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Let's have a nostalgia thread and reminisce over the golden age of the internet 1993-2010 also post old a regular pornsite memes and screenshots RIP the real internet 1983-2012

Note if you're born after the late 90s with the exception of some people 2000 at the latest you are too young to remember the old internet and do not belong in this thread if you're born in 2005 GTFO.


What kind of stuff should be posted in this thread? I have some things saved up for the index surfing thread but the interest spheres somewhat overlap.


I was born in 2000, pretty sad since i had very restricted access to the internet. everything i remember doing on the internet is coolmathgames, pirate of the caribbean online, toontown, the toonzai website, 4kids, the pokemon website, thats pretty much it. (shidty flash games and such) only later around 2014 is when i found a regular pornsite and i had this strong feeling that i "missed everything" but hey, it was fun playing games on those sites, and i pretty much sticked to vidya like halo 3 or whatever.


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always makes me feel old. Forums in the mid 2000s


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TempleOS was pretty neat, I remember having it on a spare computer I had.



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If you don't remember the Portal of Evil, you don't remember the internet.


File: Original HampsterDance cir….mp4 (3.5 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1595442139669.mp4) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


If you don't remember threebrain, you don't remember teh internetz



if you haven't shoop da whoop'ed then you aren't internet


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Retrogaming community nostalgia anyone?
This isn't particularly meme-y but I wanna post this flash from back in the DOOM community days.
In terms of Youtube stuff I watched back in 2010 it was LGR, Classic Game Room, spida1a and a lot of others.


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Fucking LOL.


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Old a regular pornsite.


Kill her, wear her skin, then kill her skin

and trim that scraggly beard


ooh, do youtube videos count? perhaps we could find classic videos and music.




Just found about old lain websites
Here's something funny I found: http://clubcyberia.tripod.com/lainzip.html
Lain teaches you how to create zip files!


this is hilarious, i love the shidty screenshots and the mspaint thought balloons


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Here is a screenshot of a regular pornsite from around 2008.


Windows XP, MSN. nice. Though Firefox seems more 2008-core than Internet Explorer.


>Firefox seems more 2008-core than Internet Explorer.

From what i remember during the second browser war Safari and FireFox both had a decently sized user base and IE was loosing popularity after 2004 however IE still remained as the default browser to access the internet on Windows and even though it was loosing popularity it still continued to have a decently sized user base up until Chrome came along it took awhile for some people to switch over completely heck when i was in college in the early 2010s i was using both IE and Chrome at the same time and i only just stopped using it completely as recently as 7 years ago.


I stopped using Internet Explorer as my main browser sometime in 2016/17


i'm suprised SomethingAwful is still alive and kicking


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Kind of the same here. Born in 1999, my dad didn't consider me "old enough" for the internet until I was 11 in 2010. Earliest stuff I remember is watching smosh stuff with my brother. When I see threads like this and people talking about the older internet in general I feel like I missed out on a lot since for as long as I remember there was big sites that "mattered" more than others like YouTube. I kind of wish I could have experienced finding an active but small forum/community commonly like I've heard people mention but hey, it is what it is. Social media and gaystation and stuff is very dull and hivemind-y but you can still have fun as it is.


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GUYS! i found a gold mine of old 4chan posts! all from 2005, and some mixed content like the old futaba theme, javascript, and some ads.

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this sorta overlaps with the index surfing thread but I thought it would be more appropriate here



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thats such a cool mp3 player, i didnt even see it until i looked hard enough


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>a regular pornsite is what you make of it


Nobody said you could talk


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those css haxs is pure win


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old youtube


File: 1118019825984.jpg (61.71 KB, 614x270, 307:135, 1604810843381.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

so much win in one pic


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JavaScript should be illegal.


Wiby is a search engine for old-fashioned and classic websites.



Back when Youtube was good.


:) suprised this site's still up since 2004

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2002fag here. Started using the internet in 2007. My dad introduced it to me at an early age. He was really into the internet and computer games at that time. My dad started using it in the 90s. He showed me a bunch of cool sites, but the thing that really caught my attention was flash games and flash videos. A lot of the flash stuff was really offensive (considering my age at the time). Some flash games I played at the time were Swords and sandals 2, Adventures quest, Age of war, Stick war, boxhead, etc.
In about 2010 I discovered Smosh, their Pokemon irl videos. I also learned how to IllegalyDownload.jpg, so I thought to myself "What should I download?". I remember watching some cool show on TV that I wanted to watch. I didn't know the name of the show, so I looked it up on a forum. I told them about the episode I watched and found out the show was called south park. I downloaded some episodes and I really got into the show.
I often got bullied on forums, because people noticed I was underaged at the time. I'm finally 18 and can post to these forums without breaking the rules. I think I discovered a regular pornsite in like 2014. I lurked for like 2 years, and then started spamming /pol/ with my edgy cool memes. Now I'm here on 22chan to try and go back to what I enjoyed about the earlier days on the internet. I still find it a little sad I never got to experience the 90s and beginning of 00s internet.




Smosh fucking sucked. Along with Fred, they're 2 of the things I DON'T miss about the 2000s.


Oh god i had forgot about fred
I had cast that memory away deep in my mind and tried to forget untill i just read that post
What happened to him?


Is that all you remember from the 2000s?


>Smosh fucking sucked
Well, I don't really enjoy watching them nowadays, but back then I was just a kid.


I did too. I probably will still chuckle at their videos out of nostalgia, not because they are good.


so the last video fred made was around 5 years ago, and i guess he was playing around with the "reaction" format
good night sweet prince
jk lol


>a regular pornsite
This is a wordfilter for a regular pornsite, isn't it?


It is


The reaction format is probably even worst than what he was doing before. At least his old videos required more effort. Now his videos are a dime in dozen. How can someone sink so low in quality?


He was youtube famous as a kid, and that was his character. as he grew older, his fame left him, and his youth so therefore he had to move to then popular formats to try to go back to his glory days. Or at least that's what i assume.
Also boxxy is now a ugly feminist.
quite sad.


>Also boxxy is now a ugly feminist.


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browsing just the way god intented.


i see you are also using futaba
this man walks the righteous path


That is a nice way of browsing 22chan! The new computer stuff is nice, but it is very bland.


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You're too young to remember most of the old internet and you didn't see the old internet before 2007 you only used it during its few final years also 2014 is not old internet that is modern day social media the old internet died after early 2010 and your generation grew up with smartphones and social media you were too young to engage in popular culture and probably didn't have a flip phone back in 2007 either.

Sorry but it is just the truth anyone born after 1999 is too young to remember the old internet the older zoomers were the last generation to actually experience the old internet.

Seriously though why is almost everyone on this site a kid? You guys don't even remember the old internet culture.


The people who are come and go, at least no one is pretending to be kkkewl hip le old internet users and pretended that they somehow used AOL on some mac computer to be some internet celeb. If you have, good for you and you should totally talk about the time you had, share some funny stories or whatever.


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I was born in 2000 and started browsing the interweb around 2006
think I may have found a regular pornsite a while later, I was always a lonerfag so it really felt like home, a place where people actually acted in earnest.
and now here I am hoping that if I look long enough I might find something like that again while reminiscing with a bunch of other fags over the internet that was.

god how did it all go so wrong so fast.


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My first experience with the internet was in 2002 or '03. Me and my family was at some fren's place and there was a computer, one of the older kids showed me some kewl sites, I remember one was like a browser game about crime and he was complaining how his character hadn't been released from jail yet. After that small tour of the online I played some gta vice city. I didn't have access to any computer often after that, so my solid return to the interwebz only happened almost a decade later. Pic related might very well have been the crime game I saw back then.


>god how did it all go so wrong so fast.
The iPhone happened. It made social media accessible to even the dumbest of normalfags. They have flooded the internet and have ruined everything.


yeah, from what i read ypu actually had to be technically oriented in order to even use a computer and get access to those old usenet newsgroups


File: Star-wars-rogue-squadron.jpg (40.29 KB, 301x266, 43:38, 1606882330800.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

My first experience was I think some time in 1999. A fren who was a few years older than me told me that he had found cheat codes for pic related on the internet. He told me a couple of them, but I had forgotten them by the time I had got home, so I asked my mom to help me find them on the internet. I searched for something like "star wars rouge squadron cheat codes". (I think this might have been before Google was really known, so it was probably AltaVista that we had used.) I clicked on one of the first links and there was an animated gif of a marijuana leaf on the page, and my mom started freaking out yelling about how drugs are bad and that I should never do them. I didn't even know what marijuana was at the time and didn't understand what the hell she was even talking about. She didn't let me use the internet again for a couple years after that.


That's pretty funny, thanks for sharing anon


I shall play you the song of my people

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I'm 28, born in 2002
>the old internet
I remember watching youtube when I was younger and seeing the site grow.
And playing shidty browser games and angry birdson an lg mobile phone.
Can't remember much, I think I started browsing the internet in around 2009-2012.
And looking at lewd ish animu characters to porn around 2011-14.
That's about it.


Not 28 lmao


File: Numa Numa.mp4 (4.53 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 1607016734495.mp4) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

If you weren't around for Numa Numa, you didn't really see the site grow.



You're too young to remember the old internet the old internet is 1989-Early 2010





If you were born after the late 90s you're too young to remember the old internet.

People born in 2002 were too young to use Myspace when it was popular and by the time they started using YouTube it wasn't cool anymore and had already gone downhill.

Like i said before why is almost everyone on this site a kid? You guys don't even remember 90s and 2000s culture.


File: windows-xp-desktop-backgro….jpg (60.22 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1607249365643.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]




File: 0d.jpg (210.1 KB, 1280x1353, 1280:1353, 1607282257965.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

nice plebbit spacing, nigger


There is no double spacing so therefore it is not plebbit spacing, it's more like what
>>9565 -san posted, pic related which is much older, but still annoying.


Back when they used to be a flash player


File: 1522001742517.png (77.65 KB, 866x475, 866:475, 1607283042953.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


File: shocked.jpg (88.05 KB, 532x658, 38:47, 1607283773192.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Oh then i'm quite retarded, its the same thing!



I don't use plebbit.


File: thinky.png (1.24 MB, 1093x1077, 1093:1077, 1607312301250.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

In all seriousness, why does plebbit work like that? Is there an actual reason?
It seems like a really shidty design.


Yeah, unintuitive and doesn't make too much sense. I guess it has something to do with them wanting to treat newlines as "paragraphs"


File: image_2020-12-09_152347.png (366.84 KB, 1355x663, 1355:663, 1607513167266.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I don't believe one can put a set date on when the Internet was kill. I guess the corporate takeover started around 2007, but it was gradual. Perhaps by 2013 most of what was good was sucked into the void, but even then, you can't put an exact date on it.

Perhaps it's nostalgia for each one of us to set a date, perhaps we lost a lot in our lives and ascribe what we lost to the world changing if that makes sense.

Pic related. Old computer site I went on a lot back then. Perhaps the internet seemed so large then, but sadly everything congealed into what we have today, only 4-5 sites you'd frequent. It was a strange time to say the least. Well, the internet will never die. We will still have small sites, who won't submit to the tyranny, like here, as long as the Internet survives.

I know this is a dumb thought, but what if anthropologists, historians, linguistics, etc 3000 years from now look back at these old sites from the 2000s? How will the internet even be by then? It puts into perspective how small we all are I guess.


File: consolidation of the inter….png (238.68 KB, 2500x5562, 1250:2781, 1607570014243.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>Perhaps the internet seemed so large then, but sadly everything congealed into what we have today, only 4-5 sites you'd frequent.
Pic related.
Lately, I've been deliberately avoiding large websites, going to smaller sites, and checking different sites every day instead of the same old stuff.


>I don't believe one can put a set date on when the Internet was kill.

Ok zoomer.




File: 1598958063897.jpg (44.69 KB, 576x353, 576:353, 1607588867634.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


That isn't what normalfag means being a normalfag has to do with your success and social status in life. Anyway like i have pointed out before it seems most of the people posting on here are kids born in 2000-onward so like i said before you weren't old enough to experience the old internet and most of you weren't even born yet either so just fuck off you don't remember it at all you weren't there you don't know how good it was back in the day sure some things are better left in the past but it was overall better. It pisses me off that websites like this are so heavily based around the nostalgia of old internet culture yet the people who post on websites like this aren't even old enough to remember this shid. b--but I'm a 2000s kid i was born in 2005 fuck off and STFU real 2000s kids actually remember the old internet and events like 9/11 which you kids do not so from someone who grew up with the old internet and grew up in the late 90s and early 2000s i say GTFO zoomers.


File: PC-and-Smartphone-sales-pe….png (14.88 KB, 569x320, 569:320, 1607589644171.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

> I guess the corporate takeover started around 2007,

Yes the corporate takeover started around 2006/2007 but it was actually 2009/2010 when the decline started and by 2012 everything went to shid.

Although the iPhone was introduced in 2007, for a few years it was seen as a novelty given its outrageous price at the time. The Android was introduced not long after, but it wasn’t really until 2009 2010 that smartphones took off and started becoming common. Smartphones became popular around 2012 before that it was mostly common for people to just have a regular dumb phone and most people still had to use a desktop PC to access the internet back then because the internet on dumb phones was absolute shid. In 2008 the use of smartphones were less than 10% and dumb phones were around 70%. Dumb phones stayed around 70% up till 2010. In 2011 the percentage did start to go down and smartphones just started to go up but dumb phones were still the most common. 2012 was when smartphones took its place in being used more. After 2012 dumb phones were not common at all anymore. What's crazy is that it wasn't that long ago but a lot of people act like it was. In 2009 or 2010 you didn't see a lot of people walking around with smartphones and you would have never really seen 11 year olds watching YouTube on iphones. If you had a smartphone prior to the early 2010s you were probably rich a spoiled kid or someone who was an important person with high social status.

Regarding social media back then it wasn't called social media it was called social networking the internet at that time meant something completely different it was about expressing yourself having fun and making new frens and while i do miss Myspace i will admit it did plant the seeds for what would later become social media. In 2007/2008 most people used both Myspace and Facebook but preferred Myspace because of profile customization. It wasn't until mid 2010 when they got rid of it that people left Myspace for Facebook completely and twotter and Tumblr may have came out at the time but they didn't go mainstream and take off until the early 2010s.

The 2005-2008 era was the last good era of the internet and the last era where there was actually a disconnect between the internet and real life and you could actually log off the internet completely. When smartphones started becoming more common and affordable around 2009/2010 that was when everything started going downhill and people who didn't know how to use a computer now had access to the internet and by 2012 the old internet was dead.


I was born in the early 2010s and I clearly remember that the internet was a lot better back in 2015!
[spoiler]Jokes aside, I think that even people who never experienced how it was like being in that time can be fascinated by the old internet, and so be kinda proud of the few remaining things they got to witness themselves[/spoiler]


File: 1607439024706.jpg (59.41 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1607614514496.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]



at 22chan, normalfags are more of a "all encompassing" thing. normalfag lingo, memes, success and social status. all heavily discouraged and b&. yeah i guess there is the issue of this thread where it say's
> Note if you're born after the late 90s with the exception of some people 2000 at the latest you are too young to remember the old internet and do not belong in this thread if you're born in 2005 GTFO.
and yet people who havent really actually experienced old internet culture are posting. if you feel like thats an issue, go to >>>/sg/
most people really do like it though and they really wished to have been apart of it, so they just read lurkmoar or comb through archives to at least apprecate it.
> websites like this are so heavily based around the nostalgia of old internet culture
not really the point of 22chan, although it is a topic that's popular. also late 90's and early 2000's cartoons.

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>>9881 Also blame phoneposting. There's a function for the digital keyboard that does that automatically.


I don't get it. What's wrong with my post?
There will always be good stuff on the internet. Sure, nowadays it's harder to come by, but to me... the internet will never truly die.

Culture changes, the world withers, but there will always be beauty to find. Just look at this site.


Found another cache of old a regular pornsite screenshots from internet archive.


Here's a bunch of a regular pornsite archived threads from 2006-2008.
It's seems to be all /a/, as I haven't found any other boards in the little I've looked through. There also don't seem to be any images, either, just text.


File: 1585327721651.gif (1.05 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1613990616396.gif) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


I started using the internet around 2003, I was 13 yo at that time. The first two things I typed into search bar were "Sonic the hedgehog" and "hentai" lol. Literally two things that interested me most at the time (and probably still do).

Do you remember what is the first thing you've searched on web when you got online?


Old computers.


lol it was actually "fluffy cats"


Slides from a 2010 MIT presentation about a regular pornsite and anonymity https://archive.org/details/slideplayer-2760618
god imagine being that guy lol


File: 86511771.png (73.81 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1617271655970.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Google in 1998.


File: THIS IS SPARTA!!! Remix (….mp4 (7.61 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 1617271787692.mp4) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]



File: Nevada-tan.full.410890.jpg (175.61 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1617272137672.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]



File: tl;dr.jpg (54.5 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1617891112622.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

shidding since 09', still waiting for delivery


File: Ll-lia-FEIY (3.71 KB, 120x90, 4:3, 1618096996509.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Yahoo Answers is going to be shut down on may 4.
the end of an era


File: ARQq_MaCOE4 (3.56 KB, 120x90, 4:3, 1619061090376.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]



File: epic_fail_early_get.jpg (21.9 KB, 680x228, 170:57, 1619304699009.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here is another (kinda brand new) "cache" or whatever you want to call it of old a regular pornsite content
Tons of cool shid like an archive of world4chan (a regular pornsite's old textboard) https://archive.tinychan.net/img/all
to archived posts and screenshots like pic related
Here's an interesting archived post from the "a regular pornsite and philosophy section
>It worries me that what happened to this website is a prophecy of the future of the world. Special interest infiltration to the point that there is no longer organic interaction resulting in a collapse of common identity. In search of identity people turn to populist ideologues that they can devote that lost energy towards.


File: K0Obo7C-I2U (2.09 KB, 120x90, 4:3, 1619305383060.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Now here's something that's been bugging me. I do like the music that's used in /f/ like they used to post in old a regular pornsite, or generally that special mix of like EDM/hiphop/techno whatever else. What was it called? would it be nice to re-post that music, or even go as far as to post music that hits the same feel in a /mu/ bread?
File related


yuki.la is fucking dead
for people that dont know, it's one of the most complete a regular pornsite archive of all time, archiving all content from 2006 to 2021. i learned so much because of that archive, i almost all of moots posts, so many old and interesting breads and used it as a tool to find important content or images that i would sometimes repost here. fucking rip.


https://boards.a regular pornsite.org/t/bread/1033260

you probably already know about this


No, actually i didnt know about that. although i'm not technology savvy, so i doubt i can do anything with that.
Wonder if someone will make a knockoff yuki.la with all the archived posts?


File: untitled.JPG (49.43 KB, 667x451, 667:451, 1621101023140.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here is some screenshot's from a regular pornsite's old textboard.

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File: 25c.jpg (98.59 KB, 919x560, 919:560, 1621101094352.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

thats pretty much it

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File: 1620998022486.jpg (293.21 KB, 910x1018, 455:509, 1621451894662.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Neat screenshot from a regular pornsite in 2010 that i found on some altchan



I personally see that as the cut off for old internet.


File: 24312.png (491.73 KB, 871x3701, 871:3701, 1621732358963.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

'nother archive of more interesting screencaps
Pic related is cool because i've never seen any posts by doublya tee snakks before.


File: 20602586.jpg (51.38 KB, 587x329, 587:329, 1621732481124.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

top lol


File: clown.png (28.45 KB, 249x260, 249:260, 1622438154400.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Did you guys know that Madness Combat is still going? I loved this series, watched it all the time back in the day. It inspired me to make a shidty stop-motion claymation short. When I ported the photos I took to the computer I realized they were all too dark to make anything out. Good times.


No, although i've seen that artstyle before. I thought i did but it turns out i actually saw https://youtube.com/watch?v=La3Lhc6GcRU


(watched the full series for the first time)
Oct 2, 2020 was when the latest episode in the series was uploaded, so i'm guessing maybe around this october is when he'll upload some more.
Funny how it all started because of the chicken dance. Underated flash animation with a killer soundtrack.


have any of you guys checked out BitView or FulpTube?


>internet explorer
Enjoy it while it lasts... also yeah futaba is best
Bitview looks EXACTLY like old youtube! It apparantly also uses the old software too. For that reason if i ever have to use a video sharing platform its probably going to be them although it seems like there isnt much content on there.

You rolled the number 3437411 (dubs)


Yeah bitview is super cool, though I’m already sick of the people uploading “XD ROBLOX!1!!1” type shid where it’s like “ironic representation of the worst shid on old YouTube”. No matter what, idiots always have to spread their retardation online


at the same time, its a perfect smoke screen since its retarded, its therefore uninteresting by the normies so the amount of the people we dont like on there is quite small or they generally wont go to it because it is, "boring". It means that decent content can be uploaded and watched with like minded people without getting outsiders attention like what normally happends with youtube or what ever other video platform.


>Constant buzzwords
>2 whitespace between "with" and "your"
>2 slash in "b-but"
>0 grammar knowledge
>no period
>plebbit spacing

If this user isn't actually underage with ADHD i don't know anything. Being young isn't bad, lying is.


File: KMU0tzLwhbE (1.59 KB, 120x90, 4:3, 1624606544778.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]



File: マイクロソフト大運動会.mp4 (8.31 MB, 512x384, 4:3, 1624609720693.mp4) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Man you just flipped a switch inside of my head I had to go back and rewatch every single 音MAD of Steve Ballmer there is because of how just awesome they are.


File: もってけ!マイクロソフト.mp4 (6.99 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1624609863840.mp4) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]



he has too much energy

You rolled the number 98362429 (no dubs or higher)





File: grandtheftawesome.JPG (76.67 KB, 1067x778, 1067:778, 1625936439276.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]



2008, hot damn thats old, animation still holds up too.

You rolled the number 930847665 (no dubs or higher)


File: tomoko autism.jpg (8.12 KB, 223x226, 223:226, 1626228248633.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


Please be patient i have autism.




File: suiseisekisad.png (847.69 KB, 1196x682, 598:341, 1626504943152.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

flash games were fire, some of my fondest memories alongside some games i had on my pc back then, saddens me that i can't relive these memories again


you can re-live them with ruffle

You rolled the number 437994692 (no dubs or higher)


well, i more meant i won't be able to experience the same thrill of discovering new games and shid again, it all just feels too mundane to me nowadays


You should try emulating old vidya. I feel it brings a certain magic modern vidya doesn't have.


well it's an option, but i've been playing old pc vidya most of the time nowadays anyway, just out of principle because there aren't many good games past 2012, minus like yakuza and shid


I think it might have to do with markdown formatting or something.


File: 1626888811282.jpg (17.82 KB, 256x375, 256:375, 1626889659611.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]



File: 1626858482381.png (1.14 MB, 1263x4993, 1263:4993, 1626889727184.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Dropping old screencaps i found
(moot on SA)


File: 1626886751137.jpg (134.65 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1626889783606.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

from old /a/


they said that it was made to increase post quality by making formatting easier, which is just a reflection to not see the real lack of abstract thinking in redditfags


I stumbled upon this almost 2 decade old bread on the gentoo forums. It's about the, at the time, recently released Mozilla Phoenix browser. I wonder if that project ever went anywhere.



http://webarchive.loc.gov/all/20061109082735/http://www.a regular pornsite.org/
Why? i don't know and i'm very confused..


File: bacon.jpg (152.63 KB, 500x1327, 500:1327, 1628800662466.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Does anyone remember the 2010-ish bacon and moustache fad? Funny how that completely died out, I haven't seen or thought about it in years lol. Looking back on it I find it forced and quirky.


I think that was kind of a hipster thing, right? It might still be going strong with them, though. I was at this restaurant where I ordered chicken and waffles, and they put bacon on it. Seemed out of place, but it was pretty good.


I don't remember the hipster connection, although it wouldn't surprise me if they took to it later on. I just remember bacon and moustaches being "epic".


It was a plebbit, 9gag and meme app thing. mostly populated by hipsters, and plebbit has been known to be obsessed with bacon, like the "bacon narwals at midnight" thing that started in 2009. God i remember seeing that stuff in stores, then they started having rage comic and le internets related stuff in the local mall.


I never saw internet leakage IRL where I live but seeing that must've been fucking depressing.


File: caramelldansen2007.jpg (137.53 KB, 973x765, 973:765, 1629068583971.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I like the look of old Youtube better than the modern look.


The modern YouTube site layout feels like they are trying to look similar to the mobile app.



Old internet was already dying by that point.


It was on its way to the grave. Not quite dead yet.


The internet died in 1993 with the eternal september, but more generally earnest diffusion of knowledge died back in 48 BC with the burning of the library of alexandria


File: davidnosebleed.jpg (349.98 KB, 936x936, 1:1, 1629218971939.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

The Library of Alexandria never burned down, it slowly deteriorated over a few centuries. Caesar did set fire to it on accident in 48 BC but only burned a portion of the library.


You're right, but I think 48 BC can be picked as a symbolic date of the complete loss of importance of the library. Afterwards it was barely mentioned even by historians. With it died the dream of common knowledge, of a capital of science where all the wise from over the world could come to contribute to the advancement of humankind.
...What can the internet offer to compare? lolcats?


It depends on how you use the internet. It can be used for lolcats. It can also be used to seek and accumulate information. Most people just use it for pr0n and social media, and corporations want to control it. I think both situations are a shame.


File: Animals___Cats_sleepy_cat_….jpg (4.26 MB, 4000x2667, 4000:2667, 1629300480876.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

cats are truly the only good thing left


Humanity has made its choice with the first torch thrown to set fire to the ships near the library


Burning the library was never the intention.



Remember when every Youtube video had this song in the background?



This is an actual re-upload of the original Jeff the killer story, made by the actual original creator before it was a creepy/copypasta.
Don't believe me? Look it up. Also apparantly it got removed because of a copyright strike because of licenced music.


This is a a regular pornsite archive that only collects post from 2005-2008


File: otakon22.jpg (50.11 KB, 336x702, 56:117, 1634834300107.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

HOLY mother of god


Totally fine and nothing wrong at all


File: Powerpuff-Bluff.png (972.98 KB, 970x545, 194:109, 1634836157187.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


You rolled the number 516826652 (no dubs or higher)


File: otakon26.jpg (52.81 KB, 414x576, 23:32, 1634837008280.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Only a fool refuses a woman who offers herself


I highly doubt that's a woman under that mask.


>"That’s pretty bad when you can even give a half demon the creeps"


File: otakon30.jpg (53.59 KB, 306x708, 51:118, 1634840404201.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

What did you guys say about my waifu?




File: youtube redux.png (94.62 KB, 573x453, 191:151, 1635861012297.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I suggest trying out YouTube Redux extension for Chr*me and Firefox, it restores old features, kinda cool.


This is amazing, There's a firefox addon for everything. Thank you for finding this lol


File: take it easy!.png (1.36 MB, 3588x2108, 897:527, 1636477007902.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

You know, i never really saw the mod/janny board before. One thing i thought was cute is >Reminder to take it easy


Fucking lol, I didn't even know that existed. That whole "Take it easy" thing is fucking laughable.


Yeah, the staff board and IRC chat has been leaked several times before lole


i keep forgetting to turn off the wordfilter and it keeps fucking with the link

You rolled the number 844905528 (no dubs or higher)


Instead of re-posting a shid news article, i'll re-post from the horses mouth

You rolled the number 534242053 (no dubs or higher)


Fucking hell. RIP. He was a part of internets history. Did you read his wife's post in the bread?
>An hour later I was contacted by my attorney who informed me that Rich had shot himself earlier in the morning.
She also mentions that he was abusive towards her. From the tone of her post I can believe it, she does not seem to hold any love for the man.


yeah, i saw. Lowtax seemed pretty burnt out of SA and it was more of a burden for him then anything when he left in 2020




File: 1637447758571.png (300.68 KB, 1104x780, 92:65, 1637512111076.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

i found this on a regular pornsite


File: gundamcosplaybox.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.22 KB, 500x578, 250:289, 1637945015354.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

EPIC cosplay of amuro's gundam from the 79' animu from a 'con in 2011


File: 1639037685388.png (118.03 KB, 1871x1488, 1871:1488, 1639235685607.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


File: 1633267832463.jpg (170.6 KB, 1220x608, 305:152, 1639235720779.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


The text i'm about to paste is the final conversation between moot and snacks from an irc chat. This is why snacks left


moot (10:26:04 PM): are you anywhere with the map yet?
SQ (10:26:13 PM): No.
moot (10:26:39 PM): cool
SQ (10:28:10 PM): I don't see why you want done now that we can't even run publicly yet.
moot (10:28:39 PM): so it actually gets done?
SQ (10:28:48 PM): So how about that colocation! something
moot (10:28:58 PM): uh three weeks?
SQ (10:29:17 PM): Why are you saying "uh" like this is a known statement?
moot (10:29:25 PM): because ive told people?
SQ (10:30:00 PM): Not me?
moot (10:30:16 PM): i believe i mentioned it at that meeting, maybe not
SQ (10:30:28 PM): You mean the meeting I wasn't told about either?
SQ (10:30:33 PM): I told you to make one, but you said nothing
SQ (10:30:41 PM): Set the topic and it happened while I was busy with other stuff!
SQ (10:30:57 PM): I didn't even know it was happening until it was almost over.
moot (10:31:00 PM): i said i would do it, changed the channel topic, and you
popped in
moot (10:31:20 PM): im sorry you missed out on it!
SQ (10:31:20 PM): I was not using IRC almost at all that day, I did not see such a topic change!
SQ (10:31:30 PM): I'm sorry you said nothing to me, the one who suggested it!
moot (10:31:31 PM): im sorry i cant read minds!
SQ (10:31:35 PM): Not even so much as an "Okay."
moot (10:31:43 PM): im sorry our conversations are unproductive and so are you
moot (10:31:46 PM): OH NO I WENT THERE
moot (10:31:53 PM): this is going nowhere, have fun with your games
SQ (10:31:58 PM): What games?
SQ (10:32:11 PM): You're the one who isn't providing needed information.
SQ (10:32:17 PM): If you want someone to know something, you tell them.
SQ (10:32:24 PM): You don't expect them to just "find out"
moot (10:32:55 PM): SQ (9:05:25 PM): I have no drive to do anything when it does nothing for me. I just got a dvd burner, I am entertaining myself by playing
new pirated games that have come out in the past year.
SQ (10:33:06 PM): And?
moot (10:33:15 PM): SQ (10:32:07 PM): What games?
SQ (10:33:27 PM): Did I say that today
SQ (10:33:28 PM): ?
SQ (10:33:31 PM): I thought you didn't log anything, eh?
moot (10:33:50 PM): ive loggd our past three conversations because its hard t
o get you to remember things you or i have said!
SQ (10:34:02 PM): No it isn't.
moot (10:34:05 PM): you know what, please quit
moot (10:34:07 PM): really
moot (10:34:18 PM): and i dont mean be a baby and kill the site out of spite
or something
SQ (10:34:18 PM): Why?
moot (10:34:26 PM): but youre completely unwilling to work with me
moot (10:34:30 PM): oh youre going to dispute that!
SQ (10:34:38 PM): No I'm not.
moot (10:34:50 PM): thank Bob Ross
PM): I'm
to do things this instant that can
used currently
are stupid
side projects.
moot (10:35:26 PM): reporting/ban management/user panel were what then

moot (10:35:32 PM): if they dont fall into those categories
SQ (10:35:38 PM): You asked about the map, not those.
SQ (10:35:47 PM): Apparently that's your top interest!
SQ (10:35:48 PM): FUN FUN
moot (10:35:55 PM): again
moot (10:35:57 PM): quit
SQ (10:36:04 PM): Again.
SQ (10:36:05 PM): Why?
moot (10:36:06 PM): have fun with whatever you do, but you havent done a damn
thing that ive asked of you for weeks
moot (10:36:08 PM): if not months
SQ (10:36:15 PM): Yes, not a thing.
moot (10:36:16 PM): because youre worthless, a baby, impossible to deal with,
and abrasive
SQ (10:36:25 PM): You think you're easy to deal with?
SQ (10:36:29 PM): moot is crazy lol
moot (10:36:30 PM): i dont even understand anymore
moot (10:36:38 PM): i didnt say that!
SQ (10:36:49 PM): moot is a hypocrite lol
moot (10:36:58 PM): awesome
SQ (10:37:01 PM): Again, sell the site you hate so much.
moot (10:37:25 PM): thats something im not willing to do, it will die before
it gets sold
moot (10:37:29 PM): i dont want the money, ive said it repeatedly
SQ (10:37:31 PM): Then kill it!
SQ (10:37:41 PM): I'm sure a lot of people will think you'll be better off wi
thout it.
SQ (10:37:44 PM): I know Alison thinks that.
moot (10:37:58 PM): again, this conversation is going nowhere, just like most
of ours
moot (10:38:02 PM): thanks for being of great service to the site
SQ (10:38:11 PM): Why, because I'm speaking my mind?
moot (10:38:13 PM): you were instrumental in bringing it back
moot (10:38:16 PM): and i really like you! (EfrenS)
moot (10:38:32 PM): no, because you havent done anything ive requested of you
in a timely manner, despite my pleadings
SQ (10:38:38 PM): Yes, not a thing.
SQ (10:38:39 PM): Nothing.
moot (10:38:56 PM): i know im exagerrating
moot (10:39:37 PM): i honestly hope youre not deluded enough to think youre completely in the right here
moot (10:39:45 PM): i doubt you are
SQ (10:39:50 PM): I never said I was.
SQ (10:40:19 PM): However, I have made no promises about anything! I'm a lazy son of a bitch.


moot (10:40:38 PM): which is why you shouldnt be in the position youre currently in.
moot (10:40:53 PM): and you wont remain there because of it.
SQ (10:40:54 PM): I'll do stuff when I get around to it, I don't usually just
jump through hoops and you know it. I don't mind doing things that matter (bann
ers, donation, shid that MATTERS)
moot (10:41:14 PM): the ban management/admin panel/reporting are all "shid th
at matters"
SQ (10:41:14 PM): but doing the map three weeks (hey, just found this out!) b
efore it could even possibly be used isn't quite my cup of tea.
SQ (10:41:24 PM): admin panel?
SQ (10:41:29 PM): What about the admin panel?
PM): and
isnt for you to decide, but i agree th
at moot
a few(10:41:31
of my requests
moot (10:41:44 PM): the mod management thing i requested ages ago, that is wh

at i meant
SQ (10:41:54 PM): Oh right, the a regular pornsite map is a dire essential.
moot (10:42:03 PM): huh?
moot (10:42:08 PM): why are you even talking about the map
SQ (10:42:14 PM): Because that is what you IM'd me about.
moot (10:42:21 PM): why arent we discussing the ban modifactions ive requeste
d for eight weeks or more
moot (10:42:31 PM): and something that according to the last meeting and disc
susions prior, believe would be extremely beneficial
SQ (10:44:11 PM): I can't even do any work on a regular pornsite currently because the sit
e is fucked 8)
moot (10:44:42 PM): why are you avoiding my points?
moot (10:44:47 PM): this isnt up for discussion
SQ (10:44:51 PM): I'm not, I've already discussed them.
moot (10:45:10 PM): oh ok
moot (10:45:18 PM): anyway, thanks for all the work, i hope you dont do anyth
ing stupid out of anger
SQ (10:45:25 PM): Anger of what?
moot (10:45:38 PM): me being a jerk or whatever you could call this
SQ (10:45:49 PM): It would take much more than this to get me angry.
SQ (10:45:55 PM): This is normal moot!
moot (10:46:03 PM): awesome
SQ (10:46:13 PM): You should go write in your blog.
SQ (10:46:33 PM): or maybe it's .net
SQ (10:46:38 PM): or .org fuck I don't remember
SQ (10:46:42 PM): but it's jdigital's fren!
moot (10:49:24 PM): oh boy
SQ (10:50:27 PM): SQ (10:49:48 PM): he's jdigital's fren!
Ko (10:50:03 PM): oh boy!
moot (10:51:56 PM): do you want to remain on the staff or not?
SQ (10:52:08 PM): Yeah, sure!
SQ (10:52:22 PM): I have never seriously expressed quitting.
moot (10:52:45 PM): i guess quoting you on it wouldnt change that statement
moot (10:52:51 PM): youre not going to have access anymore
SQ (10:52:53 PM): "seriously"
SQ (10:52:56 PM): Why not?
moot (10:52:56 PM): unless you built in some sort of backdoor i wont find
moot (10:53:02 PM): because you dont need it.
SQ (10:53:06 PM): I don't?
moot (10:53:26 PM): not as far as im concerned
moot (10:53:31 PM): feel free to disagree
SQ (10:53:43 PM): Wow, cool.
SQ (10:54:13 PM): I guess I'll just close this admin.php edit then!
moot (10:55:53 PM): anything you want to say?
SQ (10:56:02 PM): What should I say?
SQ (10:56:06 PM): You appear to have made up your mind!
SQ (10:56:16 PM): Why, I don't know, but sure man, whatever you say.
moot (10:56:51 PM): why would you need server access
moot (10:56:56 PM): you arent developing anymore
SQ (10:57:04 PM): SQ (10:54:13 PM): I guess I'll just close this admin.php ed
it then!
moot (10:57:06 PM): thats a question
moot (10:57:15 PM): i dont understand your response!
SQ (10:57:24 PM): Uh, the fact that I was just doing work?
SQ (10:57:30 PM): But you say I don't need access anymore

SQ (10:57:40 PM): so I guess I'll stop again, since I won't be able to use it
moot (10:57:44 PM): i think its about eight weeks too late for that!

SQ (10:57:59 PM): Uh-huh, right.
moot (10:58:09 PM): im glad you agree
SQ (10:58:24 PM): Sarcasm is 100% agreement, imho.
moot (10:58:31 PM): i agree!
SQ (10:59:56 PM): "Why aren't you doing any work?"
"Because I'm lazy. *starts doing work*"
"Oh well, you're not allowed to do work anymore!"
moot (11:00:07 PM): weve had this conversation multiple times
SQ (11:00:17 PM): o rly
moot (11:00:32 PM): yes
SQ (11:00:52 PM): I was totally unaware of this.
moot (11:01:07 PM): im sorry then
SQ (11:01:13 PM): Me too!
SQ (11:03:45 PM): So, where are you going with this?
moot (11:03:51 PM): do you have anything you want off of the server?
moot (11:03:53 PM): what do you mean
SQ (11:04:02 PM): This whole thing.
SQ (11:04:08 PM): What are you doing and why?
moot (11:04:08 PM): "whole thing"
moot (11:04:10 PM): elaborate
SQ (11:04:16 PM): What has happened in this instant message.
moot (11:04:56 PM): can i call you since ive always found it easier to articulate myself on the phone
SQ (11:05:17 PM): I guess, but what do you plan to say!


moot (11:05:24 PM): who knows!
Session concluded at 11:09:31 PM
SQ (3:45:15 PM): shut: you can remain on team4chan if you like
SQ: I don't think Moot wants that!
shut: moot (3:37:31 PM): i told him he could remain on the team if he liked.
SQ: and I said I never wanted to quit.
shut: ok then
SQ: But he took it upon himself to remove me anyway!
SQ: Even though the last thing I told him is that I'd have the public bans re
asons done today
moot is away at 3:47:56 PM.
SQ (3:51:14 PM): oh okay
Auto response from moot (3:51:16 PM): brb poopin :(Session concluded at
3:51:20 PM
moot (4:02:39 PM): that was mighty good!
SQ (4:02:46 PM): what, poopin'?
moot (4:02:56 PM): yeah i was backed up or something
SQ (4:04:36 PM): Awesome.
moot (4:04:55 PM): i know, right?
SQ (4:07:05 PM): kewl
moot (4:07:06 PM): i told you last night that you were free to remain on the
moot (4:07:10 PM): that hasnt changed
SQ (4:07:27 PM): Your actions defy your words, good sir!
moot (4:07:45 PM): those are my favorite kind of actions!
SQ (4:07:53 PM): They would be!
moot (4:07:55 PM): i didnt say in the same capacity.
SQ (4:08:03 PM): Uh-huh.
SQ (4:08:12 PM): Right.
moot (4:08:24 PM): i also said that last night.
moot (4:08:26 PM): are you interested, or not?
SQ (4:08:51 PM): What "capacity" would that be?
a moderator,
coder if basis
youd like,
you would not retain serv
er moot
coda only
his on a temporary
as well.
SQ (4:09:57 PM): And why?

SQ (4:10:06 PM): You've still yet to give any valid reason for any of this.
SQ (4:10:13 PM): Everyone thinks this is incredibly dumb.
moot (4:10:13 PM): youve yet to accept any of my reasons.
moot (4:10:19 PM): "everyone"
SQ (4:10:23 PM): Everyone I've told!
moot (4:11:07 PM): alright, feel free to tell them to voice that opinion to m
e so it can be taken under consideration
SQ (4:12:00 PM): So really, what is your valid reason for any of this?
SQ (4:12:13 PM): I see that you took the site down for three hours last night
, and then had another hour of trouble!
moot (4:12:42 PM): i cannot have somebody in such a position of power who is
irresponsible and confrontational
moot (4:12:53 PM): there was a problem with mysql that bill had to fix
moot (4:13:08 PM): it appears to be running fine now, minus the blotter not w
orking on two boxes
SQ (4:13:11 PM): Sorry "Robert," but I did not start this "confrontation."
SQ (4:13:19 PM): Cool, I could get it to work easy as pie!
SQ (4:13:24 PM): But wait, I can't.
moot (4:13:27 PM): im sure you could!
moot (4:13:34 PM): i know youre extremely smart and talented! im not denying
SQ (4:13:41 PM): Oh no, your pride :(
moot (4:13:47 PM): oh boy pride
moot (4:13:54 PM): again, this is going nowhere, just as all of our conversat
ions do
moot (4:14:00 PM): would you like to remain a moderator or not?
SQ (4:14:04 PM): Why, because you still have no reason to do this?
SQ (4:14:12 PM): And flat out admitted that this is not helping anything?
moot (4:14:29 PM): im not sure where youve garnered the position to argue my
moot (4:14:38 PM): this is second grade all over again
SQ (4:14:45 PM): Oh really, what a fucking copout.
SQ (4:15:06 PM): You don't have a real reason, so I now have no place to argu
e about it!
moot (4:15:29 PM): you need to get somebody to act as a proxy for you
moot (4:15:44 PM): go voice everything to martin and then maybe he can debate
things with me in a productive manner
SQ (4:15:45 PM): I mean, despite still doing work for the site, just because
I take a long time to do certain things is obviously a valid point for you not l
et me to anything at all!
moot (4:15:56 PM): i didnt say you couldnt do anything
SQ (4:16:01 PM): oh yes
moot (4:16:01 PM): i just said you wouldnt have access to the servers
SQ (4:16:04 PM): And why?
moot (4:16:09 PM): which isnt all that unreasonable
SQ (4:16:10 PM): To make things more difficult?
moot (4:16:15 PM): you know it!
SQ (4:16:22 PM): Sure it is, there's no reason to revoke such a right.
moot (4:16:43 PM): then present to me precise reasons that back that statemen
t up
SQ (4:16:45 PM): I mean, despite still doing work for the site, just because
I take a long time to do certain things is obviously a valid point for you make
me doing any work much harder than before
SQ (4:16:55 PM): fixed!
moot (4:17:10 PM): well im quite the slave driver you know, its how i get my
moot (4:17:19 PM): what, asking patiently for weeks and all?
SQ (4:17:48
that is aand
to do you
i dont
why didnt
swer mine?

SQ (4:18:38 PM): Which question, and what is so hard about explaining your re
moot (4:18:50 PM): reasoning to do what
moot (4:18:54 PM): revoke your access to the servers/


moot (4:18:55 PM): ?
SQ (4:19:01 PM): Yes, and remove my accounts on everything!
moot (4:19:39 PM): nobody knows what you have scattered about the servers, it
was easier to remove you in full and add you later rather than just remove you
from critical things
SQ (4:19:51 PM): Why bother?
SQ (4:20:03 PM): Once again, elaborate how this is benefitial to anything.
SQ (4:20:08 PM): You still won't.
moot (4:20:23 PM): elaborate to me how keeping you on the team as dead weight d
oes much of anything
moot (4:20:32 PM): this is a prime example of why i dont want you to be an ad
SQ (4:20:35 PM): Well first I'd have to be dead weight!
SQ (4:20:42 PM): You know, not do anything at all.
SQ (4:20:51 PM): So far, all I have not done is complete things on the to-do
moot (4:20:56 PM): you cant even voice your frustrations in a coherent enough
manner without sounding like a raging 16 year old, who is hinging all of his ar
guments on the basis of "YOU SHOULDNT AND THEREFORE YOU CANT"
SQ (4:21:03 PM): That doesn't mean I don't fix bugs, do smaller things, moder
ator, fix problems.
SQ (4:21:12 PM): Raging 16 year old?
moot (4:21:16 PM): i understand you do those things
SQ (4:21:20 PM): I'm not the one who was YELLING about this on the phone last
moot (4:21:22 PM): i acknowledged that last night
moot (4:21:30 PM): no you were the one rather upset!
SQ (4:21:40 PM): Yeah, and I was yelling about it, right?
moot (4:21:42 PM): i dont yell much, that was the first time in months if not
moot (4:21:57 PM): i have a pretty tame "yell"
SQ (4:22:20 PM): I'm just baffled that you are doing this with such little re
ason behind it, and the fact that you are taking this so seriously as to get so
worked up that you end up yelling your concerns over the telephone.
SQ (4:22:34 PM): It's pretty much out of nowhere as well!
moot (4:23:06 PM): youve be naive to think that
moot (4:23:13 PM): im surprised you could say that with a straight face
moot (4:23:16 PM): not that i can see your face!
SQ (4:23:46 PM): Right right, other than the other week, when have you expres
sed the want to get rid of me entirely?
moot (4:24:14 PM): remind me where ive said i wanted to get rid of you entire
moot (4:24:21 PM): im encouraging you to remain on the team, just not in your
former "capacity"
SQ (4:24:34 PM): Your actions last night said so, entirely removing me
SQ (4:24:44 PM): The excuse of "I don't know what you have laying around" is
totally bogus.
moot (4:24:58 PM): from an administrative standpoint, it was the right move
SQ (4:24:58 PM): I totally installed a backdoor on a regular pornsite to root the box via
Word Press.
moot (4:25:04 PM): feel free to dispute that
moot (4:25:16 PM): people tend to do dumb things when they are upset and angr
l. SQ (4:25:16 PM): No, it really isn't, because it didn't need to be done at al
moot (4:25:18 PM): i assume you are upset

SQ (4:25:41 PM): No, not really, more confused at such rash and strange actio
moot (4:25:57 PM): rash, somewhat, strange, not really
moot (4:26:12 PM): if you can convince bill that im completely wrong in what
ive done, id be surprised and completely rethink what ive done/the future, etc
SQ (4:26:39 PM): I'll ask again then, elaborate how removing me will cause any
good to happen?
SQ (4:26:58 PM): How removing my access will help?
SQ (4:27:17 PM): Why this needs to even happen at all?
SQ (4:28:03 PM): I don't, and I'm pretty sure anyone else would think that be
cause I do not make changes to some things is merit to not allow me to do such c
moot (4:28:27 PM): it wont directly, but you are no longer an admin, thus you
dont require it--that is justification enough
SQ (4:28:31 PM): And even if being able to do them, with less power, will mak
e anything easier?
moot (4:28:42 PM): im sure youd like a challenge
SQ (4:28:49 PM): hahaha
SQ (4:28:50 PM): what
moot (4:29:10 PM): please dont draw "everyone" else into the equation as well
, while i value the input of (most) others, this isnt their decision
moot (4:29:13 PM): this isnt being voted on
SQ (4:29:23 PM): When you are trying to get someone to do something, you don'
t make them not want to do.
SQ (4:29:24 PM): it
moot (4:29:25 PM): ive asked a few select people of their opinions on the mat
ter and theyve more or less agreed
SQ (4:29:35 PM): Sounds pretty one sided to me.
moot (4:29:45 PM): im sorry to hear that
SQ (4:29:49 PM): Why?
moot (4:30:01 PM): because you are/(or were?) my efren and i like you 
SQ (4:30:08 PM): You sure act like it.
moot (4:30:28 PM): because you are my fren doesnt justify you continuing to
be an administrator on the website
moot (4:30:35 PM): there is nothing personal mixed into this


moot (4:30:45 PM): if there was, i wouldnt have done this, im trying to keep this strictly related to the website
moot (4:30:52 PM): i feel youre trying to draw other personal matters out though.
SQ (4:30:55 PM): Because I don't get things done in time doesn't jusitify making it harder to do.
SQ (4:31:03 PM): What personal matters?
moot (4:31:44 PM): you shouldnt be complaining to others which leads to them "picking sides", again, it is none of their business and they have little to no say in it
moot (4:31:49 PM): "yo beef is with me"
moot (4:31:51 PM): EBONICS
SQ (4:32:02 PM): When did I complain?
moot (4:32:21 PM): from what i was told in t4c? i didnt see it though so you have me there
moot (4:32:25 PM): voicing your frustrations rather!
moot (4:32:33 PM): feel free to make this as public as you want, but it wont help anything
moot (4:32:57 PM): you need to convince me that what im doing is wrong, not them.
SQ (4:32:59 PM): Just like doing all of this won't help anything?
moot (4:33:16 PM): would you charactarize yourself as a responsible individual
moot (4:33:18 PM): answer this seriously please
SQ (4:33:25 PM): If I have the need to be, yes.
SQ (4:33:32 PM): You seem to forget what a regular pornsite is.
moot (4:33:37 PM): excuse me
moot (4:33:38 PM): that is a no
SQ (4:33:40 PM): A volunteer run free animu porn website.
moot (4:33:51 PM): would you say you have the ability to agree to and meet deadlines on time?
SQ (4:33:55 PM): And you expect people to act like "responsible paid employees"
SQ (4:34:06 PM): You don't technically give deadlines!
moot (4:34:21 PM): youve set them for yourself in the past by commiting to dates
moot (4:34:26 PM): again, i didnt log things that far back
moot (4:34:34 PM): but if youre going to be honest, please admit to that.
SQ (4:35:28 PM): Sure, I've said I'll have things done by a time.
moot (4:36:36 PM): in the past few months, if ont normally, do you meet those imposed "deadlines"?
moot (4:36:40 PM): again, truthfully!
SQ (4:36:48 PM): Sometimes!
moot (4:38:08 PM): would you say that you have at times allowed grievances, misgivings, personal-issues to interfere with the way you deal with others (in terms of conversation and attitude), more specifically, myself?
SQ (4:38:24 PM): In example?
SQ (4:38:31 PM): I was unaware I had any personal issues with you.
moot (4:39:02 PM): my approaching you for information, or updates, etc, and receiving sarcastic responses, smilies, and generally worthless banter
SQ (4:39:42 PM): What does that have to do with personal issues :confused:
moot (4:40:09 PM): reread the question
SQ (4:40:20 PM): I DON'T GET IT
moot (4:41:02 PM): do you let outside factors affect the way you deal with myself and others at certain times, in effect making it hard to converse/"deal" with you
SQ (4:42:55 PM): Huh?
moot (4:43:01 PM): im sorry you dont understand this
SQ (4:43:05 PM): No?
SQ (4:43:06 PM): I don't.
SQ (4:43:13 PM): I don't see why you think I do.
moot (4:43:32 PM): do you understand that because you have elected to assume a position of "power", with that comes certain responsibilities
moot (4:43:39 PM): your position is a priviledge, not a right
moot (4:44:12 PM): there is a tradeoff, you perform your duties, in a timely fashion, and in turn you are able to exert whatever control you are entitled to in that position
SQ (4:44:17 PM): haha okay
SQ (4:44:22 PM): you are such a great salesman
moot (4:44:27 PM): you really dont grasp this
SQ (4:44:45 PM): I don't really grasp how you think this is a good plan of action
moot (4:44:49 PM): the reason you dont understand my actions is because you dont understand what ive just said
SQ (4:44:50 PM): which you still have yet to answer
moot (4:45:18 PM): that you have not fulfilled your responsibilities over the past months or so, and because of that, there is no longer a need to keep you in that position
moot (4:45:26 PM): you put yourself in that place, not me
SQ (4:45:29 PM): You still act like I do nothing.
moot (4:45:40 PM): im sorry it comes off that way, again, i acknowledge you do things
SQ (4:45:49 PM): No, you really don't.
SQ (4:46:03 PM): Because they are not always things you specifically request, they don't matter to you.
SQ (4:49:58 PM): Do you not have any response to this?
moot (4:51:28 PM): actually im cleaning and cant talk
moot (4:51:31 PM): give me ten minutesSession concluded at 5:06:16 PMmoot (5:14:53 PM): youre right, i probably put less leverage behind things i dont request
moot (5:15:02 PM): have you implemented any major changes/features though


moot (5:15:09 PM): aside from random bug fixes and restarting things to unbreak them
SQ (5:15:21 PM): Not currently, except the stuff I started this weekend!
SQ (5:15:29 PM): I'd consider the whole donations thing to be pretty big.
SQ (5:16:45 PM): You do realize that more programmers is better, right?
SQ (5:16:54 PM): that having*
moot (5:17:55 PM): it was a mistake to put all of the burden on you in the first place, ive realized that
moot (5:18:04 PM): and yes the donations thing was definitely big
SQ (5:18:18 PM): So how is making things harder for me to do anything going to help?
SQ (5:18:41 PM): I have expressed that working with Coda actually made me want to botherdoing things on the to-do list!
moot (5:19:33 PM): from what youre telling me, its not
SQ (5:19:42 PM): From what I'm telling you?
moot (5:19:58 PM): had you demonstrated the ability to actually "get things done", being things ive requested for quite some time, this would not have happened.
SQ (5:20:08 PM): This didn't need to happen.
moot (5:20:13 PM): as it stands, you dont even acknowledge having a responsibility in the first place
SQ (5:20:18 PM): I don't?
moot (5:20:23 PM): i take that back
moot (5:20:26 PM): you treat it differently as i do
SQ (5:20:49 PM): I think caring about something working properly and making sure it runs is pretty responsible.
SQ (5:21:01 PM): I have not bothered sleeping before to make sure a regular pornsite is working.
moot (5:21:25 PM): believe it or not, so have i!
moot (5:21:41 PM): the entire first year was me staying up until the wee hours of the morning every night
moot (5:21:46 PM): and getting up an hour later to go to class
moot (5:21:47 PM): it sucked.
SQ (5:21:57 PM): I still don't believe that not adding new features from the to-do is cause to remove me/make things harder for me to even bother doing anything.
SQ (5:22:40 PM): Your previous logic about having a responsibility, and not living up to it, being cause doesn't work with the fact that I still do things for the site.
SQ (5:22:48 PM): comma comma
SQ (5:22:59 PM): All off this is needless drama.
moot (5:23:40 PM): the "features" i had been adament at requesting may as well be termed "vital improvements'
moot (5:23:48 PM): unlike my past ideas, they werent for shids and giggles.
SQ (5:23:59 PM): Either way, you still act as if I do nothing.
SQ (5:24:08 PM): Even though you claim to acknowledge that I do.
SQ (5:24:48 PM): You treat this all as business. If I did absolutely nothing, I wouldn't have any place to say this is uncalled for.
SQ (5:25:04 PM): If you treated it properly as a business, you would work out a schedule with your new-found multiple programmers.
SQ (5:25:17 PM): You would talk with them together, work out a plan of action for things to come.
moot (5:25:22 PM): im sorry, but its next to impossible to "work out" anything with you
moot (5:25:23 PM): most of the time
moot (5:25:25 PM): feel free to disagree
moot (5:25:29 PM): but you can be worse to deal with than saber
moot (5:25:34 PM): and saber makes me want to shoot him over the internet
moot (5:25:41 PM): on the phone hes fucking lollipops and rainbows though, its amazing
SQ (5:26:02 PM): Can you not admit you are just as difficult to work with?
moot (5:26:23 PM): what do you mean not admit
moot (5:26:30 PM): i have been extremely difficult to work with
moot (5:26:34 PM): in my opinion, thats moreso in the past
SQ (5:26:36 PM): Then why be so hypocritical about the situation?
moot (5:26:42 PM): recently, i believe ive been pretty lax and understanding
moot (5:26:48 PM): i dont hound you like i used to.
moot (5:27:01 PM): to be a hypocrite id have to have said otherwise in the first place
moot (5:27:09 PM): i freely admit to what youve just said
SQ (5:27:10 PM): Your actions against me being hard to work with are.
moot (5:27:29 PM): i always have
SQ (5:27:36 PM): If I acted as you did, I should have quit months ago because you are hard to work with!
moot (5:27:55 PM): i think until you realize that the position youve put yourself in requires a great deal of responsibility, we are going to get nowhere overall
moot (5:28:00 PM): a regular pornsite is a stupid animu site
moot (5:28:07 PM): but it is a serious project, to me at least.
SQ (5:28:21 PM): and I still exert some of it!
moot (5:28:23 PM): i have a responsibility to the users to keep the site up, and so far ive been abel to deliver on that
moot (5:28:28 PM): able rather
SQ (5:28:46 PM): as I said before, if you treated this seriously, you wouldn't have done something like this, and would have even bothered to TRY to work things out as a team.


moot (5:29:09 PM): your statement is inaccurate
SQ (5:29:15 PM): Sometimes "Team a regular pornsite" is very little of a team. I know it's your site, but as we all know, democracy works.
moot (5:29:15 PM): it assumes i believe what ive done to be in complete correctness
moot (5:29:20 PM): which isnt the case
SQ (5:29:24 PM): Then why are you doing it?
moot (5:29:33 PM): i never said the decision ive made has been the right one overall.
moot (5:29:42 PM): thus you cant say that by doing this, im not treating things seriously
SQ (5:29:43 PM): You still have yet to answer how this is a good decision.
moot (5:29:48 PM): on the contrary, treating thigns seriously is what led to this
SQ (5:30:09 PM): If you have the mind to make things worse, yes.
moot (5:30:26 PM): in the long run , it probably isnt, feel free to quote me on this, because it will sour our relationship (INTERNET), and slow progress on the site theoretically
moot (5:30:33 PM): is that answer sufficient?
SQ (5:31:38 PM): in the long run, it makes unnecessary work and drama for everyone and some people, and "sours your relationship" with your "efren"
SQ (5:31:49 PM): So why is it a good choice?
SQ (5:32:06 PM): Or did you really just feel the need to "shake things up"?
moot (5:32:28 PM): oh boy shaking things up, that wasnt my intention
moot (5:32:32 PM): i dont think ive even shaken anything up
SQ (5:33:09 PM): That's what you wanted to do last time you wanted to remove mods!
SQ (5:33:17 PM): which is what you did last night!
SQ (5:33:42 PM): Don't ignore my first question though.
SQ (5:33:47 PM): It's been repeating this entire time.
moot (5:34:20 PM): if we were both adults, doing this wouldnt affect our personal relationship whatsoever
moot (5:34:21 PM): BUT ALAS
SQ (5:34:27 PM): What personal relationship?
moot (5:34:31 PM): OH NO
moot (5:34:51 PM): well if we arent efrens then im not exactly compelled to be loyal to you in the first place
moot (5:34:59 PM): which makes this much easier, thanks
SQ (5:35:09 PM): hahaha
SQ (5:35:12 PM): okay man
SQ (5:35:13 PM): if you say so
moot (5:35:16 PM): shaking things up was mistaken wording which you will never let go of!
moot (5:35:22 PM): removing dead weight works in its stead
SQ (5:35:29 PM): You still won't answer my question!
moot (5:35:32 PM): what question?
SQ (5:35:33 PM): Why do you avoid it so?
SQ (5:35:42 PM): SQ (5:31:49 PM): So why is it a good choice?
SQ (5:35:57 PM): I'd go find every other instance of the same/similar question, but that is too much work.
moot (5:35:59 PM): moot (5:30:38 PM): in the long run , it probably isnt,
moot (5:36:31 PM): ive already stated my reasons behind it, go reread them! im acknowledging that my decision may be incorrect though
SQ (5:36:53 PM): So you admit it's a bad idea, but you also say you're trying to be serious about the site?
moot (5:36:58 PM): i didnt say it was a bad idea
moot (5:37:05 PM): i said it could be construed as one that is incorrect.
moot (5:37:19 PM): how can you associate my decision and being "serious" about the site?
moot (5:37:25 PM): at least answer my questions
SQ (5:37:29 PM): Because the decision is stupid.
moot (5:37:32 PM): wow
moot (5:37:36 PM): thats an argument alright
moot (5:37:39 PM): concise, i like it
SQ (5:37:46 PM): I've already stated the reasons it doesn't make sense.
SQ (5:37:52 PM): Your logic is very flawed.
moot (5:37:54 PM): and ive stated the reasons why it does
moot (5:38:03 PM): you have the right to disagree!
SQ (5:38:08 PM): with flawed logic :rolleyes:
moot (5:38:27 PM): alright
moot (5:38:31 PM): do we have anything left to discuss?
SQ (5:39:04 PM): Since you won't take anything I say into the least bit of consideration, whatever!
moot (5:40:00 PM): youre assuming the only way i can take what youve said into consideration is to agree with you
moot (5:40:02 PM): which makes no sense
SQ (5:40:06 PM): No, I don't.
SQ (5:40:19 PM): But you still stand by the "You don't do anything, so you don't need access."
SQ (5:40:22 PM): Even though that is untrue.
moot (5:41:51 PM): you appear to believe your viewpoint is a fact of the matter
moot (5:41:53 PM): it isnt :(
SQ (5:42:05 PM): What viewpoint, that I actually do things?
moot (5:42:36 PM): that what youve done, or rather not done, warrants you have access to the server and be installed in an "administration"-type position
SQ (5:42:56 PM): so it warrents making things more difficult?


SQ (5:43:10 PM): things were rather fine as they were, in the grand scheme of things.
SQ (5:43:28 PM): coda even said so!
moot (5:43:46 PM): you enjoyed all the benefits of being wtsnacks, admin of a regular pornsite, without really putting the work into earning it
moot (5:43:48 PM): i use earning loosely
SQ (5:43:59 PM): What benefits?
moot (5:44:10 PM): internet superstar, wtsnacks, of internet fame, ON THE INTERNET
moot (5:44:15 PM): more specifically, having access to the server.
SQ (5:44:17 PM): That's new to me.
moot (5:44:19 PM): nobody else has access for a reason!
SQ (5:44:25 PM): Nobody else does anything.
SQ (5:44:29 PM): I do.
moot (5:44:29 PM): theyre not admins, they arent expected to do the things you were expected to
moot (5:44:39 PM): anything isnt the bar.
SQ (5:44:55 PM): It's funny that this is the first you've expressed "responsibility" and "having access" to a regular pornsite.
moot (5:45:15 PM): as usual, your statement bears no relevance to this conversation
moot (5:45:20 PM): care to say something else?
SQ (5:45:35 PM): How does it bear no relevance?
SQ (5:45:47 PM): It has to do with you springing such things upon myself.
SQ (5:46:38 PM): Until now, you had expressed no existance of such a "bar"
SQ (5:46:57 PM): I'd considering making sure the site runs smoothly rather admin-like.
moot (5:47:11 PM): simon has expressed interest in restructuring the way things work
moot (5:47:17 PM): i told him im completely open and willing on the idea
moot (5:47:24 PM): he said he had a proposal to send me within the week
moot (5:47:32 PM): if you had concerns with the way things are being run, as he has, you should have piped up.
moot (5:47:38 PM): after the fact doesnt do much good.
SQ (5:47:47 PM): piped up when?
SQ (5:48:00 PM): I personally have no problems with the way things are being run.
SQ (5:48:15 PM): Not taking into account my laziness.
SQ (5:48:44 PM): But if you have problems with the way something is run, you try to work things out and make them better, not cut things off.
moot (5:49:32 PM): i have a question
moot (5:49:36 PM): what exactly do you want out of this
SQ (5:49:41 PM): As I said before, I would have had no problem with you trying to work a partnership and plan of action with coda.
SQ (5:49:44 PM): Out of what?
moot (5:50:17 PM): this conversation, and your potential future working on the site again (continued really)
moot (5:50:24 PM): the last was horridly phrased
SQ (5:50:33 PM): Yeah, I don't get the second part.
moot (5:50:57 PM): why do you want to continue helping
SQ (5:50:59 PM): Out of this conversation, I'd like it to stop being a pissing contest about opinions, and a way to return things to normal and work out the moving ahead of a regular pornsite.
moot (5:51:08 PM): if you arent very interested in the site itself, or working with me, etc
SQ (5:51:18 PM): Because I have put over a year of work into this site, and I do not want to stop?
SQ (5:51:30 PM): I never said I wasn't interested in the site or working with you.
SQ (5:52:00 PM): Yes, the users are horrible and the benefits are very little, but it is a (sometimes) exciting project that I am proud to be a part of.
moot (5:52:01 PM): you dont seem to care for me very much :( when it is the opposite with my feelings towards you :'(
SQ (5:52:18 PM): I don't care for your "craziness", aka flipping out like you've done.
SQ (5:52:32 PM): That is because I do not agree with your actions at all.
SQ (5:52:46 PM): You claim to be serious about this, and being serious about it, took these actions.
SQ (5:52:57 PM): I don't see that as the right way to go about this, and is just mucking everything up.
moot (5:53:12 PM): do you at least realize recently ive been attempting to move forward
SQ (5:53:27 PM): Yes, I am well aware of that.
moot (5:53:28 PM): a regular pornsite for the most part has been extremely stagnant, which isnt a good thing, because there have been numerous things to improve on
moot (5:53:36 PM): if it were perfect, the whole stagnant thing would be great
moot (5:53:38 PM): but its far from it.
SQ (5:53:52 PM): I don't agree with your methods of doing so though, those methods being in reference to today/last night.
moot (5:54:31 PM): i hope that youre intelligent enough (and i know youre very smart) to at least respect my decisions, because like it or not, i have made valid points, even though they do not coincide with your own
moot (5:54:51 PM): and no dont think im stroking my dick here
SQ (5:54:56 PM): Your points may be valid, but the way of dealing with them is not.
moot (5:54:57 PM): but agreeing with never implies respect
moot (5:55:13 PM): and vice versa


moot (5:55:14 PM): hold on
SQ (5:55:47 PM): You may think that things could improve in the long run without me, and that may be true.
SQ (5:56:08 PM): But it doesn't have to be in the long run, and I don't have to stop my actions as I do them now.
moot (5:56:14 PM): what spurred your interest in developing for the site again
moot (5:56:23 PM): the fact that it had to come down to me basically removing you is a very, very, bad sign.
SQ (5:56:27 PM): Uh, as I said before, having someone else to pick up the slack?
moot (5:56:32 PM): do you realize "im lazy" doesnt cut it all the time
SQ (5:56:33 PM): A bad sign of what?
moot (5:56:40 PM): of your train of thought
moot (5:56:54 PM): "oh shid im about to lose something so i might as well work towards not doing it"
SQ (5:56:57 PM): So I'm not allowed to feel attached to a project that I have put very much work in?
moot (5:56:59 PM): er, doing it rather
moot (5:57:03 PM): i didnt say that
SQ (5:57:05 PM): You still act like I do nothing.
moot (5:57:07 PM): why the fuck do you think i didnt sell the site?
SQ (5:57:15 PM): Why the fuck do you think I haven't quit on my own?
moot (5:57:18 PM): do you realize 99% of people out there would have sold it in a heartbeat
SQ (5:57:42 PM): I'm sure they would!
moot (5:57:43 PM): fuck all of my advisors were like YOURE STUPID MOOTYKINS!
moot (5:58:00 PM): i think it would be a horrendous thing to do, and while im not moralistic, i dont agree with people who do things like that
moot (5:58:07 PM): i understand that whole attachment thing, believe me
moot (5:58:27 PM): i pasted my news updates into word recently and saw i have written over 47 pages of words about this timesink in the past two years
moot (5:58:46 PM): which to me was not only surprising but impressive
moot (5:59:03 PM): ive said time and time again that you are one of the only reasons the site is still up
SQ (5:59:23 PM): Perfect time to get rid of me.
moot (5:59:25 PM): i may bitch about you being more or less a baby when dealing with me, but i always acknowledge the work youve done for the site
moot (5:59:30 PM): just as i do bill
SQ (5:59:31 PM): No you don't.
moot (5:59:35 PM): like when he was a fucking ghost
moot (5:59:40 PM): Prime im loyal as fuck to the guy, hes amazing
SQ (5:59:46 PM): Just like I said before, if it's not something you specifically request, it doesn't matter.
moot (5:59:48 PM): but it doesnt dismiss the fact that he is/can be a COMPLETE FLAKE
SQ (5:59:58 PM): Good thing you act the same way with me
SQ (5:59:59 PM): oh wait
SQ (6:00:16 PM): Even though I'm always around, doing at least SOMETHING
moot (6:00:17 PM): oh wait, youd be crazy to think you hear everything i relate to others about you!
SQ (6:00:25 PM): Huh?
moot (6:00:29 PM): SQ (6:00:11 PM): Good thing you act the same way with me
SQ (6:00:12 PM): oh wait
SQ (6:00:39 PM): Your actions currently are not showing any "loyalty"
SQ (6:00:47 PM): They are showing dismissiveness.
moot (6:01:09 PM): while i may be loyal to you personally, only a fool would take that into strong account while making a decision such as this
moot (6:01:13 PM): a regular pornsite isnt a business
SQ (6:01:17 PM): They are saying "You did great work in the past, and even though you still do some work, despite less of it, you don't really need to be here anymore"
SQ (6:01:30 PM): Even though that little work still matters
SQ (6:01:38 PM): and you act like I've flat out refused to do anything new.
moot (6:01:51 PM): you have through your actions, or rather, inaction!
moot (6:01:54 PM): in words, no
moot (6:01:58 PM): again, in what youve produced, yes
moot (6:02:01 PM): youre going to fight that
SQ (6:02:04 PM): There you go acting like I do nothing again!
moot (6:02:06 PM): but in my opinion, it is a truth
moot (6:02:14 PM): SQ (6:01:50 PM): and you act like I've flat out refused to do anything new.
moot (6:02:20 PM): meaning, my feature requests
SQ (6:02:32 PM): Even though I said I would, and had even started work on some?
SQ (6:02:50 PM): Some inaction.
moot (6:03:01 PM): have you forgotten it took you more or less eight weeks to arrive at that point
moot (6:03:03 PM): seriously, come on now.
SQ (6:03:28 PM): I guess that is ample reason to not allow it to be done at all.
moot (6:03:35 PM): i never said it was
SQ (6:03:38 PM): You act like it is.
moot (6:03:40 PM): you just evaded my point
moot (6:03:48 PM): actions dont always imply beliefs!
SQ (6:03:51 PM): No, I didn't, because I have previously stated it.


SQ (6:01:38 PM): and you act like I've flat out refused to do anything new.
moot (6:01:51 PM): you have through your actions, or rather, inaction!
moot (6:01:54 PM): in words, no
SQ (6:04:06 PM): Oh no!
moot (6:04:19 PM): huh?
moot (6:04:30 PM): that wasnt "in other words"
moot (6:04:34 PM): it was literally, in words
SQ (6:04:45 PM): So my actions imply fact, but yours don't?
moot (6:05:04 PM): your actions imply your unwillingness to accept a responsibility that you assigned to yourself
moot (6:05:07 PM): do you disagree?
SQ (6:05:23 PM): Yeah, because I've expressed in word the opposite.
moot (6:05:39 PM): what does your word mean to me at this point?
moot (6:05:46 PM): i can only tolerate "ill do it x" so many times!
moot (6:05:55 PM): this applies to most people
moot (6:06:02 PM): its crying wolf, people get fed up, frustrated, annoyed, etc
SQ (6:06:23 PM): Perfect time to not even bother finding out.
SQ (6:06:30 PM): Someone says they'll have something done tomorrow
SQ (6:06:38 PM): Why bother seeing if they will?
moot (6:06:41 PM): you presented that after the fact
SQ (6:06:42 PM): I mean, it's only a day.
SQ (6:06:44 PM): No I didn't.
moot (6:06:45 PM): after the decision had been made.
moot (6:06:47 PM): yes, you did.
SQ (6:07:01 PM): How would you know what work I have done?
SQ (6:07:07 PM): As you said, you can't afford to keep tabs on me so often!
moot (6:07:12 PM): please justify your actions of not implementing the important things which ive requested for months
moot (6:07:20 PM): because you flat out told me you had not started the ban panel not one week ago
moot (6:07:24 PM): please dont make me dig up logs
SQ (6:07:27 PM): And that was a week ago.
SQ (6:07:31 PM): That is not now.
moot (6:07:33 PM): and that was seven weeks too late.
moot (6:07:42 PM): reread that sentence a few times
moot (6:07:52 PM): "too little, too late"
moot (6:07:53 PM): bingo!
moot (6:08:07 PM): what a perfect statement!
SQ (6:08:14 PM): You sure laid it out in stone that if I didn't have things done at a certain time, I'd no longer be doing them!
SQ (6:08:19 PM): Or at all.
SQ (6:08:30 PM): This is very out of the blue.
moot (6:08:41 PM): as i said last night, you are not a baby nor am i a babysitter
moot (6:08:49 PM): i cannot believe you tried to convince me i was at fault for you not completing thigns
moot (6:08:53 PM): because i didnt remind you EVER DAY
moot (6:08:57 PM): and tell the team to remind you EVERY DAY
SQ (6:08:59 PM): What does that have to do with anything?
SQ (6:09:02 PM): That wasn't even what was said.
moot (6:09:10 PM): it has to do with what you believe to be the case
SQ (6:09:20 PM): That was about me no longer working for the site if I don't do things in a timely manner!
moot (6:09:42 PM): i didnt spell it out for you, no, but then again, i shouldnt have needed to
SQ (6:09:52 PM): Yes, you should have, because this is not a business.
SQ (6:09:58 PM): This is a volunteer site.
moot (6:10:05 PM): does that mean i cant hold standards?
moot (6:10:07 PM): sorry, but fuck that.
SQ (6:10:14 PM): If you don't make such standards clear, what's the point?
moot (6:10:28 PM): i treat this "volunteer site" as a commitment
moot (6:10:33 PM): do you?
SQ (6:10:41 PM): Yes/
SQ (6:10:42 PM): .
SQ (6:10:42 PM): ,
SQ (6:11:00 PM): Why do you think I commit to keeping it running?
moot (6:11:41 PM): youve said before that one of your motivations is being extremely bored or having nothing better to do
moot (6:11:49 PM): why should i assume that isnt the case
SQ (6:11:52 PM): I also said having someone else to help me code is!
moot (6:12:04 PM): too bad you only informed me of this today!
SQ (6:12:08 PM): No I didn't.
moot (6:12:12 PM): go quote it then
moot (6:12:15 PM): i may be wrong
moot (6:12:16 PM): but i dont recall.
SQ (6:12:20 PM): I expressed it when you first told me Coda would be coding.
SQ (6:12:51 PM): and even back when you stated interest in getting new programmers
SQ (6:12:54 PM): months ago
SQ (6:13:03 PM): I said that more is better.
SQ (6:13:18 PM): It's much easier for 5 programmers to do 1/5th of the work than one doing everything.
moot (6:13:18 PM): too bad nobody else wants to help
SQ (6:13:30 PM): What is Coda's purpose then?
SQ (6:13:35 PM): Other than my replacement of course!
moot (6:13:48 PM): i brought him in to actually "get shid done"
moot (6:13:52 PM): he told me he could do things
moot (6:13:54 PM): he has done them
SQ (6:14:03 PM): You are a great business man, getting your team together


moot (6:14:06 PM): he has also expressed interest for the past y ear apparently
SQ (6:14:07 PM): Er, I mean seperating them.
moot (6:14:14 PM): those statements are extremely beneficial to this conversation
moot (6:14:19 PM): and mature none the less.
SQ (6:14:54 PM): Yeah man, because you not bothering to take initiative in getting your team to work together, and instead cutting one out for horrible reasons is awesome.
SQ (6:15:12 PM): You aren't a "babysitter", but you are a "boss"
moot (6:15:20 PM): yeah, i am.
moot (6:15:29 PM): its me prerogative.
moot (6:15:31 PM): my rather.
SQ (6:15:46 PM): So why do you take this course of action, instead of bothering to help the site?
SQ (6:16:03 PM): You take away one of it's most valuable resources.
moot (6:16:23 PM): if you havent noticed, ive come up with a bunch of ideas to help further the site recently! not all management wise, but externally
moot (6:16:34 PM): and my three main important ones have been disclosed for ages
moot (6:16:42 PM): ban redo, mod panel, report posts
SQ (6:16:46 PM): What does that have to do with getting your programmers to work together?
moot (6:16:57 PM): where is that coming from?
moot (6:17:02 PM): i dont even understand your point/question
SQ (6:17:07 PM): Uh, what I've been taking about the past dozen lines?
SQ (6:17:30 PM): Instead of getting your programmers to work together as a team, and jet forward progress with the power of two
SQ (6:17:44 PM): you remove one entirely, or make their coming work harder
moot (6:17:47 PM): jet forward progress, hahahaha
moot (6:17:50 PM): oh boy i wish
moot (6:17:53 PM): in dream land maybe
SQ (6:18:25 PM): so having multiple features completed with two people working on something, from no features being completed isn't "jetting forward progress"?
moot (6:19:30 PM): i dont think progressive would be a good adjective to describe your tenure as our CODER NUMERO UNO as of late
SQ (6:19:42 PM): Who cares about titles?
moot (6:19:55 PM): you?
SQ (6:19:55 PM): You are effectively revoking any possibility of progress, with no gain in sight.
SQ (6:19:59 PM): No, I don't.
moot (6:20:02 PM): ive been telling you that you can remain on the team and code
moot (6:20:07 PM): but you wont be an admin or CODER UNO
moot (6:20:12 PM): and you arent satisfied with this
moot (6:20:14 PM): so how can you say that?
SQ (6:20:24 PM): I am unsatisfied with not being able to work as I am used to
moot (6:20:26 PM): im not trying to castrate you, as much as youd like to believe
SQ (6:20:27 PM): with no reason for it.
moot (6:20:34 PM): dont say no reason
SQ (6:20:35 PM): Yes, you are.
moot (6:20:37 PM): say reason which i do not agree with.
moot (6:20:39 PM): because that is the case
moot (6:20:43 PM): you cant ignore the reasons ive presented
moot (6:20:47 PM): but you can choose to disagree with them.
SQ (6:20:48 PM): No, you actually have no reason to remove my shell access.
SQ (6:20:56 PM): Most of the things I do use it!
moot (6:21:13 PM): here ill throw one out there, it presents a liability from the most basic of security standpoints
moot (6:21:19 PM): oh youre not going to like that one
moot (6:21:30 PM): but go ask any admin out there, is limiting access to critical components a BAD thing
SQ (6:21:30 PM): Maybe because it makes no sense
moot (6:21:32 PM): no, its not.
SQ (6:21:36 PM): How am I a security risk?
moot (6:22:09 PM): you have complete control over three servers that run a massive website? your personality and "relationship" or lack thereof with me further complicate that
moot (6:22:20 PM): part of me thinks youd never harm us
moot (6:22:27 PM): another thinks, oh shid, its wtsnacks, watch the fuck out
SQ (6:22:31 PM): what the fuck?
moot (6:23:24 PM): was that insulting? i hope not!
moot (6:23:50 PM): el oh el.
SQ (6:23:51 PM): Seriously, what the fuck
SQ (6:23:54 PM): Why would you ever think that?
moot (6:24:08 PM): because i think youre just as fucking rash ad i am, and not only that, you conduct yourself as a baby at times
moot (6:24:17 PM): again talking to you is like fucking a brick wall at times, painful and unrewarding
moot (6:24:29 PM): just like saber, who again, is rainbows on the phone, very easy to relate with


moot (6:25:09 PM): if i didnt trust you, youd never have had access in the first place, its not that(youll disagree, and i would too), but i have the right to be worried about what you could possibly do, put under the right circumstances
SQ (6:25:11 PM): And why would that make you suddenly think my shell access is a bad thing?
moot (6:25:14 PM): i know this is probably incredibly offensive
SQ (6:25:31 PM): Why does Coda have access then?
moot (6:25:33 PM): because as of right now, you more or less have the absolute most power over the site out of everybody
SQ (6:25:33 PM): Or Lucid?
moot (6:26:06 PM): dont even bring bill into it
moot (6:26:10 PM): i cant even find a reason why he wouldnt have it
moot (6:26:14 PM): he IS the only reason the site is up
SQ (6:26:33 PM): I also preform many of the tasks that a sysadmin would, because ours are never around.
moot (6:26:38 PM): hes the ADMINISTRATOR of the SYSTEM
moot (6:26:40 PM): youre, NOT!
SQ (6:26:41 PM): Despite doing only things benefitial to the site with my ssh access
moot (6:26:43 PM): youre a php coder!
SQ (6:26:48 PM): you think I'm going to do something bad with it
SQ (6:26:57 PM): even though you have absolutely no reason to think that
SQ (6:27:02 PM): especially after over a year of it
moot (6:27:06 PM): your personality lends itself to me thinking that
moot (6:27:12 PM): i hope you can realize that somehow
SQ (6:27:30 PM): My personality of being annoyed by demands?
SQ (6:27:37 PM): Oh man, moot bugged me to do this stuff
SQ (6:27:42 PM): I am going to rm -rf / now
SQ (6:27:59 PM): I AM A SPITEFUL a regular pornsite WARRIOR OF VENGEANCE
moot (6:28:11 PM): i shouldnt have brought this up, now things will go downhill even faster
moot (6:28:16 PM): what else do you have left to get off of your chest
moot (6:28:23 PM): you still havent answered the fundamental question
moot (6:28:28 PM): do you wish to remain a part of this team, or not
moot (6:28:31 PM): it is a simple question
moot (6:28:39 PM): im not discussing the terms in which youd stay, etc
moot (6:28:41 PM): but at its core
SQ (6:28:43 PM): If you'll stop this stupid fucking charade, yes.
moot (6:28:44 PM): do you want to be on the team, yes or no
SQ (6:28:54 PM): and in a single word, yes.
SQ (6:28:58 PM): as I've said many times before
moot (6:29:01 PM): charade, woo, thanks for proving to me youve learned and accepted nothing of what ive said
SQ (6:29:05 PM): I never said I wanted ot leave the site.
moot (6:29:17 PM): ill lay it out for you in one offensive sentence
SQ (6:29:23 PM): oh boy
SQ (6:29:24 PM): can't wait
moot (6:35:50 PM): you are irresponsible and immature, you maintain nor do you appear to udnerstand what a commitment is, you do not do enough major work to warrant having such an insane amount of power over how the servers are done, and how the "business" of the site is conducted. youve installed yourself into your own place of power, and have only remained there because youve in the past been such an essential part of the site, that i could not have done anything about it. it was a mistake for me to allow you to assume responsibilities which i should have known you could not fulfill. as it stands, you should have remained the php coder, and not become an integral part of the website. why not become integral? because again, you lack both the responsibility, maturiy, and understanding of how things should work, being that you are not entitled to anything, but rather are given the priviledge in exchange for being a productive member of the team. i think that is almost ridiculous that you are naive enough to be so firmly planted behind your beliefs, while i have conceded to the fact that my decision is not without its flaws. until you understand what dues come along with being an administrator of a non expendable website, i think that you have no place on the team. until you realize that you owe something to the site which you have voluntarily agreed to work on, just as i do to the users, we will get nowhere. youre intelligent, and a very talented php coder, that is not being disputed. as of the past few months, if not over the course of the past year, you have not made good on numerous commitments and the assumed if not stated responsibilities that came along with your position. this is due course for your relief of current position, if not termination outright.
feel free to quote me on this everywhere, i know youre going to laugh about how "serious" that is, but its what i believe the underlying issues to be, and explains how and why i arrived at my decision.
moot (6:35:55 PM): there you go


moot (6:36:12 PM): have fun, i hope you learn something out of what ive said, at least one of us should benefit from this ordeal.
moot (6:36:21 PM): also i didnt reread it, some things may not mean sense, just fill in the blanks
moot (6:36:28 PM): i also tend to be redundant !
SQ (6:36:39 PM): When did I have anything to do with the "'business' of the site"?
moot (6:36:59 PM): you have implied powers that rank amoung simon and i
moot (6:37:11 PM): dont doubt that you arent important in the dealings of the site.
SQ (6:37:20 PM): "business"
moot (6:37:28 PM): decisions.
SQ (6:37:30 PM): I am so important
SQ (6:37:33 PM): you must get rid of me
moot (6:37:38 PM): sadly, yes.
SQ (6:37:46 PM): hah
SQ (6:38:54 PM): and yet, you still act as if I do nothing for the site.
SQ (6:38:56 PM): I don't get it
SQ (6:38:57 PM): !
moot (6:39:05 PM): again, im sorry you believe that.
SQ (6:39:15 PM): Why wouldn't I?
moot (6:39:20 PM): i dont think there is anything left to discuss, as ive said before, youre free to remain on the site, and continue to code if youd like
SQ (6:39:20 PM): That's exactly how you are acting right now.
moot (6:39:29 PM): youre running this conversation into the ground as per usual
moot (6:39:36 PM): come back to me later if you have anything new to say
SQ (6:39:42 PM): Yeah man, you're not doing that at all.
SQ (6:39:44 PM): It's just me!
moot (6:39:45 PM): or with anybody who completely disagrees with what ive done so that i can debate it with them
moot (6:39:52 PM): sorry but i never said that
moot (6:40:03 PM): i love you, im sorry things had to work out this way "efren"
moot (6:40:08 PM): toodles,
-love mootykins
SQ (6:40:09 PM): Everyone I've talked to about this disagrees with you.
moot (6:40:22 PM): awesome, get them to form well opinionated emails and send them to me
SQ (6:40:43 PM): Why would that matter?
SQ (6:40:51 PM): You'll just disagree with their opinions.
SQ (6:40:55 PM): And it will be just like this.
SQ (6:41:24 PM): I guess "well opinionated" means "something you can agree with"
moot (6:42:13 PM): i dont mind if you get them to voice their opinions or not
moot (6:42:15 PM): its your decision
SQ (6:42:44 PM): But it won't make any difference.
moot (6:42:50 PM): keep on thinking that
SQ (6:42:57 PM): Why, you specifically said it yourself.
moot (6:43:05 PM): im sure i did
moot (6:43:15 PM): ive also said that this is going nowhere fast, as per usual
SQ (6:43:21 PM): This went anywhere?
moot (6:43:40 PM): in my opinion, yes
SQ (6:43:44 PM): Where did it go!
moot (6:43:48 PM): while the outcome wasnt in your favor, it went somewhere
moot (6:44:03 PM): it gave me reasons to doubt my decision while further reinforcing it at the same time
moot (6:44:11 PM): crazy i know!
SQ (6:44:45 PM): No actually, removing my access to the site doesn't change anything for the better.
SQ (6:45:02 PM): What is the point, besides your delusions of my vendetta against a regular pornsite?
SQ (6:45:14 PM): Not producing results on to-do list items has nothing to do with it.
SQ (6:45:56 PM): Wait, I've already said all of this, and you've still got nothing.
moot (6:47:25 PM): please grow up, really
SQ (6:47:33 PM): hahahah
moot (6:47:41 PM): why are we still speaking?
moot (6:47:45 PM): ive told you what you must do if youre interested in doing it
moot (6:47:58 PM): ive provided you with an out which satisfies your want to stay on as a team member
SQ (6:48:03 PM): No you haven't.
moot (6:48:05 PM): there is nothing else im willing to do as of right now
moot (6:48:10 PM): alright, im sorry to hear that
SQ (6:48:15 PM): Sorry to hear what?
SQ (6:48:20 PM): That you haven't told me what I must do?
moot (6:48:40 PM): tell people who sympathize with your side of events to contact me.
SQ (6:50:51 PM): Funny, this wasn't a requirement before!
Session concluded at 7:19:27 PM


Forgot to turn off the damn wordfilters lol



looks like they were both bitches but especially Snack


Didn't read it all cause holy fuck tl;dr but Snacks seems like a total bitch. He may have keps the fags at bay with the banhammer but from the chat it looks like he got uppity when moot called out his laziness.


Part of the issue was snack's naiveté. Also a major red flag was snacks wanting access to shid he really didnt need to have access too, and how he also wanted to be treated diffrent because moot and him are frens even though moderation = work time and moot is his boss and not his fren during work time. What also doesn't help in my eyes is how Snack's is a namefag with a rep on the site like a celeb, the only person staff wise who should be like that is moot because its the type of thing to lead to a power struggle. Moot can't keep snacks in line when he does something wrong because hes soooo important and special and the users would pitch a bitch (and did with the "bring back snacks" movement). He should have stayed more anonymous as a janny. Its less about jealousy of snacks being beloved by the userbase, and more about the a regular pornsite team being treated as equals. Snacks was put in a bad position, having all the weight in the world on his back. Having to be the only guy fixing catatrophic bugs that nearly killed the site and dealing with donations is such bullshid, but its not an excuse for him to say shid like "well i did all that stuff 4 u so that means i should be treated more special and it also negates anything bad i did or being lazy"


Crying over the old internet won't do any good,we should try to improve it instead of going and saying "wOW remember wehdn da thing was gud??"


File: 3980b203-07d4-4a9f-a666-b3….jpg (43.69 KB, 494x662, 247:331, 1640026372714.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


You have same opinion so you are a superiors being


Diffrent cats, same wavelength


File: osaka yesterday.webm (3.99 MB, 854x480, 427:240, 1642386793549.webm) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

seems like we can't bring yesterday back around anymore ;-;


yesturday will always stay in our heart


That song is fucking great.


I found the song, it's Sugababes - About You Now (Spencer and Hill Remix).


File: 1643056840573.jpg (155.82 KB, 1024x761, 1024:761, 1643067938005.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


File: 1644737269952.webm (2.26 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1644861894510.webm) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Does anyone else remember this video? I remember seeing it on Youtube while looking up paranormal videos when I was like 10 or something. It scared the shid out of me.


what the absolute FUCK is happening in there


Apparently it's an intro to some video game.


A funny derail/debate from 2008, captures the feel of older bodybuilding forums pretty well imo

You rolled the number 747411070 (no dubs or higher)


This is the source of the dancing Hitler gif.



File: Atuin.jpg (51.91 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1648721445827.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I was a member of a really comfy discussion board focused on T Pratchetts books/Discworld when I was a teenage girl. Oh the innocence! We had really nice discussions, f.u.n., IRC chats, we shared pictures of ourselves (because it was normal these days) and had a few great meetup events.
I lost contact to all of the people when these kinds of forums died.


I had a lot of online frens when I was a teenager. I have no idea where they are now or what happened to them. Makes me nostalgic to think about.


File: 1648847183781.png (278.11 KB, 400x426, 200:213, 1648929796947.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I saw this photo posted on 4shids the other day. Been a while since I've seen this one, I remember loling at it back in the day.


the man in pic rel must have had some important idea


File: 1621199695953.jpg (263.32 KB, 656x880, 41:55, 1648958401147.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Remember this comic?


leave him be, he wuz wizzads n sheit
[spoiler]no not at all[/spoiler]


File: dndfrens.jpg (69.6 KB, 980x699, 980:699, 1649069472340.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Uuh, so maybe we've met before!


Who knows?


File: 1618299201298.gif (303.52 KB, 160x99, 160:99, 1649178291951.gif) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I remember seeing this gif on Funnyjunk many years ago and thinking it was so cool.


[spoiler]MAYBE BECAUSE IT STILL IS[/spoiler]


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