/b/ - I swam in a river today.What's your sports accomplishment today/tomorrow/yesterday/whatever?

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I swam in a river today.
What's your sports accomplishment today/tomorrow/yesterday/whatever?


'bout a week ago i cleaned a chimney mary poppins style. that's pretty much it lol. i used to go biking but i lack the time.


The other day it rained and then the sun came out, so the grass was wet but the cement was dry. I went out to get the mail in my socks, but the sidewalk path to the mailbox runs to the driveway first and then to the street. A car was in the driveway, so there was only a very thin line of available cement for me to walk on without getting my feet wet, and I couldn't balance on it because the car was right where the mass of my body would have to be to find equilibrium. So, I jumped roughly parallel to the car, planted my foot hard on the small available concrete, pushed off and used my momentum to go into a spin that kept me on target instead of shooting me perpendicular into the grass and landed me on the dry, wide sidewalk behind the car. It probably looked really cool.

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