhere is offended by it. The majority of users are tired of it. If you post it unironically, you are cringe.



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