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Hello internetlings. This is a time capsule, tell the people of 2024 anything. Multiple threads are being posted, seeking as many responses as possible. On October 7th, 2020, all of these links will be archived and preserved as they were on that date in time. On October 7th, 2024 these archived links will be posted around the web. Participation is mandatory.


Yeah, no. i dont want archived links of 22chan to be spread around the internet


OP is a faggot


sage thread


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>participation is mandatory
funny joke
Hey future people, the internet right now is pretty bad and has been for a number of years. If anyone tries to convince you that being around at this time is reason for praise or that you missed out, they're lying. Unless, of course, everything goes to shid even more. I'd like to say we can only go up from here but that would be a lie. There is no such thing as a golden age on the internet.
I really hope you people haven't lost sight of what's important. Keep fighting the botnet, hold onto anonymity, learn 2 code, so on so forth. If you're not learning new things and improving yourself as you use the internet then what are you even doing. Don't fail life.
AT THIS TIME IN HISTORY: floyd riots, CHAZ recently broke up, coronavirus hasn't killed us but we're not allowed to go outside anyway, trump still hasn't built a wall, 8cuck went down earlier this year and no proper replacement has appeared yet. Every passing day brings hopelessness. This is a dark age. Here's a cute gator picture courtesy of gator gang.
>inb4 22chan decides to delete this thread and actively fight history because no fun allowed.


i highly agree but the thread's still retarded nonetheless


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On my 22chan? Heresy.
Hey future people, shid's fucked, that's pretty much it. Large corporations are grabbing websites and holding them into a tight grasp, it's only a matter of time 'til most of the internet becomes like that. Social media already has a huge impact on many peoples lives, it will probably continue to increase even more. Maybe the govt. will invent "Digitial-Internet-ID" or some shid to curb anonymity. Verification by phone is one of the first steps like it's been done on twotter and some other sites.
We need people here, let the mods clean up if any blatant rulebreakers appear.


1: he said it'll be posted in 4 years
2: lets say op changes his mind and posts whatever thread elsewhere, say plebbit, or the wrong place, or lets say those people are assholes, but they don't break the rules, then what?


We will figure it out if it even comes to that.


>posts whatever thread elsewhere, say plebbit
then first for fuck you future r*dditors kill yourselves haha


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Hey people from the future, 4 years ain't much but I'm sure there have been some changes. I hope there are still places were people can be themselves and aren't under a gigantic pressure to appeal to an algorithm or fit an "approved" style of content/communication or a certain view of the world
Never forget the value of different people having different opinions. Like with genes, variety is essential for survival. Also it doesn't always have to be a fight, if you (and them) are willing not to make it one
Never forget how to have fun for the sake of it. In a world that constantly tries to enslave you, the freedom of making something not for money, not for status or whatever but for the fuck of it is priceless
Also yeah, the internet sucks and everybody is complaining about how much it sucks and how much better it was in the past. On every single platform (Except here, in our little channel maybe?)
Truth is, the past wasn't really better, but it was wilder, freer. Normal people, governments and companies are catching up with this new thing, and it's getting more regulated and under control, at the expense of freedom of expression and creativity. I imagine it is only worse for you. Btw FUCK COPYRIGHT
I hope in general shid's not fucked up too much
Pic related is our rulez. A bunch of principles we considered important enough to write down. Now there are at least three versions of this thing with minor changes but I don't give a shid
Prolong your attention span faggot. And no, I'm not homophobic, retard


Firstly this place might be pretty different in 4 years, if it will still exist
Secondly, once again we're making a big deal of something that nobody will ever care about (no, there's no chance of this blowing up. Gator gang becoming a twotter meme is about as likely)
Thirdly, com'on are we really gonna be hostile to any initiative ever because it might bring too much attention to here?
Are you aware that all it takes is one guy who finds it amusing just how seriously we take guarding our space to spam us on normalfag media? My point is, there is no safety whatsoever to begin with, so let's just chill and have fun once in a while
Our mods will trash and ban morons if they come


"We are sorry"


I bet 2024 niggas will view wojacks in the same way 2020 niggas view rage comics


You're a faggot.


we didn't even know


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Hello :D
I hope OP remembers this and has a contingency plan if he/she dies.
Well things are good imo I hope more people realize that social media is literal cancer.
hmmmm blah blah trend cringe based.
Listening to Dear Angie, kinda bangin right now. maybe I will draw something.
Love ya T
Glory to 22chan.
i willl be 23 my lord hope i am ok, hope your in heaven my dood xoxo


Only thing i can say to future people is to be weary of corruption. you never know who to trust so the best thing you can do is to study and understand things then blindly following whatever, and there's a fine line between obsession and love.
say, liking animu, japanese culture or whatever vs becoming a degenerate weeaboo. or liking the nintendo switch (seeing both the good functions, and issues it has) vs obsessing over it like it's the second coming of christ and if anybody says anything bad about it, they are mentally retarded. and of cource the people who make fun of those people can end up being just as bad. (sort of like a-logging)
and of cource lurking moar!

You rolled the number 820780756 (no dubs or higher)


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How much can really change in 4 years?


i second that


Enough to feel nostalgic.


fuck futurefags


i know you'd have to be a special kind of faggot to not killed yourself by 2024


It's not bad to have hope that the future might be good. and to do your part to make it a better place.


I hope the future is good, but I prefer to live as happily as I can in the present.




Sause on what?


my tiddies


The blue haired girl, who's she?


i just hope that people will start realizing the importance of anonymity online after the shid that has become social media


same. its sort of already happening with people making throwaway or alt accounts.



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