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I'm making this thread because i have made a delicious coffee discovery.
I made a strawberry coffee milkshake with varying heat levels.
Here is the recipe for anyone else who wants to make it.
Step one: make a cup of coffee, I used a nescafe gold medium for the coffee, i also had one sugar in it with a bit of milk.
Step Two: get some strawberry syrup, any type will do.
Step Three: put around 250-500ml of milk into a blender.
Step Four: put 50-100ml of strawberry syrup into the blender, the exact number can vary due to concentration.
Step Five: put coffee into blender.
Step Six: Blend all ingredients.
Step Seven: pour into what ever cup you want and enjoy.


thanks for telling me this


Not really a recipe, but a few years ago I tried cutting strawberries in slices and putting those on a plate with sugar, and the result was actually decent strawberry syrup
I don't remember how much sugar I put though


That's a process called maceration, which happens when most fruits are mixed with sugar. Basically, the grains of sugar bust the cell walls. This softens the fruit, releases the juices, changes the texture and flavors, and releases the smell. It's sort of like tenderizing meat, but for fruit. My granny would mix strawberries, peaches, or blueberries with sugar in a big metal bowl then serve it mixed with cream. Yum yum.
Because maceration softens fruit, it's a great last resort if you find that the fruit you bought isn't quite ripe yet.



I see, nice to know. I remember once eating fruits at an airport, they were served with some sweet liquid in an attempt to hide the fact that they weren't very ripe.... that sucked. They should've macerated them instead


there's this thing called simpily lime (a packet of dehydrated lime crushed into granules) and if you mix it with code red mountian dew it tastes like cherry limeaid


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Seeing that is starting to turn into summer in the southern hemisphere and winter for the northern hemisphere i made a new recipe for you that works both cold and hot.
It is called Ginger Coffee.
Here is the recipe for anyone else who wants to make it.
Step One: Get about 250-400ml of Bundaberg Ginger Beer. (for you people in the states idk if they have it but try it with any ginger beer of equal quality)
Step Two: Pour the ginger beer into a glass bottle or any other microwave safe liquid holder.
Step Three: Set the microwave to go for 1-2 minutes change the amount depending on how how powerful your microwave is.
Step Four: Pour the ginger beer into your preferred coffee cup.
Step Five: Add coffee into the coffee cup.
Step Five.Five: Watch as it does the weird fizz thing due to you adding coffee into a carbonated drink.
Step Six: Enjoy.
Step Seven (optional): wait until it as at the perfected temperature that you like, add some ice as it makes it cold quick.

I have not tried this with milk as i was worried about it curdling, nor have i tried just not heating it up before adding it into the coffee but try either things at your own risk of you ruining a perfectly good ginger beer.

The taste is like you trying a coffee for the first time, the bitterness of the coffee is accented by the bubbles and sweetish flavor of the ginger beer.
I rate this coffee a 8/10

You can also try changing the ginger beer for a different cool drink if you want to change the flavor.

Happy Summer/Winter ya fags


interesting. also hello fellow ausfag, though i dont live there at the moment


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I make this whenever I need some comfort food, its very comfy. You need is a cup of lentils, two-three cups of broth, a few pieces of celery, two carrots, 1/2 of an onion, and some garlic cloves, though the veggies are optional. You can pretty much use whatever you have available, frankly.
First, wash the lentils. Then place them in the pot with two cups of water. Boil it, then turn down the heat. Cook the lentils until most of the water is evaporated (~20-30 min). They should be chewy, but not hard. While you wait, you can chop the vegetables.
Next, add two cups of broth and a cup of water (or three cups of broth). Add in the carrots and garlic immediately. After 5 minutes, add the celery and onion. Cook everything until most of the water evaporates (20-30 min). Drain and serve.
You can eat them as is, pair them with another meal, put them in a soup, lots of options. Very filling too.
Unrelated but this reminded me of when I was 9 or 10, my mom took me into the kitchen and said, "I will teach you how to cook so if I die, you won't starve." I was freaked out as a child but its pretty funny looking back.
Sorry for amerifat measurements, you'll have to convert them.


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Since i got myself a nice proper blender i have not one but TWO new recipes for you guys.

The first one is an iced coffee recipe.
This recipe is quite nice one a hot day or if you prefer it hot then warm up the milk in a micro wave and do not use ice.
You should get a similar taste but i have not made it this way.


Some coffee I used Nescafe gold for mine but any would do.
About 500ML-1L of milk
Some ice (optional)
Some chocolate syrup about 50ml
A blender
Vanilla Ice cream (optional)
Whipped cream (optional)
The Recipe part:

Step One: make a cup of coffee with a ratio of 1 teaspoon of coffee per 500 ml capacity. I have a 1.5L capacity blender so i used three teaspoons.
Step Two: Pour the coffee into the blender
Step Two and a half: heat up the milk (optional use only if you want it hot)
Step Three: Pour the milk up to around 1/2 of the capacity of the blender
Step Four: Pour in the chocolate syrup
Step Five: Put the ice in (optional)
Step Six: put one scoop of icecream in (optional makes it sweeter and creamier)
Step Seven: let the blender whirr for a minute or so
Step Eight: pour the chocolate syrup around the inside of the cup helps make the iced coffee a bit sweeter and makes the presentation look better (optional)
Step Nine: Pour coffee into glass.
Step Ten: Put some whipped cream on top of the drink
Step Eleven: Enjoy

This recipe if makes a nice iced coffee with a mild sweetness of the chocolate syrup paired with the bitterness of the coffee diluted with the milk to make a wonderfully refreshing after a long days work.

I rate this iced coffee 8.5/10 its nice on its own but on a hot day it is the perfect drink only being beaten out by a cold drink with bubbles in it.

as for the hot variant I have not tried making it as its hot here.

Now for the second recipe it is a traditional milkshake recipe that can have some components swapped with other fruits/veges.

The fruit of your choice preferably a lot of them (2-20 depends on size) I will be using 3 medium sized bananas for this recipe
about 500ml-1L of milk
Vanilla Ice cream (optional)
Whipped Cream (optional)
The Recipe part:

Step One: Place in your fruit of choice for me it was 3 bananas
Step Two: Pour the milk in
Step Three: put the icecream in (optional) ((makes it taste much better))
Step Four: whirr the blender until there are no more chunks of fruit.
Step Five: Pour into glass watching if there are any chunks being poured in
Step Six: Put the Whipped Cream in
Step Seven: Enjoy

Now while this recipe is extremely basic with only two ingredients truly needed it allows for an extreme degree of experimentation you can add different types of fruits or veges in like mixing strawberry, lychee and a hint of lime into it.

I rate this recipe 9.5/10 due to the versatility of it allowing for unique combinations that don't work otherwise and the ice cream allows for even more combos. This recipe is one of my go to's due to how easy and fast it is.


Fun fact, the mint that's used in mint chocolate chip ice cream, and in candies or where ever else is half peppermint oil, and spearmint oil. it turns that lovely green color and tastes nostalgic!

You rolled the number 718587655 (dubs)

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