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I notice that there is no ytpmvs threads on here, even though there is still a resurgence of them so post and and all ytpmvs you have or find. Make sure you include the source of where you got them in case anyone wants to make a playlist.


Here is a nice lucky star one
custom jap lyrics.


Do sparta remixes count as ytpmvs? I think this one does. I really enjoyed this one


nice rare dubs

yeah i think sparta remix counts as a ytpmv may even be the purest form of them.

also the one you posted makes the song sound like an ending for a sitcom.


oh shid forgot to put a ytpmv in there

take a nice disco necropolis one.




i love that one its a oldy but a goldy

lets get more yuyushiki in here








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Not really a YTPMV but its still good here you go anons.





Donald x freely tomorrow


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I'm so pissed at myself for not noticing this bread. Nice stuff guys!


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