/b/ - Here's an internet oddity I just found. Try googling isis ainu, ainu meme, muslim ainu, or something similar. You'll get a bunch of old-school image micros containing very similar but never identical text pop up.There's pages and pages of this stuff with

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Here's an internet oddity I just found. Try googling isis ainu, ainu meme, muslim ainu, or something similar. You'll get a bunch of old-school image micros containing very similar but never identical text pop up.
There's pages and pages of this stuff with no evidence I can found about who exactly is making or enjoying them. No comments, no accounts, no nothing. They're mostly from quickmeme or occasionally memecrunch or some similar bot-filled "meme farm." The few I tried investigating on quickmeme all had roughly 950 shares, with not a lot of variation around that number. The whole thing feels very computer generated, I say it's the escapades of a learning machine, likely related to the one that makes those weird ads that show up on less reputable websites.
A 2016 study claims that, at the time, 52% of internet traffic was bots (https://www.imperva.com/blog/bot-traffic-report-2016/) How high is that number now? Why aren't people more weirded out by this? Who is making these bots? What is their end goal? Is making a bot to churn out shady ads about early ways to detect cancer really so profitable? There's more going on here, I feel it.
Point of this thread: theories regarding the islam ainu thing, is it a bot or no, any information on this matter you can dig up, panicking about the whole bot situation, maybe any funny retard bot ads you've seen.


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Relevant graphic from the study posted.


Some word and phrases I notice recurring: almost always leads with "indigenous/native islam in (area of the world that doesn't have an indigenous islamic population)," easter island, latin america, names of indigenous populations such as the rapa nui, ainu, or aboriginal australians. They all follow the same formula, more or less.


try looking up "animu muslum" on google
weird stuff pop up too, propaganda i guess.


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like this,


File: 10548058_798265283564685_3….jpg (89.52 KB, 730x1095, 2:3, 1592754053702.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

and this.


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I think these are just a part of muzzie propaganda, made by actual people, but I believe the OP's "meme thing" is a bot, since it looks like it would be quite easy to make a bot that works on a meme generator website.


Sounds like most of these are generated by bots, they scan nearly everything.


we should probably go deep into the rabbit hole


what is isis anu?


The Ainu people are an ethnic group that frequent the Hokkaido region in Japan and some parts in eastern Siberia. I'm not entirely sure if they have some sort of connection to ISIS though. I agree with OP it might have been just some bots.


ISIS is, y'know, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Known for beheading videos, goatfucking, and general sandniggotry.
The Ainu are a race native to Japan, specifically Hokkaidō (the snowy northern part.) They were known for their full beards, bear hunting skills, and for generally having a more powerful build than your average jap.
I've been doing some reading on how modern races came to existence, that's how I stumbled across this. The Ainu have nothing at all to do with Islam, ISIS, the middle east, Al Qaeda, religious extremism, or anything like that at all.


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I don't know what you guys are freaking out about, this is just what robots these days think is funny.


File: dcg0gyu-60ce826f-8ead-4928….png (119.76 KB, 971x660, 971:660, 1592776797064.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


of course it's deviantart


funny. perhaps the bot is some type of markov chain thingy and it got fed info about the amu and isis by some master ruseman who got bored and said, >"fuck it" and shat on meme sites because fuck those watermelon addicts


It appears to be a we-wuzzing moslem. Or a we-wuzzing moslem robot.


Look at the other shid he has:


very intresting


Could the "barneyfag" have anything to do with this? Are all ponyfag memes AI-generated?


No way, barneyfag is flesh and blood. Or maybe some kind of advanced fringe cultist hivemind trying to bring about the collapse of mankind.
captcha: oHsh1d


Barneyfag is a real person, but there has to be a bot he uses, he can't literally reply to everything knowing all Derpibooru images at the same time for 8 years straight, and it's more about that: who's creating all these Derpibooru images of random images with ponies on them? Is it just more botfuckery, and is that why the barneyfag can detect them?

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